a challenge to atheist

Okay. Here is your chance to design a universe that is better than the one we live in. Many people claim that the poor design of our universe and/or God’s involvement or lack thereof results in a universe that is unacceptable. In order to present a thorough model, please address all the following issues:

1.Will the beings you create be equal to you or less powerful?

2.What degree of free will will you allow to those beings?

3.How will you prevent those beings from hurting you, each other and their creation?

4.What will you do with those beings who break your rules?

5.What laws of physics will you use?

I encourage you to “think outside the box.” The universe you design does not have to be similar to our universe. Change the laws of physics. Think about gravity, thermodynamics, matter, energy, etc. Think about the beings who you create. How will they interact with you and each other (you don’t have to use the five senses that we have)? My goal is to get you to think deeply about the issues of free will and love and how those issues are affected by the physical laws. I look forward to your ideas. Here are some other people’s ideas:


The major idolatory most christian practice

Idolatry is a horrible, dangerous thing.
Sadly, far too many Christians are so very guilty of it.
You can see it in the way they complain on social media, in the way they comment on the news of the day; in the defeatist, alarmist language that they use as to describe the world.
You see it in the way they furrow their brows, and throw-up their hands, and slam their pulpits.

Though they loudly, repeatedly, and confidently proclaim Christ as Lord, in reality they no longer practice faith in a God that has any real power

The truth is, Fear has become their false God, one they worship with complete and undying devotion.
The symptoms of Fear Idolatry are pretty easy to spot.

When you’re not sure that God is there or that He’ll really come through, you start to spend most of your time defending Him in absentia. You become a self-appointedCrusader of Truth, whose mission is to do the holy work of policing the world, (just in case God can’t or won’t).
You spend a lot of time calling out evil, forecasting disaster, and predicting damnation.
When Fear is your God, you start majoring isExteriorSin Management. You slowly yet ultimately turn your all of attention to the things inother peoplethat you’re certain really tick God off, and you make it your sacred business to modify their behavior in the name of Jesus

I’m praying for so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, to stop worshipping the false idol of Fear.
I’m praying that they recapture a God Who is worthy; not just of defending and quoting, but trusting.
I’m praying for the rest, joy, and humility that comes from putting faith in something greater than themselves and in the things they fear.
Every day, even with the mystery that grows on my journey, my security grows too.
I know how big my God is.
Do you?

romantic stories of the bible

The most romantic stories in the Bible
Khaya Dlanga
Mon 04 Apr 2011

The first story is about Jacob. Now Jacob, son of Isaac wanted to get married. So he went to his uncle’s crib, who had two daughters. One hot. The other not so much. The oldest daughter was not so hot because the Bible says, “Leah had weak eyes”. I suspect she was squint. The younger daughter’s name was Rachel and she was damn hot too. How do I know? “For the Bible tells me so” (sorry, couldn’t resist) the Bible tells us that “Rachel had a lovely figure” mind you, this was before the invention of bikinis. The Bible continues about Rachel “and was beautiful”. And you guys thought the Bible wasn’t shallow sometimes?

Jacob wanted hot miss thang, Rachel. Duh, obviously. He was in love with her. Jacob was broke and had nothing, he offered to work for his uncle for seven years in order to afford to marry Her Royal Hotness, Rachel. Laban,

Rachel’s dad agreed to this arrangement. Jacob worked for a whole seven years to get her. As the Bible puts it “but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her”. Ahhh, so romantic.

Then the seven years came to pass and he said to Laban, “Malume, give me my wife”. OK, now brace yourself for the next few sentences. “My time is completed and I want to make love to her.” This guy! Jacob basically said to his fiancée’s dad: “I wanna shag your daughter dude. It’s been a while.” Can you imagine telling your future father-in-law that you want to “make love” to his daughter? The audacity of this man. In fact, give this man a Bell’s!

The wedding happened. She was covered, brought to him in the night. They shagged and as we would say in the black custom to indicate that a lot of shagging happened: “They shagged and shagged, and shagged and shagged and shagged.” So when morning came, there was Leah! He’d been doing the dirty with her all along.

Obviously Jacob is pissed off now. He worked seven years, a whole seven years to marry the hot one, now he gets the not-so-hot-one. His uncle, the deceitful conniving bastard says: “Sorrynyana. But according to our custom, the older daughter has to get married first.” Probably said inGeneration’straditionalist voice —

Khaphela. Then Uncle Laban also gave him the hot daughter, Rachel, but he had to work another seven years for her too.
The second story is a short one. It’s the story of the romantic Elkanah, prophet Samuel’s dad. Elkanah had two wives, this dude had nothing on Jacob Zuma. Hannah and Peninnah. Peninnah had children by the truck-load or should we say camel-load?

Hannah on other hand hadnada. He’d go to the temple with his wives every year. This dude loved Hannah even though she had no kids. The wife with the kids would be rather bitchy to her for she had no kids. So she’d always be crying and would not eat. Elkanah would always say to her: “Hannah, why are you weeping? Why don’t you eat? Why are you downhearted? Don’t I mean more to you more than 10 sons?”

