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Good Killers

Children grow up to obey authorities. They receive approval, praise and reward for doing what authority approves and receive disapproval for non-compliance. Their cognitive abilities is still developing so they are unable to distinguish what is right from what is wrong independently.

Children take this teaching to adulthood even when the thinking ability to reason is fully developed. Grown up children are quick to obey authorities even in times when doing so is immoral. While that of children is understandable as. Incompetency to distinguish between what good from what is bad, adult who commit the same act are out of cowardice . They do not want to be held liable to the consequence of their action so would rather hand the decision-making to an external agent .

For example, an armed robber who threatens one to give away a percentage of his money or risk getting killed is not a perceived as an authority by The victim . The government through its law enforcement agents like Police may threaten you to give wm a percentage of your money or risk going to jail. The clergy threaten one to give away with a certain percentage of his money or risk external damnation. The armed robber is not an authority and the victim will not feel guilty for resisting him but to resist the clergy or the police would be seen as illegal or immoral. The police and the preacher are seeing as agents of authority who act on behalf of government and God respectively whereas. In that case, it is the individual perception of authority that matters.

Sometimes this blind allegiance to authority distort our ability to differentiate what is good from what is bad. It is wrong to kill your fellow man. But when the perceived authority asks one to do so, he is expected to comply. The effect of this can be disastrous. When an “bad” person gets to the seat of power and gives a bad directive, good people tuned down their moral conscience and obey. Adolph Hitler on his own can kill a handful of persons at a time but Adolph Hitler as the commander General of the arm forces can kill a million persons. In other words,. Adolph Hitler is not the problem but the good-hearted soldiers who would never hurt a fly but kill their fellow human without guilt on the order of authority. Religion is not the problem but the good-hearted persons who will not hesitate to butcher their fellow human on the command if the religious books and leaders whom they perceive as agents of supreme Authority.

The authority understands that to continue to have control over their subjects, they have to instill the doctrine of blind obedience. Law enforcement agencies do not encourage their staff to question their superior decision. To disobey a superior immoral order could amount to severe consequence. My heart goes to the dead soldiers who risk their lives believing they are fighting for a just cause whereas they were used as Pawns fighting for the politician who would not do the same for them. Religion encourages members not to ask question. Blind obedience which is nicknamed ” Faith” is emphasized as a sign of a true believer. Whoever question the holy book is a doubter, heretic and should be stoned to death. Health authorities and Scientist tells us vaccine they approved are effective and we must believe them and take them against our will. Whoever posts information doubting the safety of the vaccine is accused of posting false information and the website banned. Meanwhile, scientist are accused of inventing the same virus in a laboratory. Yet we are to believe and obey them . Can one preside over a case where he is a suspect? Medical autonomy is thrown to the wind. Individuals no longer have the right to choose their medication. Soon, authority will choose our food for us. Authority comes in various shades

The aim of this article is not eradicate authority completely. Like Dr Milgram said, obedience to authority may be necessary in certain context . No Individual is inherently good or bad . Individuals can apply golden rule when making decisions. Any of us can fall victim to the pressure of the situation and would love to be treated fairly. Power changes hand. A jailer today might be a prisoner tomorrow. Abba

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Wound of absence

Show me I am beautiful

Worthy to be pursued

awaken my Feminine quality

And discover my identity

Not just a sperm receiver

Or your house cleaner

Financially competent

Emotionally absent

But a listener

To listen to my heart whispers

In the absence of one

I stood alone

Turn to destructive addiction

To cure the moment of Isolation

Hide my anxiety

Behind a submissive personality

The first man that should shower me love

Never found me worthy enough

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I forgive the region

I forgive the region whose people are like working robot

I forgive the region that would happily praise foreigners who invade her land to rule her.

I forgive the region that hands over her thinking ability to its foreign leaders

I forgive the region whose foreign leaders control them easily like a remote.

I forgive the elite who readily swallow the lies propagated by her leaders

I forgive the people who allow himself to be cajoled into submitting to the will of its Invaders in exchange for eternal reward

I forgive the region whose community leaders are threatened into silence by the powerful elite

I forgive the region whose Religion leaders refuse to speak against the atrocity of her political leaders

I forgive the region whose Religion leaders with the political oppressors against the mass

I forgive the region that knows no other language and culture besides its own and that of its oppressor

I forgive the region that allows it’s people to be used to give more power to its leaders

I forgive the region that surrenders its right and freedom to its oppressor in the name of religion

I forgive myself for being connected to this region

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Game leaders play

Leaders love loyalist. They create one by disempowering its people. . They reward you for compliance and punnish you for deviance. They maintain dominance over our thoughts until they have conquered our minds. They make laws to own citizen and make them comply easily.They produce semirobots only fit for taking orders.

