Guess the church (1)

The church focuses on interpretation of the bible  .their analytical mind makes them analyse  the Bible. They can be bibliantry. You can’t have any discussion with them without any reference to the bible.their ten year old member can win you in a biblical argument if you are not prepared.

They take old testament too serious.they can be rigid on little laws while committing greater sins.this makes them look like hypocrites.
They love law and order.their activities follow a definite routine.they do what they strongly believe is right. Their service could be really boring .they limit the use of musical instrument. Whenever a controversial issue arise,they seek for biblical interpretation before taking a Decision. Most times,their decision don’t align with the majority.they choose to stick with the minority and don’t mind loosing members.they are note likely to stick to biblical instruction on others they have zero tolerance to politics .
Their top members are highly psychological. They use persuasive tips to convert one.they begin by agreeing with your perspective before gradually tuning you to theirs.
They use love as a tool.they shower love to their members more than non members.They seek for members from broken homes and shower them with love while gradually converting him. They withdraw the love from erring members until such members complies

Does this church sound familiar to you?

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