The Paranoia of Oritsejafor’s CAN

This pastor baffles me

naijainfoman's notes

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

What exactly is wrong with the Christian Association of Nigeria “CAN” today? Their verbal hostility and paranoia keeps escalate every passing day. It is like an army of demons have ceased its leadership.

Everyday that passes, they invent something silly and sinister to accused Muslims of. This time they are accusing Justice Kutigi of religious bias because he appointed a catholic Bishop (Felix Ajakaiye) to co-chair the committee on religion. Their argument is that only a CAN delegates should represent Christians and Kutigi is bias against Christians for appointing a Bishop instead of their anointed trouble marker. If a Bishop is not eligible to speak for Christians, who then can?

In a National Conference where about 70% of delegates are Christians, CAN is still screaming Islamic bias. If CAN could scream blue murder because of membership of a sub-committee, I am sure they would have gone…

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