nigeria religion

Self Born


Except one is born again…….

The message of born again has been misinterpreted in various ways. Today, to be born again simply means mumuring certain words of accepting Jesus into one life.


A newly born child is oblivious of the status quo. He has no belief, no knowledge, nothing. As he grows,he is influenced by teachers,parents, clergy etc . He becomes a conformist to the society expectation. He looses his identity . He takes on the words,dress, religion, pleasure of his fellow .

To make heaven on Earth,the first step is to loosen our grip on all we think. Let go of your opinion, morality, deeply held belief. All these make up the false self. To be born again is to scrape off the false self , the society- taught way of thinking and open oneself to a new one. By dying to our old self, we let go of all previous teaching we have ever received. A born again person experience a change in perspective. It seems his values is turned upside down. He takes on a new personality and mindset. He leaves old friends. The world around him no longer make sence. Things you used to enjoy no longer serve you. You tend to spend more time alone.

Anyone who has never changed his core beliefs or religion is yet to die to his old self. Dying to old self is prerequisite to a new birth. A seed has to be buried to the ground before it can germinate. Many atheist and agnostic are dead to their old self. They are one step ahead than most of us who are yet to question our belief. The second step is observation. Not one created by someone else but one based on his own seeking and experience. A born again person does not take things because it is repeated by many or asserted by majority or written in a holy book. He listens to all side and filters them based on his reason and experience.

Born again persons are original in thoughts and deed. He is saperated from the mass . To be born again comes with a price of violating recognises order. This lead to grave consequences including death .

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