The beginning of a new era

The #endsars campaign marked the begining of a new era in the country. For the first time,youth rallied together to protest against police brutality and bad governance . This protest is born out of dissatisfaction with the current way the nation is run .

Every change comes with resistance. There are conservative who prefer to stick to the status quo . There are those who benefit from the system and would do everything to continue to enrich oneself. There are those who stay on the fence. Neither here or there . There are the observers who agree with the visionaries but are unwilling to lift a finger . They want to benefit from the success but are not willing to loose anything. They are risk aversive. There are those who would say ” what is the use?” “Why make an effort”?

Here can be no growth unless one is discontent with the present situation and an attempt to envision a new possibility. The vision guides him all through the protest . Protest is a decision to let go of the unwanted ways. Brutality and injustice awakens the desire for transformation.

Visionaries face lots of obstacles in their first attempt . The resistance is much . Many at times,they do not live to withness the ideal come to life. They are aware their ideal may come at the detriment of their lives. They loose their property, yet they persisted .Jesus is a visionary. He died yet Christianity lived . The numerous youth who have lost their lives are matyrs.

Visionaries know that transformation does not happen overnight.He is wise enough to be content with the gradual progress . perfection is not his goal . Seeing an improvement no matter how little gives him fulfilment

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