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Religion , Corona Virus and Failed European Super league

Someone may wonder what religion, soccer and epidemic are doing in one sentence. The first signals faith, the second joy and the third sorrow. They all contain the letter “E”. The first two were affected by the third. Keep guessing.

A child is told he is bad. He is threatened by hell. Of course the human mind dreads pain. The person who threatens him with hell offers him heaven under givers own condition. Even a fool would choose pleasure over pain. The child accepts the condition. Religion wins. To take it a step further, religion develop a theory linking your unpleasant condition to your inability to give, and she has a cure for your suffering, but you need to pay tax and tithe to receive them. It is difficult to accuse him of greed. He is only here to help you.

If health workers were to instruct the whole humanity to stay at home, the human would refuse. A better way is to create an artificial virus or rather over- hype the mortality rate of a newly discovered disease. Then, tell the world to stay at home. They are more likely to obey. To take it a step further, produce a vaccine or a cure and watch countries struggle to buy. It is difficult to accuse pharmaceutical companies of greed, they deserve encouragement for finding a solution.

In both cases, the organization may take advantage of the human emotion of “Fear”. Whenever one plants fear on others, they are more liable to be controlled. The cashier is less likely to part away with cash unless at gun point. Here, the robber took advantage of fear of loosing his life. Discover a terrible condition. Exaggerate the condition and link them to his fears. Then sell a solution. He is more likely to accept your solution.

Have you read this far and still wondering how this is related to the game of football, think no more.

The super league organizers would have focused on the major stakeholders in the game- the players and fan and discover their greatest fear. By making the fans fearful, the organizers could then bring a solution- the super league. To illustrate,

August 2020- Lionel Messi to leave Barça as Spanish club unwilling to match his wage demand(fans wouldn’t like to see him leave)

Sept 2020 — Christians Ronaldo offered to club for free to curb club high wage bill(Italian league and Juventus fans would dislike this news)

October: Nigeria billionaire bids one billion dollars to buy arsenal as Most Ozil refuses pay cut ones again(some racist fans would mull on the prospect of a black man owning the club)

November 2020 :Chelsea players owed three months salary.(Players are affected)

December 2020 :Maguire, Rashford and Bruno Fernandez refuses to play until club pays wages.(players are affected)

January; 2020. Vardy scores three own goal in a match as a protest over clubs inability to pay staff and players six months wages.

February 2020: week 17 matches cancelled as Spanish players protest non-payment of wages.

March 2020 : Champion league to be suspended indefinitely unless financial situation of Italian, Spanish and English team improves

April 2021: American and Asia billionaire propose to Inject 490 billion annually to help stop closure of league

This technique will succeed in dividing the fans. The majority would be in favor. The fear of club shutdown is strong enough to draw supporters.

The clergy does not preach his financial desire to its members. Rather, he preaches concern for the members. The health workers did not ask citizens to stay at home for the benefit of the hospital management. Rather, she suggested stay at home because they cared for the masses. Our football club owners did not show any care for the fans. They only cared for themselves. An increase in revenue for them was all that matters. When dealing with masses, fear surpasses greed.

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Forced into a second wave of Isolation

To prevent Covid 19 extension

News sends ice down my arteries

Endless thirst for water to refill sweaty skin

Fingers vibrate in perturbation

Over analyse Government instruction

Recall previous periodof hunger

Moments of tears inside my locker

Push it beneath my awareness

Deny its existence

Believe I will cope once more

As I anticipate the cure

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I forgive the region

I forgive the region whose people are like working robot

I forgive the region that would happily praise foreigners who invade her land to rule her.

I forgive the region that hands over her thinking ability to its foreign leaders

I forgive the region whose foreign leaders control them easily like a remote.

I forgive the elite who readily swallow the lies propagated by her leaders

I forgive the people who allow himself to be cajoled into submitting to the will of its Invaders in exchange for eternal reward

I forgive the region whose community leaders are threatened into silence by the powerful elite

I forgive the region whose Religion leaders refuse to speak against the atrocity of her political leaders

I forgive the region whose Religion leaders with the political oppressors against the mass

I forgive the region that knows no other language and culture besides its own and that of its oppressor

I forgive the region that allows it’s people to be used to give more power to its leaders

I forgive the region that surrenders its right and freedom to its oppressor in the name of religion

I forgive myself for being connected to this region

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Fears of a virgin

She did not dare to dance

Or jump the gutter

She did not jump the fence

She would not stand in front of a man

Nor widen her legs

She slowly passed out urine

For fear of tearing her hymen

Sexual miseducation

She swear it was not her fault

Her hands shakes vigorously

Mumbling words beneath my understanding

She felt the bite of a mosquito

In between her pure legs

She has been disvirgined

She fears getting pregnant


Humanity in Love crises

Earth was meant to be a place to experience physicality, to live as a tribe of caring people who took care of each other and loved one another, while enjoying the beauty and bounty of the land.

What pulled humanity away from love and oneness was misinformation; people acting on information that was not true. For example the Salem witch trials, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the idea of Manifest Destiny, even religion in general. People hoarded resources, began hating other people, began attacking those who were different. People believed something that wasn’t true and acted on it in a way that caused disconnection, schisms, war, torture, and murder.

Control, manipulation, and fear caused humanity to ignore their innate, Source-infused directive to love and care for each other. When humans succumbed to fear, they forgot their directive and altered their paths, which altered the original course of humanity.

Humanity continues to succumb to misinformation today, which is causing humans to close themselves off from others, to hoard resources, to hate entire segments of people. “People need to get back in contact with their human directive to love and care about each other, and stop listening to information that is false and designed to separate humanity. There are world leaders today who perpetuate misinformation, and it’s not just politicians, but anyone with power and sway, from a celebrity on Instagram to a priest in a pulpit to a principal in a school, to a parent over a child.”

