Negative+ Negative= Negative

The youth are angry, but sad and frustrated. The leaders are not helping matters. They are alledged to be issuing threat, force and violence . The elders should no better. Placing travel embargo on members and freezing their bank account would not dillute a heart burning with flame. It shows a government that wants to be feared rather than loved.

If we focus on the injustice, we will see more injustice. If we respond to frustration with anger or violence, we will contribute violence and hatred to the nation. Is that what we truly desire or do you actually desire something else?”

We want a to associate freely with the men in uniform. Let us begin by wsso

Her guides said, “Now you’re getting it. Instead of tearing down what you hate, build up something you love and invite people over. Watch how fast things shift when you create instead of destroy.”

She said, “I really never thought of it that way. I was so mad, so fired up, so angry. I just wanted to hurt the people who are hurting us. But I see now that I could be so much more effective by focusing on the solution instead of contributing to the problem.”

We were both profoundly affected by her guides’ advice. So often we want to rail against what is, when we could focus on creating what we desire. You don’t have to ignore injustice, but the solution is creation, not destruction.

Be a creator, and then be a beacon. Invite people to your creation. Deep down people want to move towards love, not hate, but someone has to build it first.

Think about something you hate that’s going on around you, and then

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