They create a false educational system that focus on patrotism,Civic education, history, memorisation, recitation and other useless lesson. Thanks to the internet, youth have learnt to educate themselves on other areas like philosophy,practical entrepreneurship psychology, to inprove skill and reasoning.Youth can see behind the illusion.

The youth seizes to be loyalist to the leader. The leader tried to pet it by hurriedly agreeing to her demand. The thinking youth seeing through the deceptive eyes of the leader refused to fall for the trick. The leader senses that if he permits the deviance much longer, the entire people could join in the revolt. The leader opted to insert drug to the youth.

If we attack the youth,we loose. If they attack themselves, we win.

By giving the group a terrible name, nothing the youth says may be taken lightly . The drug is called hoodlum.To get a drug , they look for To recruit hoodlums,  they seek broken, insecure, vain ,angry people and give them a token.

By inserting the drug on the youth, the world sees the youth as terrible persons. They understand that only a United squad can break the rulers. They try to divide the group. Hoodlums attack youth and destroy property. Youth get angry and retaliate. Government send security forces to maintain law and order. They begin by weeding out the agitating youth out of the Earth like a doctor cutting off the diseased arm so it does not infect the rest.

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Why Are The Clerics Absent?

The end SARS protest has taken many by surprise. Before now, soccer used to be the only force that unite the world. Protest has broken that jinx as it has brought both both male and female together. The feeling of interconnectedness is visible for everyone to see .

Protest shows a side United for a change. Every Religion promotes unity. The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered in God’s name,God is in their midst . Youth are United from different works of life to share their fears and concerned. They are gathered against injustice.

lamenting gives the victim a chance to heal. True forgiveness occur when one vents out his true feeling towards the other. This is a step towards reconcilation. protesters are laughing as they walk displaying funny messages on their placards.

The clamour shows strangers feeding each other the way Jesus fed the five thousand. The free medical services given to the injured is a practical illustration of Jesus parable of the good Samaritan. The act of offering ones bedspread to strangers lying outside to cover them from adverse weather conditions is a true act of kindness promoted in all religion.

Few years ago over a thousand Ministers from various religion tradition in India matched to denounce the social ills in the country . The protest included Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergies. Bishops took active part in the current black lives movement in America. what prevents our clergy from participating actively? .

When Shite top leader was detained by Federal Government, the regional leaders led the people to a violent protest. When Catholic priest was abducted in benue state, the bishops led the people to a peaceful protest. In these protests, the youth played an active role . Today, the youth are protesting against police brutality, the clergy are not physically active. The youth could interpret this as clergy protest only when one of them is personally hurt. Until SARS brutalised one of them , they will remain silent. The youth should not perceive clergy as selfish preachers who act only when they are hurt. This could mark the begining of lack of trust towards the duo. The revolution now now protest by Sowore received a poor turn out simple because he was a politician and the people do not trust politicians. Religion continues to thrive in the country because of the perceived trust the people have in the Men of God. This trust has been declining gradually in recent times especially since clergy began to mingle in politics . The politicians are currently alledged to be opposing the protest behind while singing their support publicly. They are accused of sponsoring hoodlums to stop the protest. They have been suspected to have a hand in calling threatening protesters to back off. Are the clergy receiving the same threat?

It is in trying moment one knows his true friends.The clerics need to take a stand. Are they in support of the top government officials and politicians whose financial assistance sustain the church ? Would they side with the youth who participate actively in God’s house. In the fight against oppression,the silent one sides with the oppressor .A one hour presence on the street is all the youth need youth people need . The presence of a spiritual leader can help steer the protest toward a more peaceful and Godly manner.

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Before you cast a stone

For the first time in a while, Nigerians from all works of life lent their voice to the ill-treatment carried out by the Special Anti Robbery squad department (SARS) of the National Police Force(NPF). This shows that the people can put aside her differences and unite against a common foe. A true test of democracy is evident when those in power fear the anger of the people and not when the people are scared of those in power.

While it is easy to point accusing fingers, we should be free of committing the same crime we accuse them of. The members of the special anti robbery squad were not imported from a foreign country . They are one of us. They represent a subset of the total population . The action they commit is a reflection of what the average Nigerian is capable of doing in position of power . What differentiate the average Nigerian from SARS is that the later is permitted by law to use force and arms to enforce laws . Many a times, The wealthy ones use her financial strength to influence SARS to bully his adversity. Why are we quick to castigate them when they are tools in our hands .

