Mad or Unique

THE Pharisees AND Sadducees WERE waiting for coming of savior

They had their own idea if how Jesus would come

Jesus came

The Jesus that came differed from their expectations

They rejected him



Jesus said he would come again

We await second coming of Jesus

Bible warned us to be careful of the false Christ

Many people have claimed to be Jesus

We discarded them all
we are still waiting for real Jesus

IS IT possible that in the process of discarding fake Christ, we also discarded the true Christ

If Jesus were to come again, we may reject him and accuse him of being possessed or mad.

William Hush(1992), a Psychiatrist who has treated a number of mentally abnormal persons claimed Jesus was Paranoid. He is not the first person to do so. The sanity of Jesus has been questioned begining from the biblical times (Mark 3: 21, John 7: 20)

Numerous Psychiatrist have linked Jesus to showing traits of grandiosity,an inflated sence of his own power as well as difficulty communicating with others. Multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, Hyperreligiosity, paranoia, suicide by proxy, schizoaffective disorder etc have been attributed to the founder of Christianity.

A more recent study(2012) by a group of neurologist, Psychiatrist, psychologist,and behavioral scientist From Havard medical school claimed that major biblical characters like Moses,Paul and Jesus all testsd positive to mental disorder from the DSM IV.

None of these scientist withnesed the reign of Jesus and hence diagnosed based on interpretation of scriptural writing. It is not impossible to rule out a misdiagnosis .

If biblical figures were to come back again and repeat the same actions as written in the Bible, we may be guilty of similar diagnosis. Take for instance, a man chasing grasshopper and bees in the forest asks to pour water on your head is likely to be called a lunatic but the Bible tells us John the Baptist fed on locust and honey in the bush. He baptised the people.

Or Abraham who heard a noise and left his home to an unknown destination. That would be considered abnormal In this modern society.

Sometimes we are quick to slam a label on people for behaving different or having different thoughts from the majority. Yet we forget that our sacred scripture contains saints who exhibited the same traits . Sometimes, we begin to find excuses for our saints.

If only we can stop trying to fix people in a box and stop trying to expect everyone to conform, think or behave the same way. If only we can amsee individual difference as something positive,. We may begin to appreciate the beauty in abnormality.

Be Authentic, Be unique. Be True, Be you