Breaking Rules

To break a rule, you must first understand the rule…

Breaking Rules

Negative+ Negative= Negative

The youth are angry, but sad and frustrated. The leaders are not helping matters. They are alledged to be issuing threat, force and violence . The elders should no better. Placing travel embargo on members and freezing their bank account would not dillute a heart burning with flame. It shows a government that wants to be feared rather than loved.

If we focus on the injustice, we will see more injustice. If we respond to frustration with anger or violence, we will contribute violence and hatred to the nation. Is that what we truly desire or do you actually desire something else?”

We want a to associate freely with the men in uniform. Let us begin by wsso

Her guides said, “Now you’re getting it. Instead of tearing down what you hate, build up something you love and invite people over. Watch how fast things shift when you create instead of destroy.”

She said, “I really never thought of it that way. I was so mad, so fired up, so angry. I just wanted to hurt the people who are hurting us. But I see now that I could be so much more effective by focusing on the solution instead of contributing to the problem.”

We were both profoundly affected by her guides’ advice. So often we want to rail against what is, when we could focus on creating what we desire. You don’t have to ignore injustice, but the solution is creation, not destruction.

Be a creator, and then be a beacon. Invite people to your creation. Deep down people want to move towards love, not hate, but someone has to build it first.

Think about something you hate that’s going on around you, and then


Career Decision Making – Why, What and How

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Career Decision Making – Why, What and How

Navigating argument in a healthy manner

I don’t believe any couple or set of friends that tell me “We don’t fight” or “We don’t argue”. It is virtually impossible to be genuine friends with someone without reaching some sort of conflict. If you really are in are in a relationship where you “never fight”, I just assume that neither of you […]

When Conversations Get Crucial: Navigating Arguments in a Healthy Manner

Pleasure is My Birth Right

Unpacking gender, religion woes, respectability politics, sexual liberation, & identity. Gender: Girl. Young girls are always held to a higher standard of purity and innocence. Boys on the other hand, are encouraged to be free and taught to explore their desires. I always wondered, why is that?. The minute girls are born into the world […]

Pleasure is My Birth Right
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Forced into a second wave of Isolation

To prevent Covid 19 extension

News sends ice down my arteries

Endless thirst for water to refill sweaty skin

Fingers vibrate in perturbation

Over analyse Government instruction

Recall previous periodof hunger

Moments of tears inside my locker

Push it beneath my awareness

Deny its existence

Believe I will cope once more

As I anticipate the cure


Women watch porn, too — but why?

Almost every man watches porn. But in recent years, the proportion of women in the porn audience has been growing. What does this shift mean? DW asked a sociologist and an evolutionary biologist. Women do not usually watch porn. Or do they? According to recent surveys by popular porn websites such as PornHub and xHamster, […]

Women watch porn, too — but why?
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Wound of absence

Show me I am beautiful

Worthy to be pursued

awaken my Feminine quality

And discover my identity

Not just a sperm receiver

Or your house cleaner

Financially competent

Emotionally absent

But a listener

To listen to my heart whispers

In the absence of one

I stood alone

Turn to destructive addiction

To cure the moment of Isolation

Hide my anxiety

Behind a submissive personality

The first man that should shower me love

Never found me worthy enough


Speak Out

“Sir, you must forgive my sister…She is not ordinarily quite so outspoken” Miss Austen by Gill Hornby Do we like women who speak their minds? And when I say “we” I mean both men and women. Back in Austen’s day, we know that outspoken women were looked down upon. Just think of what we thought […]

Speak Out

Talking Sex Ed with Kids Part 2

Beginning a conversation about sexuality early and continuing that conversation as the child grows is the best sex education strategy. It lets parents avoid giving one big talk when the child reaches adolescence, when they may think they already have the information and won’t be receptive. When talking to your kids about sex, it’s important […]

Talking Sex Ed with Kids Part 2
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Death Quotes

No one enjoys life more

Than one who is willing and ready to die

It is only in the face of death

That One is truely born

Learning to Live well

Is to learn to die well

Dying badly is for those who lived badly

Death is not simply the last moment of life

In birth, our journey towards death begin

Why do you fear the last day

It contributes no more to your death than each of the others

Although the physicality of death destroys man

The idea of death Saves him

Everybody dies but not everybody lives

To live does not mean you are alive

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Beware of second hand Truth

Every Religion claims it’s teaching is the truth. Often times, teachings contradict. Truth cannot be A and be not A. One is definitely wrong. Truth is same every where. If any truth exist at all,it shout be that common saying which is found in all world  Religion. Every  mathematics textbook agrees that one + one is two.