You may not always have the resources to determine if information is true or not, but ask yourself if the information you’re receiving takes you further away from love or closer to it. Only act on information that brings you to love, not fear.”



Violent activist in search of evil group

This millennium has witnessed the rise of many groups fighting against what is perceived as injustice. First was the Niger Delta  millitant . Then came the bokoharam and finally  the indigenous people of  Biafra.   Each group believe they are fighting a good cause. The millitant do not want their natural resources exploited and environment destroyed without compensation . The  bokoharam are against Eastern education while IPOB want independence. In a nutshell, one is environmental and financially motivated, other is educational and religiously motivated and the third is tribal and politically instigated.

Each group believe they are the victim . The other group is the aggressor.The use of threat of violence is also a common attribute of all group.  When we examine the world crises, we see a similar pattern. Adolph Hitler believed he was on a mission to eradicate the Jews from the map so as to make the world a better place.  Osama Binladen believes the United States are forces of evil bringing corruption and domination to the Islamic world.

Each group sees the other as evil and desire to make the world a better place by eradicating the evil . The main cause of violence is the desire to eradicate evil. Let us assume the other party is as evil as potrayed , Is punnishnent the best solution?

One school of taught believe trading evil for evil serves as detterant  to  others . If that is the case, why does evil persist? Punnishnent is driven by desire for vengeance. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.  Violence breed more violence .we  view the other group as different from us. A we vs them mindset. Our group is better,right,superior. This creates pride., Segregation. When we add religion to this feeling, we turn it to a holy war. Each group is moved by  greed and selfishness that they refuse to see the wider implications of their actions. Violence  occur because each group fear what  the other side would do to them This fear grows into hatred. Hatred grows into anger. Anger result in violence.  The frequent Christian versus Muslim war in kaduna and Jos  follow the same pattern  . Muslim fearing Christian dominance and vice versa.

The best antidote to evil is to replace fear with love. When love exist among group, bridges  of connection is built rather than walls of saperation . When youth from each group  are allowed to fall in love with each other and get married, families are forced to include each other in gathering. When enemies come together to achieve a goal, their dislike for each other reduces . Children born from such union would learn to like both group. Focusing our mind on evil empowers evil. An unmatched readiness to assist humanity , a desire for truth and a heart of compassion are what is needed. Peace can be achieved when we are inspired by an inner convictions to embrace the oneness of humanity to seek power through forces of love and partner.Any hateful thought towards any group diminished this power. We look for ways to handle our difference without aggression.we can begin by suspending our differences and focusing on our similarities.

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How not to obey your parents

Two ears ago, My uncle summoned his children on his sick bed and instructed the first son to take over his law firm. This was the same son who resented studying law and only studied the course to please the dad. The same dad has asked him to forfeit his personal ambition.

The young man was literally unhappy as he managed the firm. He obeyed bitterly. He poured out his aggression on the entire staff.  

Obedience should be done out of love rather than duty. When an act is carried out of duty, the relationship with those around is diminished. 

I had to tell him that he was not bound to his late father wish. He could simply employ a trusted fellow to manage the firm while he supervises periodically.

Children should be made to do things out of duty in the beginning.As they grow up, duty should be gradually replaced by love. Love is a better teacher than obligation.  Duty is mechanical and externally motivated by a sence of obligation . Love makes it easier. Love transform responsibility to joy. A sence of  duty warmed by a love for humanity creates the best result.

I have seen a girl  reject suitor so they can take care their aging parents. While the act is commendable,It should be done out of love and not out of society expectation so she doesn’t regret it taking care of aged parent should be done from the bottom of her heart and not as a debt she owes you.  

The factory worker who constantly looks at the clock for it to be five o click to drop his tools work out of duty and not out of love .  Such a man will have lots of regret when he finally retires. Christianity is one religion built out of love rather than a sence of duty. God love the world that he gave his son……He did not owe the world. No one would punnish him for non compliance.To  be a great teacher, begin by loving children. To be a great auto-mechanic, begin by loving automobile.

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The major idolatory most christian practice

Idolatry is a horrible, dangerous thing.
Sadly, far too many Christians are so very guilty of it.
You can see it in the way they complain on social media, in the way they comment on the news of the day; in the defeatist, alarmist language that they use as to describe the world.
You see it in the way they furrow their brows, and throw-up their hands, and slam their pulpits.

Though they loudly, repeatedly, and confidently proclaim Christ as Lord, in reality they no longer practice faith in a God that has any real power

The truth is, Fear has become their false God, one they worship with complete and undying devotion.
The symptoms of Fear Idolatry are pretty easy to spot.

When you’re not sure that God is there or that He’ll really come through, you start to spend most of your time defending Him in absentia. You become a self-appointedCrusader of Truth, whose mission is to do the holy work of policing the world, (just in case God can’t or won’t).
You spend a lot of time calling out evil, forecasting disaster, and predicting damnation.
When Fear is your God, you start majoring isExteriorSin Management. You slowly yet ultimately turn your all of attention to the things inother peoplethat you’re certain really tick God off, and you make it your sacred business to modify their behavior in the name of Jesus

I’m praying for so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, to stop worshipping the false idol of Fear.
I’m praying that they recapture a God Who is worthy; not just of defending and quoting, but trusting.
I’m praying for the rest, joy, and humility that comes from putting faith in something greater than themselves and in the things they fear.
Every day, even with the mystery that grows on my journey, my security grows too.
I know how big my God is.
Do you?