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Are Atheist Mad?

The above title may seem harsh but there are people who truely believe one is a lunatic simply for refusing to believe in a god. Few years back, Mr and Mrs Bala sent their adult son for coming out an atheist.The doctors diagnosed him of suffering from a personality disorder- Perhaps an atheist personality disorder. Today,that atheist is nowhere to be found   Since belief is perceived as normal, non believers are abnormal.

Is it abnormal for a sick person to go to the hospitality rather than a Religious house ? Is it abnormal to choose reality over ancient scripture? Is it abnormal to make decisions based on reasoning and use of senses over faith? Is it abnormal to choose not to believe in ghost, spirit and alien ? Is it abnormal to visit the hospital rather than prayer house when sick Is it abnormal to suggest for the saperation of Religion from politics? If your answer to these questions are yes, then you must be abnormal

About a hundred years ago, it was a criminal offense to engage in homosexuality in Western countries . Today, you could be imprisoned for discriminating against homosexual .An abnormal homosexual yesterday is a celebrated fellow today. A moral homophobic person yesterday could go be cinvicted today. What was abnormal then is normal today. Normalcy depends on the ability to convince group of persons to believe an act in a particular way. It is normal to call an elder by his first name in Western country. It is abnormal to prostrate every morning to greet elders.

Individual who become atheist are attracted to reflective thinking . They question the status quo.They  choose career in law, philosophy, and academia .

Atheist rate high on loneliness. The feeling of being a minority  detaches them from the rest.The relationship with friends and family is stained . Atheist also exhibit anti social tendency as they have less social supply..The depression could be as a result of the stigma and prejudice they face compared to the religious folk.This depression could lead to suicide tendency. They would rather say their mind on issues rather than sugercoat them . While others conform to the society, atheist stand out. They are authentic and individualistic. This makes them loners.

The average person waits for the society to determine what is acceptable. Atheist and other critical thinkers examine issues independently before Arriving at his own conclusions. He refused to hand over his cognitive ability to someone else.

Atheist are nonconformist. The only issue atheist agree to is the absence of a God. Atheist disagree in everything else and they are fine with it. They derive Joy in arguing about their disagreement without a rise In temper unlike the theist.

Atheist understand that human need differ. Some love tea,others love coffee. Neither is more right than the other.As long as one takes his tea without interference on the other person freedom to take coffee. Atheist understand that it is impossible to get the whole world to conform to a set of belief including the non-belief in God. Many Atheist will never practice Homosexuality yet do not see the need to interfere in the personal life in others. True freedom entails being oneself without worrying about what other people think and not having to approve or disapprove anyone for their behavior as long as they do not interfere in the right of others.

Most theist feel insecure whenever others do not worship his own God. He feels the need to justify his position. He begins to be critical of the other person belief. He first threatens them with everlasting punishment and offers them salvation. This is a tactic to win them over. When we feel weak, we gather more people to our side.

There are few atheist who are fed up with the way the society discriminate against them that they have chosen to evangelise the gospel of non-belief. These Atheist are online doing what they Religious folks do on the street. They are trying to make the believers dance to their music.

We believe lunatic are dangerous to the society as they could be violent and cause death of many and hence ought to be confined to a home far away from society. Are atheist more violent than theist? are more prone to group thinking . It is easier to get them to assemble to achieve a common goal. With atheist, individual thinking is key.Apart from a mutual non belief in God, It is difficult to get atheist to agree on any issue. We have atheist who believe in evolution and those who do not.  We have Buddhist atheist, Christian atheist, mystical atheist etc

It was difficult to convince an atheist protest against the illegal detention of her members .Nigerian atheist were busy arguing why the protest should hold and why it should not. Argument prevailed over action . When a Catholic priest was abducted, It took the Catholic Bishop to announce a peaceful protest and many complied. The members do not need to think about the decision. In the same manner, It is easier for a religious leaders stand on the pulpit and instigate violence. The people will easily comply. The Federal Government decision to detain Shite leader  led to a series of violent protest from it’s members. The members did not think about their life . Religion teaches submission to authority without thinking. Atheism encourage self critical thinking and conviction before acting.Atheist are able to jungly various perspective and note their similarities. They rate high in moral reasoning and reject blind obedience to authority.

Pilate is an example of a conformist. He could not find Jesus guilty yet he bowed to society pressure and sentenced him to death. He acted contrary to his conscience. Jesus is a non conformist. He acted based on his conscience. His teaching deviated from the status quo . Christianity today is moving the path of Pontus Pilate while Atheist are unknowingly drifting towards some Christ teaching

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Self Born


Except one is born again…….

The message of born again has been misinterpreted in various ways. Today, to be born again simply means mumuring certain words of accepting Jesus into one life.


A newly born child is oblivious of the status quo. He has no belief, no knowledge, nothing. As he grows,he is influenced by teachers,parents, clergy etc . He becomes a conformist to the society expectation. He looses his identity . He takes on the words,dress, religion, pleasure of his fellow .

To make heaven on Earth,the first step is to loosen our grip on all we think. Let go of your opinion, morality, deeply held belief. All these make up the false self. To be born again is to scrape off the false self , the society- taught way of thinking and open oneself to a new one. By dying to our old self, we let go of all previous teaching we have ever received. A born again person experience a change in perspective. It seems his values is turned upside down. He takes on a new personality and mindset. He leaves old friends. The world around him no longer make sence. Things you used to enjoy no longer serve you. You tend to spend more time alone.

Anyone who has never changed his core beliefs or religion is yet to die to his old self. Dying to old self is prerequisite to a new birth. A seed has to be buried to the ground before it can germinate. Many atheist and agnostic are dead to their old self. They are one step ahead than most of us who are yet to question our belief. The second step is observation. Not one created by someone else but one based on his own seeking and experience. A born again person does not take things because it is repeated by many or asserted by majority or written in a holy book. He listens to all side and filters them based on his reason and experience.

Born again persons are original in thoughts and deed. He is saperated from the mass . To be born again comes with a price of violating recognises order. This lead to grave consequences including death .