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Caged heart

I want to drink your love and dive into your heart

But I need to feel your heart invitation

I want to feel you wanting me to enter you.

All you show me is fence of protection

I can sense your heart yearning to be loved fully

Yet you choose to deny it due to past experience of betrayal and hurt.

But your heart still desires to be opened

No amount of rejection and betrayal can conceal its yearning for love

It needs to be free from the cage you built

Destroy those walls and dissolve those boundaries

Break those shell of fear that surround it

Let down its guards and melt those edges

Open your heart and let its love flow

Like electric current moving from your hair to your feet

For your heart is the source of radiance

That inspires your life and evolves your deepest gift.

farting helps reduce blood pressure and is good for your health so stop being ashamed of your self for farting.

When getting a new car, choose
one that is silver. The color is
most visible on the road and is
least likely to get into an accide

3)when you sleep in a cold room,you have higher chances of having a bad drea

4)spanish national anthem has no wor

flowers grow faster when music player plays near the

6)chewing gum makes a person fart more than usual.


Guess the church (2)

The church is an extension of their social life. They go to church to make friends. They love talk

ing. They also love  love being the center of attraction.they also love singing .they dance for god. Service is lively.there is no difference between wordly and chutchy song they preach what the people want to hear so members will like them.Everyone wants to prosper so the church leader preaches prosperity .they avoid controversial issues . they are poor disciplinarian.disciploning members would make members dislike them.they tend to bend time to accommodate more people. They are more concerned of the effect of a law on the people. You won’t be surprised to find a popular prostitute or smoker as a church usher.the church is for all kinds of people.

Their leaders make good  motivational speakers.the are special so no harm would come across then.sermon is more of personal stories often exaggerated to create a personal effect.their members also learn from their pastors by exaggerating their own testimonies. Ask then to repeat the same stories and notice a lot of inconsistency

The rarely preach sin and law.
Service ipraiseas members dance and sing to the lord.expect 3hrs of praise

Did any church come to your mind?

Guess the church (1)

The church focuses on interpretation of the bible  .their analytical mind makes them analyse  the Bible. They can be bibliantry. You can’t have any discussion with them without any reference to the bible.their ten year old member can win you in a biblical argument if you are not prepared.

They take old testament too serious.they can be rigid on little laws while committing greater sins.this makes them look like hypocrites.
They love law and order.their activities follow a definite routine.they do what they strongly believe is right. Their service could be really boring .they limit the use of musical instrument. Whenever a controversial issue arise,they seek for biblical interpretation before taking a Decision. Most times,their decision don’t align with the majority.they choose to stick with the minority and don’t mind loosing members.they are note likely to stick to biblical instruction on others they have zero tolerance to politics .
Their top members are highly psychological. They use persuasive tips to convert one.they begin by agreeing with your perspective before gradually tuning you to theirs.
They use love as a tool.they shower love to their members more than non members.They seek for members from broken homes and shower them with love while gradually converting him. They withdraw the love from erring members until such members complies

Does this church sound familiar to you?

Am I a pervet

I want yo render an apology for my inability to post for a very long time. This was due to measures beyond my control.

Thank God I am back for good

I recalled an incident which occurred few months back.I went to the supermarket to purchase a few items when I encountered a lady there. What distinguished her from others was her skimpy clothes.The skirt she wore was as small as a handkerchief covering virtually nothing. Her  

For a moment ,I thought she was marketing for the supermarkets. I gazed my eyeballs at her  standing right opposite her.
“pervert,would you look away? ”

She yelled

Huh? You wear a sexy outfit that got me thinking of sex and you call me a perver.what do I call you ? I said still gazing at her

” I am not doing anything for you. It is your problem if you don’t keep your eyes to your self. ” she fired back  rolling her eyes up and down repeatedly.

“If I were to play your favorite zee world program publicly with a large  hundred inch screen and loud sound system, wouldn’t you watch? Would I  say ” please don’t watch,I wasn’t playing it for you? I replied

She was dumbfounded. I continued

‘When a fisherman uses a worm,it is to attract the fish.why would a girl dress in such a way as to attract attention only to deny the attention?
She knew I was not keen on giving up.she walked away in embarrassment

The power of women feminist obrtlook 

I was listening to a radio programme the other day about a man whose girlfriend rejected his wedding proposal after dating for four years. She refused to give a tangible reason for refusal prefering the duo to continue dating. 

I was shocked when phone calls came in trying to defend the woman choice. 
“It is her choice to make her life as happy as she can” said a female caller.

“May be she has been through assault in and doesn’t want to continue.” Said a male caller.

The Society has a way of excusing  ladies for their action

I asked my colleagues if it were a man who dated a girl for  four years and quit for no tangible reason.  

” he must be irresponsible or scared of commitment “said one.

“He must be a womaniser.AFter giving her false hope for four years? That is inhumane.”.another echoed.

Isn’t it possible th

at he backed off due to oppression

 and unhappiness too?
Ladies get away with more bad behaviour than guys.they aremore powerful than guys.

The human race is like a computer system with ladies as software. The hardware Is visible but software is more powerful.

The men can keep fooling himself of his strength while women keep pretending to be weak

  By pretending ,they make men to automatically,  unthinkably and foolishly rush to their rescue.

Men are quick to give a female a lift but reluctant to assist their fellow guys.