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Proof that atheist are not violent

Convincing atheist to protest against the abduction of Mubarak Bala was difficult .Nigerian atheist were busy arguing why the protest should hold and why it should not. At the end, nothing was done, the energy has been exhausted in debating .

When a Catholic priest was abducted, It took the Catholic Bishop to announce a peaceful protest and many complied. The members do not need to think about the decision. In the same manner, It is easier for a religious leaders stand on the pulpit and instigate violence. The people will easily comply.

The Federal Government decision to detain Shite leaderĀ  led to a series of violent protest from it’s members. The members did not think about their life . Religion teaches submission to authority without thinking.

Atheism encourage self critical thinking and conviction before acting.Atheist are able to jungly various perspective and note their similarities. They rate high in moral reasoning and reject blind obedience to authority

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We want the police we can trust

One of my bright students told me he wanted to become a policeman when he grows up. I talked him out of it. later that day, I reflected on my decision. I had transferred my personal bias towards the police men to my pupils . I swore never to repeat that again. I am not alone. Policemen are the most untrusted group in the country.

A large gap exist between law enforcement agencies and the people. Their lifestyle differ from ours.only a fellow officer understand what their colleague passes through. most of their friends are fellow officers. A strong bond exist among themselves while a weak bond exist towards non police officers. They trust themselves so highly that they will never turn their colleague for an offense against non officers

It is like they are trained never to trust anyone beside themselves.

Young man on dreadlock is a cultist

Young Man on tatoo is a hard drug peddler

Young Man with expensive phone and laptop is an Internet fraudster

Youth who drives a flashy car is a ritualist

Their manner of profiling criminals makes an average young man a suspect. Whoever is suspected is harrased. The lack of respect for human right has led to the loss of trust from the youth. The experience or withness of violence whenever any youth encounters the men with red cap causes a long term distrust.

The youth do not want a change of name but a change in attitude. The confidence the youth have in the uniform men to has gone so low that it would take a consistent extra ordinary effort from them to win it back. The youth want the police to publicize the policies and procedures the police use. The youth want to know when an officer is free to use force. We want to know how to act so they do not have to legally apply force on us . We want a police force that is constantly trained in ethics and integrity. Detering officers should be punnished for violating this rules. punnished officers should have their names published .The youth want a police force that sees themselves as equal to others. We want a police force that talk to us calmly and politely. Shouts and insult raises anger . During monthly environmental sanitation excercise, police should not only punnish offenders. Rather men on uniform should join and pack the dirt . They should engage in other non enforcement activities with the community. This creates a sence of togetherness and not one of superiority. Gradually,the people would see the officer of the law as partners and not devil to be feared. This will ensure maximum coorpeation.

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Who is the Godfather of the Igbos

The last gubertonoral election in Edo state was seen as a fight against fatherism in Nigeria.The country seems to have a group of godfather’s who controls the activities in the country.. Late minister of information and National Orientation Prof Dora Acquinly refered to them as the Northern Cabals. The group decides who wins election and who wins is made a president. Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan disagreement with Cabal contributed to his removal from office

Each region has its own Godfather. Ex governor of lagos state Bola Tinibu is said to be Godfather in of lagos and Osun state.The people obey him . When he sneezes,the people catches cold. Whomever he annoites win the election. He controls the state assembly, state tax system, transport system and Agberos . Whoever disagrees with Tinibu disagrees is an enemy of the state.

Chief Saraki was a strong political heavy weight in Kwara state. His son Dr Bukola Saraki benefited from his dad dynasty. His daughter was a senator. His fall out with the APC government marked the begining of the downfall of the Saraki Dynasty. The people were tired of one family dictatorship. They wanted a new face.

Among the Igbos, It is difficult single out one Godfather. In 2003, the west thought chief Odimegwu Ojukwu would be the sole presidential candidate from the south east.They were wrong. The then Abia state Governor refused to withdraw his presidential aspiration for the great warlord.The Igbos were not surprised.

Former Governor Rochas Okorocha attempted to install his son in law- Mr Uche Nwosu as next governor fell flat.Uche Nwosu failed to win the party governorship ticket. The mass did not want that either.

What makes God fatherism easier in other region and difficult in Igbo land. ? Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu when asked in August 1991 if he was the igbo leader. He responded

The Igbos cannot be led.Every Igbo man leads himself,I am the spokesman of the Igbos.

The igbo man choose someone to speak on their behalf.His words reflect that of the people. The people tell him what to say.He does not tell the people what to do. The moment he begins to say words contrarily to that of the people, his position as a speaker is threatened. Rochas Okorocha knew little about this for he grew up in the North. His defection to APC and his romance with the North without first seeking the opinion of the people was his first undoing.. Imposing his in- law on his people was the second undoing.

