Dirty Miracle

” No Yoruba girl will ever marry my daughter” Papa Chukwudi yelled before landing a hot slap on his son’s face.Chukwudi slumped.

Is he dead ? ” Mamla asked?

Papa removed his belt and flogged him with the  metallic head. He remained still.  Next he took a gallon of water and emptied it on his face   He neither sneezed nor coughed.

“Papa Segun , you have killed our son!” . Mama lamented . She knelt down and placed her ears against his chest  . He was not breathing but she could hear the beating of the heart.

Make we take am go hospital” Mama suggested.

Damilola who has been observant turned to Mama .

”  I can heal your son under one  condition. You will let us get married.”

“Over my dead body. “Papa cut in.

Damilola picked up her bag and began walking out of the door.

” I will rather watch him die than let him live and get married to someone else.”

Mama Chukwudi rushed to the door to prevent her from leaving.

“I will first report to SARS, ” Dami threatened.

“Say something. our only son”

“Ok. Both of you can get married “. Baba Chukwudi said reluctantly.. The fear of SARS is the avoidance of trouble.

Damilola went close to his fiancee body and dropped to her knees  . She made some incantation with her lips. She slowly ran her fingers from his lips to his  knee and gradually stroked him moving his fingers up  again. He unzipped him and brought out his 4 inches member to the glaring eye of mother and father.

“The children of these days do not have respect touching a man private part in the presence of an. Elder” . He said trying to stop the show but he was prevented by his wife.

Make sure your eyes are focused here. She instructed the couple in a rude manner while pointing his fingers at his Chukwudi’s weapon.

She  removed her blouse and  her bra she was putting on revealing the underside of her big tit for everyone to see.

Papa Segun mouth went wide open. This time it was Mama Segun turn to get irritated. But Papa Segun urged her to continue. He enjoyed feeding his eyes.

“What kind of man  stares at another man’s penis when a breast is  before him.”? He murmured to him self but audible enough for his wife to hear.

She placed her lips inches away from his ears Whispering how horny she is . She took his earlobes  between her lips and kisses them deeply.she walks her way down the ridge through the neck pressing her tongue firmly into the nape of his neck. His  cock became hard and still. Mama noticed his boner and screamed for joy.

It is standing”

Chukwudi grabbed her melon with his hands and kisses them passionately. Papa Chukwudi tried to sapeerate the lovers. He stumbled against the stool and fell off.

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