I think the “don’t I mean more to you than 10 sons” bit is the most romantic thing I’ve read in the Bible. For what he is saying is this, I don’t love you for a reason. The only reason I love you is because I love you. You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is be you. That is all. It’s almost a prophetic image of Christ who loves us despite ourselves. We don’t have to do anything for him to love us. He loves justnje.

eight wrong assumptions about born again christians

I hate when people assume certain things about born again christians without getting to know who them individually. You probably hate that too! Brett Shoemaker wrote Whenever people figure out one is a pastor at a Christian church, they tend to always assume the following:

1.Cussing around is a no-no.Really?

you feel the need to change your attitude/language around born again, but you don’t need to try and be on “good behavior” when together. Typically, some are not offended by your language and its not like they have never heard it before. would rather you just be yourself than trying to be someone else .

2.They don’t like the gays.I understand why you may have gotten this impression considering some of the ridiculous Christians out there. But, christ love them. To be honest, I don’t know why so many of my Christian brothers and sisters elevate this specifically over everything else. When it comes down to it, pastors love homosexuals just as much as I love you. wish Christians would fight as passionately against terrorism and sex trafficking as they do to homosexuality.

3.They don’t drink alcohol.Now you won’t catch me passed out on the floor drunk, but to assume that I don’t drink at all because of my faith is a bit of an overstatement. After all, the first miracle Jesus did was turn water into wine,He knows how to keep the party going.

4.THEY don’t like to have fun.This probably has a lot to do with rule #3. Because “I don’t drink” then it can be assumed that I don’t like to have fun. Quite the contrary, it just means I have learned to have fun without the need of over intoxicating myself.

5.pastors are judging you because you act differently than me.If I have come to realize one thing it is that nobody is perfect. Don’t worry about trying to hide your flaws or your differences because Iborn agains are not judging you anyways. Those who judge will be judged and I don’t want any part of that.

6.pastors are ignorant or uneducated about beliefs other than my own.Actually, it is not “my way or the highway.” Obviously, I, like the rest of Christians, spend most of my time trying to understand my own faith, but to say that pastors have shut my eyes to everything else in the world is absurd. Don’t assume they have no clue of what exists outside of Christianity.

7.Born agains think they are better than you.Somehow, because I am Christian, you assume I believe I am better than you. I understand you might get this impression from some of those who wear the Christian name tag, but humility is one of Christianity’s greatest attributes. I don’t think I am better than you regardless of who you are or what you’ve done. We are all on our own journey and everyone’s look a little bit different.

Brett Shoemaker

unmarried, resolving marrige dispute

I recieve lots of critism from protestants who insist priests have no buisness resolving marital issues since they are unmarried. This article aims at explaining certain facts


knowledge qualifies one to teach Not neccesarily marital experience.a 35 year old boy can be a profesor as long as it is proven he is knowledgeable in that field..


no. A wise man must not commit a mistake to learn. He learns from others experience.

Having made the clarification? Let me go further to explain this


yes. Priests didnt fall from sky.they have family.they learn from their parents. Secondly, priests are trained. They undergo theoritical training on family issues. They are lectured on marriage counsellin by married parents with over 20 years marital experience..in some cases,priest are made to live with families.


if yes,
are soccer referees ex players?
Must judges be profMust judges be criminal before they can convict thieves? must doctors suffer from all ailment before diagnosing them? having pointed out these, let me add that it takes one in a neutral position to give a candid opinion on an issue. a married person tends to be biased. an unmarried person is not biased. let me leave you all with this quote




Having interacted with christians for many years, i have desided to categorise them into two major groups – churchtian and christian

A churchtian holds on to churcch tradition and is quick to defend the church practice. He focuses on religious routines such as cross over night,mid nite prayer,choir practice etc.

A churchtian seems judgemental. Every action is either right or wrong.they tend to point fingers which makes them seem hypocritical.

A churchtian sets rules for himself and claim its God rule.you will never see them taste alchohol. They dont date. Hardly watch football. All these are wordly.

They are selective in their company as they dissociate themselves with “unrighteous persons”.

A christian on the other hand makes everyone his friend Since Jesus drank with taxcollectors and never condemned adultrous woman. He communicates with everyone in the office.

a christ follower channels his biblical knowledge on his fellow human being. He is not rigid in rules and has no problem going to other churches. He hardly condemms other doctrine and mustnt defend his either.

He belives we are all sinners and therefore doesnt point fingers on someone. They drink but not excessively.they are willin to change their position .


The Paranoia of Oritsejafor’s CAN

This pastor baffles me

naijainfoman's notes

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

What exactly is wrong with the Christian Association of Nigeria “CAN” today? Their verbal hostility and paranoia keeps escalate every passing day. It is like an army of demons have ceased its leadership.

Everyday that passes, they invent something silly and sinister to accused Muslims of. This time they are accusing Justice Kutigi of religious bias because he appointed a catholic Bishop (Felix Ajakaiye) to co-chair the committee on religion. Their argument is that only a CAN delegates should represent Christians and Kutigi is bias against Christians for appointing a Bishop instead of their anointed trouble marker. If a Bishop is not eligible to speak for Christians, who then can?

In a National Conference where about 70% of delegates are Christians, CAN is still screaming Islamic bias. If CAN could scream blue murder because of membership of a sub-committee, I am sure they would have gone…

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