A typical Igbo man is not one to be told what to do. Everything Igbo man thinks for himself and takes decision based on his own thoughts.The task of thinking for himself should never be transfered to another. No one tells an Igbo man whom to vote. A Yoruba man may vote a candidate because his father or political Godfather ask him to. The region values respect for elders highly.. A northerner may vote a candidate because his king or religious leaders told him to. The region values intra- group cooperation and obedience to authority. An Igbo chief openly disagrees with the king during cabinet meeting. Sons disagree with their father during kinsmen gathering. Igbo value the self. To convince an Igbo man to vote a candidate, you need to convince him of the benefit of such act to him. It should make him better than his present state for an Igbo man loves to develop. Only then can his mind be convinced to vote the candidate.

This mindset is not without it’s short comming. Since Igbos are self- centered, they are most likely to go to any continent of the world and make it. The self centeredness promotes self- desire over communal want. Igbos tend to be more competitive rather than cooperative. It is not unheard of to hear three brothers fight till death over a piece of land. It is difficult to convince an Igbo man to step down for another the way key northerners stepped down for Buhari.The UBA brothers in anambra state are key examples of brothers belonging to different political party. One group of Igbos want restructuring. The other group wants Igbo presidency and the third group prefers an independent nation. Of the last group, a fraction support legal ,peaceful ,way of MASSOB, another prefers the use of abusivee way of IPOB. There are other Biafra movement groups .

Consensus Candidate is very difficult to.achieve. Igbos find i easier to unite to vote out an opposition than to agree on a consensus candidate. majority decide to vote a candidate, minority will go for another. It was easier for all the northern heavy weight to drop their presidential aspiration and support President Buhari against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I doubt the Igbos are capable of doing the same. Not less than five candidate would emerge come 2023. This would divide the vote that goes to the region.. Since politics is a game of number, other region may capitalize on this. They will unite and support one from their region.zoning is not consti


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So a priest should not watch a reality show

It was a shock to many Nigerians that a priest would mention the names of Big brother Naija house mates while preaching the sermon. Someone said “he should be preaching against it rather than talk about it. “

That means he used to watch it

Religion leaders are perceived as the Hallmark of Holiness and sex related crimes are regarded as the highest form of sin in Nigeria. For a person that is highly regarded as an icon of morals to be associated with immorality is a scandal. Let’s examine the underlying assumption

Big brother Nigeria is a reality show and not a porn show . BBnaija as it is fondly called is a live reality TV show like Ultimate search, where young men and women share a flat and are asked to work together. Psychologist have suggested that when persons come together to perform activities together, a bond is likely to develop. This bond can lead to love or lust and consequently sexual activities. This sexual activities make up a little percentage of the entire activities in the house. But because the average Nigerian is obsessed with sex, we often exaggerate a minute sexual act .To classify BBNAIJA as porn show because of a minute sexual act is like throwing away the baby with the bath water . There is no Hollywood script today without an erotic scene. The popular James bond movie showed traces of nudity .

We can learn life lessons from BB Naija . The current life triangle between Erica, Laycon and Kiddway can provide a vital lesson to young men and women experiencing relationship issues. At times we are torn between Two choices, going for a nice person whom loves us very much or one whom we love but does not really care about us. Watching how Erica decision ended can guide us in taking our own decision.

ARE THERE CERTAIN ISSUES A CLERGY SHOULD ABSTAIN FROM? Gone are the days when clergy are excepted from participating in worldly activities. Today, religious leaders are fully involved in every area of life. Our current vice President is a senior pastor in one of the Pentecostal churches actively involved in politics. Reverend Father Mbaka has been a constant predictor of political events. Prophet T.B Joshua is known for his prophecies on soccer. Pastors are not different from us. They had their interest as human. While we chose to specialise in health, engineering, buissness, banking,etc,a pastor chose to focus on religion. An engineer can be a Barcelona fan.A pastor can too. Putting on a white cassock does not mean they should kill off all their interest. Asking them to hide off their personal interest from the public creates a hypocrite out of them all. One who loves reality shows before ordination would still love it after ordination.

Pastors can watch BBNAIJA what makes a sin depends more on the motive than the act itself. In law, the motives must be prooved before one can be convicted of a crime. The question Why should a pastor watch the program? Great parents understand the importance of using activities that the children find interesting in other to create a bond and teach the child. Some fathers create time on Saturday evening to play soccer with their child to motivate their child to teach perfection with practice. Some mothers watch cartoon Network with their children and use the characters to teach morals. What is wrong in a religious father using the interest of the parishioners to explain certain biblical concept to the parishioners. I see a priest telling men to be silent whenever the woman gets upset and insultive. He used Laycon to illustrate the advice . This advice can save lots of relationship. Many of us run to our religious leaders for relationship advice .

The Bible prohibit us from casting judgement . Classify one as immoral does not make such person immoral but shows our need to look morally superior to that person..

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life of a nigerian engineering student 1

congratulations,you have just being admitted to study engineering in a nigerian university. You are happy ,you will be spending the next 5years after which you will be called an have finally finished registration and your journey as an engineering student is set to begin.

Its 7;30,you have finish taking your join the art students in wearing a suit and knoting a tie. And heading for look around and discover you are the only engineering student dressing in co-operate.shortely after,the lab attendant gives you a lab overall foor protection. You are asked to remove your pointed shoe and put on a mighty boot.
You look around, you are in a small room without fan and aircondition along with with over 70 students. You are really sweating.