In our homes,We are worse than SARS when we devalue women as male property and excercise control over their lives. We want to dress how we want while we tell the ladies what to wear. We are worse than SARS when we use her as punching bag. We are worse than SARS when we act like dictators in our home to be feared by the entire household. We are worse than SARS when we maltreat our househelp and prevent her from attending same school with our children . We are worse than SARS when we sexually harras her and threaten her into silence.

We are worse than SARS when we team up to born down the shrine of the elderly man worshipping the gods of his ancestors. We are Worse than SARS when we confine one to psychiatric ward or jail for choosing not to belong to any Religion. We criticize SARS for their brutality against those who wear tatoo while our religious police punnish us for the same act .

We are worse than SARS when we take advantage of our students poor academic performance to lure her to bed.We are worse than SARS when we destroy farmlands and farmers except states donate their land to us to practice our trade . We are worse than SARS when we use our political and financial strength to remove effective but non- submissive governors from seeking reelection . We are worse than SARS when we take official decision favoring one tribe or group at the expense of others.

The security agencies are not the only one guilty of intimidation. Any act of public humiliation, physical attack, disrespectful language,discriminatory comment, or name calling against our subordinate or minority promotes abuse of power. Subtle acts of manipulating the naive for personal gain also fuels oppression. The victim fear reporting the act could be worse than the original form of abuse. This enable perpetrator get away with the crime thereby empowering then to continue the maltreatment. Cowardice on the part of the victim feed tyranny.

Any society that prevents one from critical thinking and promotes submission to a higher power creates an avenue for abuse. This is why many cases of abuse go unreported among security agencies and religion institution .Obey what the boss says whether you agree with him or not and get a chance of getting agents are also victims of abuse by their superior.The anger is suppressed until they find a subordinate they can vent the anger on without any side effect . The junior staff are cruel to their own subordinate until the most junior ranked officer who have no one to be cruel to pass their aggression to civilian . This is why top ranked security agents are less harsh than low ranking ones .

The #endsars protest is a call to all victim of all kinds of abuse to unite together and take a stand. When the abusers realises that the victims would rather die than persist in such ill-treatment, they would be forced to reconsider their ways. No condition is permanent Centuries of abuse of patriarchy has led to the number of self identified feminist and single motherhood-. Parents who bring up their children in love would be cared for when they get old and weak. Garbage in Garbage out. What we sow is what we reap.

We need to focus towards an egilateral society.- a society that is based on equality. Moral reasoning should be introduced as a subject in secondary schools. Children ought to be taught character development with emphasis on equal respect for all devoid of gender, religion, power, wealth or Fame.

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Who is the Godfather of the Igbos

The last gubertonoral election in Edo state was seen as a fight against fatherism in Nigeria.The country seems to have a group of godfather’s who controls the activities in the country.. Late minister of information and National Orientation Prof Dora Acquinly refered to them as the Northern Cabals. The group decides who wins election and who wins is made a president. Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan disagreement with Cabal contributed to his removal from office

Each region has its own Godfather. Ex governor of lagos state Bola Tinibu is said to be Godfather in of lagos and Osun state.The people obey him . When he sneezes,the people catches cold. Whomever he annoites win the election. He controls the state assembly, state tax system, transport system and Agberos . Whoever disagrees with Tinibu disagrees is an enemy of the state.

Chief Saraki was a strong political heavy weight in Kwara state. His son Dr Bukola Saraki benefited from his dad dynasty. His daughter was a senator. His fall out with the APC government marked the begining of the downfall of the Saraki Dynasty. The people were tired of one family dictatorship. They wanted a new face.

Among the Igbos, It is difficult single out one Godfather. In 2003, the west thought chief Odimegwu Ojukwu would be the sole presidential candidate from the south east.They were wrong. The then Abia state Governor refused to withdraw his presidential aspiration for the great warlord.The Igbos were not surprised.

Former Governor Rochas Okorocha attempted to install his son in law- Mr Uche Nwosu as next governor fell flat.Uche Nwosu failed to win the party governorship ticket. The mass did not want that either.

What makes God fatherism easier in other region and difficult in Igbo land. ? Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu when asked in August 1991 if he was the igbo leader. He responded

The Igbos cannot be led.Every Igbo man leads himself,I am the spokesman of the Igbos.

The igbo man choose someone to speak on their behalf.His words reflect that of the people. The people tell him what to say.He does not tell the people what to do. The moment he begins to say words contrarily to that of the people, his position as a speaker is threatened. Rochas Okorocha knew little about this for he grew up in the North. His defection to APC and his romance with the North without first seeking the opinion of the people was his first undoing.. Imposing his in- law on his people was the second undoing.

