Just like children

When children play outside

And mother calls them to come inside 

The laughter of playing in the yard

Suddenly turns into tears
No,we do not want to come inside

We want to play forever and ever

Then  things go from bad to worse

Mother comes with a cane to flog

Father inflict his punishment

So the joy of playing together 

Simply by believing it cannot stop

Turns into great misery for the kids

We are just grown up children

We believe our relationship will last forever

Our hobbies are always going to bring happiness

But they did not

We know one day,everything will come to an end

Our parents will die

Our friends will leave us

But when it happens we are shattered

Like children, so much like children


Just for a name

Three thieves agreed to set up a church..

A business venture certain to boom 

Not knowing the name to call the church

Sat one morning to deliberate on the issue.

The first speaker got up ,eager to speak

The gang informant ,famous and 

Let’s call it apostolic living faith of redeemed ..

In attempt to coin a name from popular churches.. 


Second robber had a better idea.

He was the strongest and most courageous, an ex convict

.let’s call it miracle everyday ministry

It will attract  gullible members so we can steal

The third robber disagreed totally

He was the  most intelligent quiet but deadly

Let’s call it sinners redemption church

So we can attract more sinners and robbers into our fold

Each thief insisted on his own suggestion

Temper was raised,insults poured and punches throw

A gun shot was heard,not once or twice but thrice 

Patrolling policemen arrived the scene.one dead, two injured.

All were arrested. Just for a name

Guess the Church 3

They love history. They keep to the traditions of the church. They also Mingle with the tradition of the land.don’t be surprised to see their top member actively participating in new yam festival and other culture.

Their service is methodological. There is time for offertory,time for breaking of bread. It is a sin to interchange the two

There is also a pattern of prayer.members arte taught from birth to memorise prayers. They repeat prayers and count them.they pray slowly with a particular time to kneel and pray

To become a top member here is tedious. It takes vigorous training for up to eight years.their dresscode is unique with special meaning.religious Items are used during service.
Did any Church come to your mind?

Modern vs ancient spiritualist

In a typical African settong  before the arrival of the Christian missionaries, the  spiritual director is deeply revered and one who leads the individual and community.such person is highly prepared from a tender age. He inspires respect and embodies high moral standard. The moral wellbeing of the community was the number one priority of the society.

When the missionaries came , the clergy took over the role of the spiritual director.”morality” was replaced by ‘”belief in Christ ” as the center theme .

The traditional spiritualist speaks less and acts more.he is aware that action is more important than words. He speaks only when necessary and everyone is quiet and eager to listen.from the depth of his silence, he speaks slowly and wisely.

The modern spiritualist is not greatly prepared. He speaks more and acts less.he is a great orator whose words conflict with his action. 

Raymond s mosha

Caged heart

I want to drink your love and dive into your heart

But I need to feel your heart invitation

I want to feel you wanting me to enter you.

All you show me is fence of protection

I can sense your heart yearning to be loved fully

Yet you choose to deny it due to past experience of betrayal and hurt.

But your heart still desires to be opened

No amount of rejection and betrayal can conceal its yearning for love

It needs to be free from the cage you built

Destroy those walls and dissolve those boundaries

Break those shell of fear that surround it

Let down its guards and melt those edges

Open your heart and let its love flow

Like electric current moving from your hair to your feet

For your heart is the source of radiance

That inspires your life and evolves your deepest gift.

Guess the church (2)

The church is an extension of their social life. They go to church to make friends. They love talk

ing. They also love  love being the center of attraction.they also love singing .they dance for god. Service is lively.there is no difference between wordly and chutchy song they preach what the people want to hear so members will like them.Everyone wants to prosper so the church leader preaches prosperity .they avoid controversial issues . they are poor disciplinarian.disciploning members would make members dislike them.they tend to bend time to accommodate more people. They are more concerned of the effect of a law on the people. You won’t be surprised to find a popular prostitute or smoker as a church usher.the church is for all kinds of people.

Their leaders make good  motivational speakers.the are special so no harm would come across then.sermon is more of personal stories often exaggerated to create a personal effect.their members also learn from their pastors by exaggerating their own testimonies. Ask then to repeat the same stories and notice a lot of inconsistency

The rarely preach sin and law.
Service ipraiseas members dance and sing to the lord.expect 3hrs of praise

Did any church come to your mind?