To be certain that our belief is true, we ought to compare them with other scriptures and search for similarities and differences. The similarities draws us closer to the truth while the differences makes us question it’s authenticity. But we don’t want see the possibility that we might have been wrong. We try not to investigate . We call it faith.

Faith is the enemy of truth seeking. By hoping something is true or going to be true does not make it true.To believe in things that are not true can be dangerous.It is worse than gambling.We want our belief to be true  so badly that we ignore evidence,reason and our common sence. 

If your virgin daughter tells you she is pregnant, we will not believe her. If your teacher tells you be split the sun into three parts,we will call him a liar. We would spread the stories if we found them in an ancient scripture.

We believe In a book that somebody told us that somebody told the person that another person said is true without making attempt to verify its authenticity. This is second hand truth and second hand truth is called hearsay . Lawyers are aware that second hand truth is subjected to mistake so they do not admit it in the court of law . Truth should be based on experience.Eye withness testimony Is admissible in the court of law.

I heard a group tried to test the effectiveness of prayer. They had a group of sick patient prayed for and another group to act as control. The former recovered quicker. This is an example of ones belief tested. You may replicate it if you like. By checking your claim, you become more confident of it’s authenticity.


New England Journal of Medicine piece calls for removing sex designations from birth certificates

The piece below, which just appeared in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, has three co-authors (two medical doctors and a lawyer) calling for removing sex designations from birth certificates—or at least putting them “below the line of demarcation,” which I guess means putting them where they are not publicly accessible. Click on the […]

New England Journal of Medicine piece calls for removing sex designations from birth certificates

23 words to say to one going through a difficult time

What’s encouraging words to say to someone going through a difficult time? People are going through a difficult phase in their life sometimes. They need support to keep going from their closest ones. This is extremely important because sometimes these phases drain the life out of them and will make them prone to giving up. You can help them and raise them up.

Words to Say to Someone Going Through a Difficult Time

Giving support can come in many ways and one of them is through words. There are some words that are naturally soothing. If you do this, you might save a life! So, here are words to say to someone going through a difficult time: 

1. Nothing

Sometimes, it is best to say nothing and to just wholeheartedly listen to what they are anxious, sad, or worried about. Doing this will relieve their burden and help them go into a better mental state.

2. Tell them it’s okay to feel what you feel

Sometimes people try so hard to stop being sad or negative that actually it gets nowhere. Tell them that it is okay to feel these things because it will make the recovery faster.

3. I’m sorry that you are going through this

Saying this shows your sympathy or empathy. It will make them realize that they are not alone in feeling this way. This also shows that you are here for them.

4. I will always be here for you

Best things to say to someone going through a hard time is “I will always be here for you”. It’s simple and shooting for them. Knowing that someone is there behind your back and always ready to pull you up is a comforting and rare thing. 

5. Let go of the blame

It is easy to blame things or even themselves when something catastrophic happens to someone’s life. Saying this will remind them to loosen up to forgive and forget.

6. Time will heal

This is classic advice, but it’s alway true. You may not know how the future will turn out but you can promise them that this too shall pass. When time has passed, things will seem lighter and brighter. That is why you just need to hang on.

7. You are bigger than this

Encouraging words to say to someone going through a hard time are “you are bigger than this problem”. People easily feel small when they are faced by something tremendously hard. Because of that reason, you need to remind them of their strength and capability to get through it.

8. If you need help just say the word

Offering help gives plenty of relief to an anxiety and sadness induced mind. saying this will make them more relaxed and happy.

