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Beware of second hand Truth

Every Religion claims it’s teaching is the truth. Often times, teachings contradict. Truth cannot be A and be not A. One is definitely wrong. Truth is same every where. If any truth exist at all,it shout be that common saying which is found in all world  Religion. Every  mathematics textbook agrees that one + one is two.

To be certain that our belief is true, we ought to compare them with other scriptures and search for similarities and differences. The similarities draws us closer to the truth while the differences makes us question it’s authenticity. But we don’t want see the possibility that we might have been wrong. We try not to investigate . We call it faith.

Faith is the enemy of truth seeking. By hoping something is true or going to be true does not make it true.To believe in things that are not true can be dangerous.It is worse than gambling.We want our belief to be true  so badly that we ignore evidence,reason and our common sence. 

If your virgin daughter tells you she is pregnant, we will not believe her. If your teacher tells you be split the sun into three parts,we will call him a liar. We would spread the stories if we found them in an ancient scripture.

We believe In a book that somebody told us that somebody told the person that another person said is true without making attempt to verify its authenticity. This is second hand truth and second hand truth is called hearsay . Lawyers are aware that second hand truth is subjected to mistake so they do not admit it in the court of law . Truth should be based on experience.Eye withness testimony Is admissible in the court of law.

I heard a group tried to test the effectiveness of prayer. They had a group of sick patient prayed for and another group to act as control. The former recovered quicker. This is an example of ones belief tested. You may replicate it if you like. By checking your claim, you become more confident of it’s authenticity.

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How I watched daddy die

My kids just asked me how their father died. This is the third time I have waved the question. I cannot continue avoiding it any longer .

May be I should tell them he slept and never woke up. This would keep their mind at rest . But my mind would not be at peace. That would be a lie. What if they hear the truth from another source They would see me as a liar.

I would not want that. I would tell them the partial truth. He died in a motor accident .But a half truth would equate a lie

I would equate the truth. I would tell them how a little misunderstanding we had made him loose concentration while driving and we got hit by a upcoming vehicle. I came out with minor bruises while their dad lost agreat deal of blood.

The doctor had requested for blood transfusion and I refused . My belief as a Jehovah Witness prohibit us from any form of blood transfusion. I hope they can forgive me for valuing obedience toreligious laws over love for their father. I hope they would understand that I could be excommunicated for disobedience. The church has turned his back on me each time I beckon on the members for financial assistance in raising them. I would let them know how much I regret that decision today . I hope they forgive me despite my inability to forgive myself.

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Of power and Lies

I have heard different versions of the lekki massacre. The first version claimed the soldiers were never at the venue. The second version claimed they were present but did not shoot. The third version claimed they fired blank bullet. Meanwhile, the military does not want her mortuary investigated. Information is still blurred on the number ofcasualty. One DJ claimed over 78 lives were lost only to withdraw the figures the next day.The governor insisted he didn’t invite the soldiers insisting military do not take orders from state Governor. Governor disagrees with that assertion. Are the military and governor trying to cover up a fault? Is the DJ trying to win attention? Is she careless in speech?

The average Nigerian is not sure of what to believe. The people who hold the power- security agencies and leaders are not telling the truth. Truth does not change. It is constant under various circumstance. Lies change.

If our representative were men of integrity, they would be careful in the usage of words, aspiring to be accurate without colouring . The DJ would not state for fact that which he is not sure. There is a difference between error and deceit. A man may be in error yet live bravely by it. He will boldly admit his error when he discovers his mistake.He who is untruthful in his life knows the truth but denies it.

There are rumors that family of the dead were threatened not to come out . A truthful person is courageous enough to stick to what he withnessed. He would not be honest when it pays and forsake honesty when it hurts. Truth is the shortest distance between fact and the expression of it.

Untruth creates conflict. Two lies breeds oppositionand seek to destroy each other.