Guess the church (2)

The church is an extension of their social life. They go to church to make friends. They love talk

ing. They also love  love being the center of attraction.they also love singing .they dance for god. Service is lively.there is no difference between wordly and chutchy song they preach what the people want to hear so members will like them.Everyone wants to prosper so the church leader preaches prosperity .they avoid controversial issues . they are poor disciplinarian.disciploning members would make members dislike them.they tend to bend time to accommodate more people. They are more concerned of the effect of a law on the people. You won’t be surprised to find a popular prostitute or smoker as a church usher.the church is for all kinds of people.

Their leaders make good  motivational speakers.the are special so no harm would come across then.sermon is more of personal stories often exaggerated to create a personal effect.their members also learn from their pastors by exaggerating their own testimonies. Ask then to repeat the same stories and notice a lot of inconsistency

The rarely preach sin and law.
Service ipraiseas members dance and sing to the lord.expect 3hrs of praise

Did any church come to your mind?

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