A typical Igbo man is not one to be told what to do. Everything Igbo man thinks for himself and takes decision based on his own thoughts.The task of thinking for himself should never be transfered to another. No one tells an Igbo man whom to vote. A Yoruba man may vote a candidate because his father or political Godfather ask him to. The region values respect for elders highly.. A northerner may vote a candidate because his king or religious leaders told him to. The region values intra- group cooperation and obedience to authority. An Igbo chief openly disagrees with the king during cabinet meeting. Sons disagree with their father during kinsmen gathering. Igbo value the self. To convince an Igbo man to vote a candidate, you need to convince him of the benefit of such act to him. It should make him better than his present state for an Igbo man loves to develop. Only then can his mind be convinced to vote the candidate.

This mindset is not without it’s short comming. Since Igbos are self- centered, they are most likely to go to any continent of the world and make it. The self centeredness promotes self- desire over communal want. Igbos tend to be more competitive rather than cooperative. It is not unheard of to hear three brothers fight till death over a piece of land. It is difficult to convince an Igbo man to step down for another the way key northerners stepped down for Buhari.The UBA brothers in anambra state are key examples of brothers belonging to different political party. One group of Igbos want restructuring. The other group wants Igbo presidency and the third group prefers an independent nation. Of the last group, a fraction support legal ,peaceful ,way of MASSOB, another prefers the use of abusivee way of IPOB. There are other Biafra movement groups .

Consensus Candidate is very difficult to.achieve. Igbos find i easier to unite to vote out an opposition than to agree on a consensus candidate. majority decide to vote a candidate, minority will go for another. It was easier for all the northern heavy weight to drop their presidential aspiration and support President Buhari against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I doubt the Igbos are capable of doing the same. Not less than five candidate would emerge come 2023. This would divide the vote that goes to the region.. Since politics is a game of number, other region may capitalize on this. They will unite and support one from their region.zoning is not consti


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7 reasons Jonathan knew he would loose


Goodluck Jonathan what would happen if he removed fuel subsidy
.that was the beginning of mass hatred towards him. Work was halted for 1 month due to mass protest. Jonathan was declared most insulted president on social network.

2) disobedience to political godfather ;
the cabal who helped made Jonathan a president strongly adviced Jonathan against petroleum deregulation and power privatisation. Goodluck disobeyed .the cabal who were strong beneficiaries of the subsidy fund and power contract teamed up to make his government hell.they sponsored a small terrorist group to keep Jonathan distracted.while they joined Jonathan opposition .

FOI BILL ; JONathan signing the foi bill so the average Nigeria would know what happens in government. This bill made his administration non-secretive. Odua Stella corruption van issue was made public to the world.

4) late declaration
Goodluck made his intention to contest election less than 7months to election day towards his party deadline date.a serious contestant should declare much earlier.

5)outburst with Obasanjo ; the moment obasanjo was removed as member of board of trustee,pdp i smelt a rat.
The moment he started writing letters to Jonathan and called press conference , i knew the two weren’t working together.
When obasanjo tore his memberships card,i knew pop would loose power.

Jonathan never listened to obasanjo advice. He wasn’t ready to be used as a pawn by godfather.,

6) goodluck shifting election ; if election didn’t hold in born,,bauchi and other bokoharam states, goodluck would have had the upper hand. Instead, he shifted election to fight the insurgency few days before leaving power. Election held in these states and Jonathan was voted against.

7) what sought of leader would negotiate a soft landing for himself and his aids few days to election? Definitely a leader on the verge of living



IT seems Jonathan knew the fate that would befall him right from inception. He did what he felt was right. Like a courageous boy, he fought the mighty hands greater than him. He knew he would be beaten. He knew the hands would frustrate his administration and bring him down.he had a choice, obey and no fight and your 2nd term is assured or disobey, get beaten and no second term.
He knew they were stronger than him.they had the finance, supporters,,population etc. Yet, he proceeded with the fight. He only managed to throw two punches while receiving several didn’t give up. The grass(masses) suffered also.
He recontested in order not to act like a coward.
He wasn’t really concerned about winning a fight. He wasn’t really concerned about retaining his power else he would’t have engaged in a fight in the first place. He was more interested fighting Godfathers and removing Nigeria from the hands of the oilcabals more than the building economy.
Is this being courageous or mere unity?

The grass ,with the cabal finally brought him down.

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INEC should introduce ” None of The Above Option”

The two major parties in the country recently held their primaries and brought out their candidates.

I along with many nigerians lack confidence in the candidates.
In the last election, my choice candidate Ibrahim Babaginda was knocked out by his party in the name of “nothern candidate”.
I sat home on the electiion day.
Will there be a reoccurance. ? Are we mandated to choose one of wrong candidates presented or fold our hands and sit at home.

