Mad or Unique

THE Pharisees AND Sadducees WERE waiting for coming of savior

They had their own idea if how Jesus would come

Jesus came

The Jesus that came differed from their expectations

They rejected him



Jesus said he would come again

We await second coming of Jesus

Bible warned us to be careful of the false Christ

Many people have claimed to be Jesus

We discarded them all
we are still waiting for real Jesus

IS IT possible that in the process of discarding fake Christ, we also discarded the true Christ

If Jesus were to come again, we may reject him and accuse him of being possessed or mad.

William Hush(1992), a Psychiatrist who has treated a number of mentally abnormal persons claimed Jesus was Paranoid. He is not the first person to do so. The sanity of Jesus has been questioned begining from the biblical times (Mark 3: 21, John 7: 20)

Numerous Psychiatrist have linked Jesus to showing traits of grandiosity,an inflated sence of his own power as well as difficulty communicating with others. Multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, Hyperreligiosity, paranoia, suicide by proxy, schizoaffective disorder etc have been attributed to the founder of Christianity.

A more recent study(2012) by a group of neurologist, Psychiatrist, psychologist,and behavioral scientist From Havard medical school claimed that major biblical characters like Moses,Paul and Jesus all testsd positive to mental disorder from the DSM IV.

None of these scientist withnesed the reign of Jesus and hence diagnosed based on interpretation of scriptural writing. It is not impossible to rule out a misdiagnosis .

If biblical figures were to come back again and repeat the same actions as written in the Bible, we may be guilty of similar diagnosis. Take for instance, a man chasing grasshopper and bees in the forest asks to pour water on your head is likely to be called a lunatic but the Bible tells us John the Baptist fed on locust and honey in the bush. He baptised the people.

Or Abraham who heard a noise and left his home to an unknown destination. That would be considered abnormal In this modern society.

Sometimes we are quick to slam a label on people for behaving different or having different thoughts from the majority. Yet we forget that our sacred scripture contains saints who exhibited the same traits . Sometimes, we begin to find excuses for our saints.

If only we can stop trying to fix people in a box and stop trying to expect everyone to conform, think or behave the same way. If only we can amsee individual difference as something positive,. We may begin to appreciate the beauty in abnormality.

Be Authentic, Be unique. Be True, Be you

nigeria religion

The major reason not to get married.

If marriage were compulsory, Jesus would have done so.I am not against the idea of getting married. I am only saying marriage is not for everyone. The assumption that one can only be fulfilled while married is false . Many propeller of this fallacy quote the Bible to back up their claim.

It is not good for man to be alone

It is not good for anyone to be alone . Eve was to be a companion and not a marriage partner . One can feel alone while being married . The verse only validates the fact that no one is an Ireland. We need someone to lean on . Marriage is a concept created by man to bring order in the society. No one has been arrested for choosing to remain single.

Many of us get married because we need kids. There are many orphans down there craving to get married. Go adopt them . Except off course you are searching for your own child to shower selfish love .

Everyone is meant to have children. Eli the priest was not meant to have children as that would disturb his mission on Earth so his wife womb was shut for years. Having a wife would not affect his goal. After persistent prayer, he finally had a child. He had to choose between disciplining his children or spending time in the church. He chose the later. His children became wayward.

Zaccharia was another priest who had difficulty in having a son.It was not until he was very old that he was permitted too. This tells us that those who are called to work in God institution are not meant to have children as that could affect their work .They are permitted to have a helper, a partner, a wife ,a maid etc.

This brings me to the only reason to get married .We should get married when getting married enables us to achieve our life purpose.

Jesus knew his mission on Earth .He knew it involves wandering from one place to another spreading the message. The stress of travelling with his family all the Tim would slow down his movement. He could not afford to take them to the mountain and through the sea. He knew his message would invoke the wrath of the pharasees who would happily transfer their aggression to his wife and children . Peter who was already married had to leave his wife behind to follow Jesus. His wife must have felt sad as a result. His children must have been angry with their father for being unavailable. It is better not to get married than to abandon your partner midway. one had to pace way for another.

