christians should mix with devil

the process ofJesufyingis rather simple: You just take whatever thing, practice, or area in your life that you want to burnish, shine, (or more accurately, sanitize and spiritualize), add the wordChristianto it, and voilà: it is nowJesufied!

Christians have a way ofJesufyingeverything that we’re involved in, so that it all sounds a bit more spiritual, appears more God-honoring, and generally makes us feel a whole lot holier, as we walk through the “sinful” world around us.
As a result, we who call The Church home, now regularly indulge in:
Christian music
Christian movies
Christian newspapers

Christian, if lots of your friends are Christians, be concerned.
Ifallof your friends are Christians, repent

In fact, many followers of Jesus have so effectively partitioned-off their lives, that we can do almost anything on a given day, without bumping up against, or being contaminated by, the scary “non-Christian” world in any significant way.

No, you see, so many people, areout there(beyond yourJesufiedworld), waiting for you to enter their space, and show them this Jesus who supposedly is worth giving-up everything for, in real-time.
And you’ll never do that if you see them as sick or dirty, and you’ll never do that if you live in a sealed religious bubble, and you’ll never do that if you feel that all the stuff they love is corrupt and evil.
So this week, as you go through the movements that make up yourordinary, look for ways in which you can actually live life,aroundandwithpeople who believe differently than you do.
Do business with those who don’t share your faith. Let them see the difference it makes in your life, as you buy and sell and negotiate and deal.
Forge friendships with coworkers and neighbors, who don’t knowCorinthians

Listen to some good ‘ol “devil music”,

Living a life on mission, isn’t about avoiding bad things through cultural abstinence, as much as it is about redeeming people through transcending love.
Christian, you want to do something really beautiful for the world? Stop segregating yourself from it.
StopJesufyingyour life, and start living your life,likeJesus; unapologetically with those who need to experience him the most.