I think “none of the above” option should be introduced to shift power from the party delegates to the masses.
If 50percent votes “NOTA,”, there would be a re election and delegates would be presurised in voting the people choice during primaries and not the candidates who danced to their tune.

Shouldnt we express our disaatisfaction on the ballot paer.

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Our Politicians Are Not Corrupt

We are all corrupt


“Our politicians are corrupt” is a widely accepted and endorsed belief by majority of the Nigerian populace.

I believe differently; Our politicians are not corrupt, we as a people are corrupt.

How? Let me explain with some scenarios;

1. If you’ve ever “rounded-up” figures in a bid to get extra change, you’re no different from the politicians who do the same in a bid to get extra change

2. If you’ve ever lied to save your neck, you’re no different from the politicians who do the same.

3. If you’ve ever shunted in traffic or jumped the queue, you’re no different from the politicians who bend or circumvent the laws already laid down.

4. If you’ve ever stolen something, you’re no different from the politicians who steal in the millions and billions

5. If you’ve ever performed less than you were assigned on a project or taken a longer break…

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Rawlings Warns Nigeria On Boko Haram

J.J. Rawlings

Library photo-President Rawlings and Nigerian Former President Goodluck JonathanGhana’s former President has in an interview with the Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria warned Nigeria that military alone cannot stop the insurgency being perpetrated by Boko Haram.

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Love the police

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

Nigerian police force They should protect us, but how do we treat them?

Obviously, a LOT of things are wrong in our nation BUT we must REJECT the temptation to look away from our meaning, our honour and our dignity simply because we want to underscore our struggles. While some claim to hate the nation, they still will not allow you steal their personal belongings to justify our economic struggles. This is a pointer to a consciousness within us that SEARCHES FOR MEANING AND FULFILLMENT even right IN THE MIDST OF PAIN AND STRUGGLE.

This is IMPORTANT- society MUST find its rhythm and balance in the INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION of every stakeholder in the system. INDIVIDUAL RELEVANCE IS THE STRENGTH OF COLLECTIVE PEACE. And this brings us to an issue of collective concern – THE POLICE FORCE. Yes! The police force.

If Nigerians have built their ability to worry, complain and criticize the system…

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Kenyan President Signs Polygamy Law

Kenya legalises polygamy law

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Majority of nigerians disaprove EBELE GOODLUCK JONATHAN work as president of nigeria. He has been criticised and condemned several times. Is he really the worst?lets examine


under obasanjo regime, one week without light was normal.when light comes,it lasts for 30mins and
next is 2 weeks black out.

Under Jonathan, even my remote village enjoys 20 hours light daily.

under Obj, we had only 3 poorly maintained international airport.

Today,we have over six international bodies recognise our airport as one of the best in the world.


GEJ TENURE got us a nation cup trophy. Obasanjo only got us three bronze and one silver in many attempts
nigeria also won under 17 with youngest ever squad

OBJ, An ex army know a lot about security matters more than Gej
. Nigeria was undoubtly more secure under OBJ THAN GEJ. The series of explosion and other boko haram activities has exposed jonathan administrations inability to secure the nation

it was about $33 billion when Yar’Adua/Jonathan Presidency came to office in 2007. Today, we are between 45 and $48 billion…

economic experts are all athesting that nigeria economy is growing more than population for the first time .USA barrack obama hasnt achieved that

under OBJ, Election was iwuruwuru. Votes dont count.

The election at imostate really prove that votes count..(though not hundred percent) but better than Gej).


i cant really say here, the AASU ongoing ASUP STRIKE HAS really overshadowed the numerous tetrafund projects in all universities. JONA SCORED LOW HERE.

Overall, the president isnt doing worse at all. He is at per if not better . Late yaradua was barely well to rule nigeria spending his time at saudi hospital.

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An Open Letter To My Governor

Random Musings of the Unhinged Mind

From Delta with love From Delta with love

I thought since the fad hadn’t lost its appeal yet, I might as well join the band wagon. This letter is however not directed at the governor of my resident state, but the governor of my home state.

Dear Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan,

Degwo! It is with great joy I write you this letter. Let me start by saying- Urhobo wado!

I am a bona fide child of Delta State, with firm roots in Ekpan, Uvwie LGA, please note that even if this fruit has fallen far from its roots, it does not negate the fact that my roots are there and still traceable, I can also provide my Local Government Certificate and any other proof you might require as regards my State of Origin. I believe my grandfather (God rest his soul) when he said emphatically that marriage does not change where you are from.


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