childhood family nigeria

Parenting your parent

Forced to grow up fast

Saddled with responsibility beyond me

Overdeveloped sence of duty

Working when my peers played with sand

Functioning as an adult at a tender age

My childhood taken away from me

Doing their job

Confusing role reversal

Little opportunity to be playful

Pleased them at all cost

While suppressing my own needs

Grown into a serious minded adult

Attracted to troubled partner

And trying to fix them

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Parents Why

You know you do not like the current condition.

You know this society is not working. you are managing to exist. eating from hand to mouth. struggling to make a living.

you find a partner in similar or worse situation like you and for love or other selfish reason, choose to get married and bring a child into this world.

A child that would be forced to struggle like you.
To use him as cheap labor in your farm ?
As a secondary source of income e.g bride price,child hawking
As bragging right among your peers?
So you can flex your authority and power on him/her

Why? so that when you get old you will guilt trip them into taking care of you with words like
” after ,bringing you into this world
after all I have done for you.

you think because you brought him to this miserable world,he owes you his life.
what did you do for him? you starved him, no tertiary education, no comfortable bed.

AF if it is compulsory for one to own a child.
do we really care for the children? do we really want them to be a part of this cruel world?
Many orphans are praying for caregivers in orphanage homes but we do not give a damn.we want one that come from our body so we have a sence of ownership

you are not happy. your partner is not happy. the society is not happy. yet we bring fotth a child to share in the unhappiness.
are we not. cruel to children?


Absent Dad. What statistics say?

Infant living with just their dad found out that they are 2-6 month ahead of schedule in personal and social skills

Amount of time father spends with child is one of strongest predictor of empathy in adulthood

The more the father is involved,the more easily the child makes open ,receptive and trusting contact with new people in his life.

Children of divorced parent who lived with their mother are 37.5% more likely to need professional treatment for emotional and behavioral problem.

When fathers are not involved, girls show sign of being antisocial,headstrong, hyperactive.Both boys and girls showed sign of over dependency on the mother.

Boys who live with their father after divorce tend to be warmer,have a higher degree of self esteem,more mature and more independent than boys who do not.

The most important factor by far in preventing drug use is a close relationship with dad.

Living in homes without dad is correlated with suicide among children and teenager than any other for both sexes.

Girls raised in father absent times tend to go to extreme in their relationship with male.

Primary school children without father are less likely to be popular with peers and more hostile to adult.

Daughters who lived with their mother are 92% more likely to divorce than daughter or 2- parent family