9. you’ve been down before, and you can get through this again

Reminding them about their strength that is actually already hidden deep inside them is a great way to put them back on their feet. It’s the wisest motivation to show to your loved ones when they are in pain. 

10. Take one step at a time

Most of the time, people feel overwhelmed by the big image of the future to the point where they feel paralized. Remind them to focus on the next few steps and then keep going for the next move. They will feel nothing seems impossible.

11. There are more things to look forward to

Remind them to take a look at the small things to be grateful for that might happen in the future. If you do this, you are giving them the drive to live one more day and then another brighter day.

12. I am so proud of you

Even when they are a mess, say this. Because saying this will make them feel proud of themselves too and it will make the day go way better.  

13. Focus on the present

When feeling sad, people usually dwell with the past for too long. This makes them more miserable. Tell them to focus on the now where nothing bad is happening and they are safe.

14. It’s not the end

Telling them that there is more to come and that this is not the end is a great way to boost their spirits. It reminds them that there is more to life that is much more beautifully captivating. 

15. Tell them you love them 

“I love you and I am here for you” are the best words to say to someone going through a difficult time. When they feel loved, they have more reasons to keep going. They know they need to keep trying for a brighter future with your love. 

16. Nothing but hug them 

Sometimes, anything you said will mean nothing when they are going through a difficult time. Meanwhile, you can give them a hug. A long deep hug to tell them that it’s gonna be okay. It is going to be okay. 

There are more words to say to someone going through a difficult time, but your present in their life means the most. You also need to listen to them and keep staying with them until they feel better and can think clearer. 

Best things to say to someone going through a hard time

These words will make them more relaxed. It will set them to the path of self recovery and self love. Here are more words to say to someone going through a difficult time:

1. Remember to be kind to yourself 

People often forget to take care of themselves with the most basic things. Not taking care of one’s self might make them more sluggish and prone to sadness.

2. Life happens 

By reminding them that life happens, make them take off the blame and unstuck feelings to the problem. Tell them that shits happen all the time, but we need to keep fighting and fighting. 

3. You did a great job 

Tell them that they’ve done the best they could. This will make them feel a little bit happier. You can also tell them that they can alway try and try again until they succeed. 

4. Take all the time that you need to heal 

Knowing that they have time to heal will actually make them more relaxed and positive. Tell them that you will help anything as you can to help them feel better. 

5. Just because something isn’t happening to you now, it doesn’t mean it never will 

Remind them that positive things will come and we just have to put a little bit of faith on it. It might not happen today, but who will know if it will come true tomorrow, so keep fighting. 

Signs that they are back to their positive state of mind

Signs that they are back on their feet because of your positive encouragements:

The words to say to someone going through a difficult time is not much. It focuses on building a safe place for the person to let go, heal, and eventually grow. Keep in mind the wise word to get people out of the rut. After that, see if they already have the signs that they are back to their positive state of mind.

Meanwhile, you may pick up those lines to help people, to make them feel okay. Indeed, we could make people feel better by showing our love through words to them. Cause we know, time flies, and everything can turn to be wrong and hurt if we don’t say good things now.


emotion family nigeria sex

Mismatched desire

The words we never spoke

Broke us apart

Grudges burning slowly

For several years

How long shall we continue

To be in a passionless union

Physically present

Emotionally absent

Strangers sharing one roof

Pretending all is well

It is high time we begin to think

Of going our saperate ways

As painless as possible

I truely love you

But I can no longer  live with you

I have forgiven you

But I cannot forget the things you did

Replayed in my head each time I see you

One single act

Makes me not to trust you completely

But I cannot forget that

I see you trying to be perfect

I see how hard you try

To make me happy

You deviate from your true self

In other to please me

You will eventually get tired

Until you finally resent me

But our frequency differ

You want it twice a day

I want it monthly

The times I turned you down

I pushed you off me

Into the waiting arms of another.

I made you cheat on me

And then hate you for it

Each time I try to please you

You are happy

While I am hurt

You suggested an open relationship

But I want you all to myself

We are not compatible

It was a mistake from the beginning

Loyalty is a curse

We are better off going our saperate ways

Goodbye my Lover

I hope you meet your match