Marriage is settling down . Those whose purpose involve moving around have no business settling down.A Catholic priest could be posted to three different countries in a year as part of missionary work. Relocating their family all the time would prove cumbersome. This is why Catholic priest do not get married. I am not condemning clergy who get married. I only ask that each should examine the nature of his calling. One who is fixed at a particular place to grow an already planted church can marry. Missionaries who go about converting people and planting churches can abstain.


Customising your own religion

There are people who prefer to buy ready made cloth and there are those who prefer to buy the material and see it according to their size. First they measure themselves using a meter rule then they cut off some pieces of material from the one bought in the market.

As we grow older, our body size increases. We need bigger tops. We do not keep forcing the smaller clothes on ourself. We will either feel uncomfortable or the cloth will get torn. We simply discard it or give it to our younger one and go get another cloth that fits us.

Unfortunately ,we do not adapt the same concept to our belief. As a kid, we are told what to believe,vwe do not choose them because we are too young to make decision. As we grow older, we begin to outgrow our religion. Certain belief no longer appeal to us . We have more questions than answer. We are told to rely on faith. This is the way the religion want to tie is down to it . Like a teacher who loves his student so much he does not want her to get promoted. He threatened his student with punnishnent to prevent his moving to next level. Such love cannot be in the best interest of the child. Religion threaten it’d adherent with hell to keep them glued together.

This is a sign that we need to try another cloth.we do not owe our religion any form of loyalty. We need to let go in search of better belief. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes. One who stays so long in one belief would have a retarded manner of thinking.

We can go to the library or internet and read alternative religion practice.we can choose one that suits us and explore.Trying a new religion is a faster way for behavioral Change.

Every new religion sprung up from a founder who was not comfortable with existing religion of his time. Bobby Henderson invented pasterfaranism. Buddhism broke out as a social protest against Hinduism caste system. Jesus deviated from Judaism. Each religion was created out of dissatisfaction wilh existing status quo.

Each of the founder created a religion that fit their personalities. As long as you know yourself, you can create your religion that suit whom you are. The involve eradicating the part of the beliefs that do not appeal to your values., authentic self.Jesus valued forgiveness ahead of revenge. Love became his central theme. Buddha focused on how to stop world suffering . Detachment was his answer .

Each one of us can focus on any part of the world and try to make it better .we must not go about preaching our new religion to others . Living it in our daily activities is Paramount. As long as we keep wearing the garment of another founder, we will not be truely comfortable.we remain inauthentic. What fits A cannot fit B. This leads to hypocrisy


christians should mix with devil

the process ofJesufyingis rather simple: You just take whatever thing, practice, or area in your life that you want to burnish, shine, (or more accurately, sanitize and spiritualize), add the wordChristianto it, and voilà: it is nowJesufied!

Christians have a way ofJesufyingeverything that we’re involved in, so that it all sounds a bit more spiritual, appears more God-honoring, and generally makes us feel a whole lot holier, as we walk through the “sinful” world around us.
As a result, we who call The Church home, now regularly indulge in:
Christian music
Christian movies
Christian newspapers

Christian, if lots of your friends are Christians, be concerned.
Ifallof your friends are Christians, repent

In fact, many followers of Jesus have so effectively partitioned-off their lives, that we can do almost anything on a given day, without bumping up against, or being contaminated by, the scary “non-Christian” world in any significant way.

No, you see, so many people, areout there(beyond yourJesufiedworld), waiting for you to enter their space, and show them this Jesus who supposedly is worth giving-up everything for, in real-time.
And you’ll never do that if you see them as sick or dirty, and you’ll never do that if you live in a sealed religious bubble, and you’ll never do that if you feel that all the stuff they love is corrupt and evil.
So this week, as you go through the movements that make up yourordinary, look for ways in which you can actually live life,aroundandwithpeople who believe differently than you do.
Do business with those who don’t share your faith. Let them see the difference it makes in your life, as you buy and sell and negotiate and deal.
Forge friendships with coworkers and neighbors, who don’t knowCorinthians

Listen to some good ‘ol “devil music”,

Living a life on mission, isn’t about avoiding bad things through cultural abstinence, as much as it is about redeeming people through transcending love.
Christian, you want to do something really beautiful for the world? Stop segregating yourself from it.
StopJesufyingyour life, and start living your life,likeJesus; unapologetically with those who need to experience him the most.