authentic nigeria religion

Evolution of belief

Man came into this world surrounded with mysteries. He searched for someone to answer his questions. He found no physical person competent enough to satisfy his Inquisition, he looked at nature . the idea of God( s) was attributed as the only all knowledgeable one. Who is this god?

first, he thought they were various god for different purpose. ” may be God is a rock” so they began to worship rock. others taught he was trees and they began worshipping trees.Others calved Idols

Then one man thought. A god should be powerful, stronger than man and not these Idols man can break with the hands and matchet.Then he looked up and realised human could never touch the sky.
” That must be God”/ he thought.
He told others his new idea.some rebuked him,others mocked him but few accepted his idea. As decades passed, the few who believed multiplied. The new concept of God became popular.
Higher Evolved man began to place human government quality on this god.The early men obeyed law and order and began to see god as a big white beard man with a cane waiting to punish whoever disobeyed his law. God became a moral policeman, judge or king whose anger is second to none.

This was the common religion until one man named Jesus whose reasoning was higher than that of the people camebup with a better idea. He saw loopholes in the existing belief.To him, God is like a father and not a policeman.His idea was a religion of love and not one of fear.After centuries of rejection, and persecution ,the average man finally accepted his teaching.Others out of loyalty to their for fathers chose to stick to existing teaching.

The concept of a loving God who would burn his children in hell for disobedience seems not to go well with many morally sensitive persons.This has led to a group called DEIST who believe God is like a soccer coach who does not intervene with the natural laws of the game of life.
As man keeps evolving, new ideas are formed.
Many new religion of today see god as a form of energy who does not exist outside the world but is part of creation.God is in you and me.
It seems new religion are more tolerant of non conformist.
This begs the question, which religion is the most authentic?
None, Ensure you are well informed about as many as you can and then choose the one that alligns with your own level of evolution.
Be open to discussing your religion with others.It is absolutely normal to change your mind.change is a sign of growtn. It is normal to discard a previous belief that has lost its usefulness for a new one.
One may choose to be irreligious, a passive observer who derives words of wisdom from all sacred text to construct his own belief system. THE CHOICE IS YOURS


God sent pastors and self-sent pastor

Every week , many  new churches apply  to the Cooperate Affair Commission (CAC) requesting to be registered. Many letters are rejected for repitition of names. A report by       reveals that the number of churches are over.       . Every founder claims the holy spirit  sent him to create a new church.  Surely, God cannot be the author of confusion. Some of these founders are personally motivated. How then can we differentiate the genuine God sent founders from  the self- sent ones . Three major ways of identifying self sent founders are

Fame : self sent founders love to be the center of attention. They would do anything to be popular .He hardly allows assistant pastor to preach cutting him off from members so he does not take outshine him. The little time he preaches,he must mention pastors name so many times so pastor does not feel jealous. Such pastor will empty the church finance to pay television station to show their service. They can pay actors to stage miracles to increase their popularity. They speak eloquently. . After Jesus healed a man, he said ” tell no one,”. His desire to eradicate the suffering of the man was Paramount not Fame Our glory searching pastors would announce a miracle before performing one. He would find it difficult to minister before a small group of listeners. Qualiity of members mattered more than quality.They can ordain any person a pastor as long as he can bring more members. Jesus would leave ninety nine in search of one lost sheep. Fame founders would leave one in search of ninety nine. He spends more time building his influence.Their mission is to build and their branches through each street . There is nothing wrong for one to desire to be famous but there is something wrong if one pursues Fame and recognition at the detriment of God’s word

Power: Some pastors leave their previous church over disagreement on certain issues. They wanted things to go a certain way. The senior pastor rejected and they angrily left to form their own church where they would be the one taking decision. These want to be in charge of every decision making process. They appoint the choir leader, welfare head,drama coordinator etc. They will tell the leader the song to sing . Whoever disagrees with him is removed and replaced with a O-Yes members who agrees to all he says .. Questioning them is the same as challenging their a ithority .

They hardly take correction.Criticise their action and they curse you and your generation. Insult them and get beaten .They are easily identified by their tendency to shout while preaching despite the numerous microphone and loudspeaker. They love to issue command..They are annoited and you are not and that makes them superior to you.They can be proud ,pumpous and boastful.. Their favorite Bible verses are Touch not my annoited and do my prophet no harm and The kingdom of God suffereth violence…….taketh it by force. The first verse prevents you from criticizing him while the later gives him licence to be violent.

G byreed : These pastors have withnessed the influx of money from local various parishes to headquarters and desire to own the money. They left the previous church over money issue. Deny him access to church fund and watch him abscond to build his own.They see church as fastest means of generating fund. Their sermon focuses more on giving even when topic has nothing to do with money. Meet him for marital counseling and he mention tithing as condition for blissful marriage. They are the prosperity preachers. They need you to prosper so you can donate more to the church. The church has an open door policy. There are less laws on dresscode and less emphasis on morals . Pastor hardly preaches hell. He knows that such would make members sad and scare them away . Rather, positive messages are preached. There are lots of singing and dancing to make members happy.They invite comedians, non – gospel artist to perform on the alter. Happy people are more likely to donate more. Do not be surprised to see POS machine and ATM machine inside the church. You have no excuse not to give. Everything is permissible provided their finance is not meddled with. They install camera at the room where money is counted to ensure no one takes from the money. He does not trust his own officials in money matters.They are the ones kicking against the CAMA law. Using the generatee fund for the things of the church is acceptable. These pastors use money to make more money. You will be surprised to here they own estates, lands, and other non gospel related buisnesses. I heard of a pastor who co- owns a construction company and lobby’s for government contract .

These kind of pastors are externally motivated. They use the church as a means to get what they want. The quest for Fame ,power and wealth supercededs all. They can misinterpreted the scripture and bend rules to achieve such craving. How do we identify the general overseer that was sent by God?

The first way to do this is by listening to his words. God calls for a reason . He calls to deliver a message. He sentMoses to tell pharoah to “let my people go “. The miracles he performed were secondary. He sent to teach the laws which did not exist at that time.Jesus was sent to preach the message of salvation to the people. He taught love and forgiveness different from vengeance which the pharasees were known for.To identify a God sent, compare his message with that of his predecessor . The greater the difference, the more you can be sure he is sent by God.God sent founders have a unique message or doctrine that stands them apart from the rest. If there is no difference,that is a red flag.

We can guage the zeal to spread the message. God-sent pastors move from one place to another. They are on the look out for people who are yet to receive the message. They teach the people for some time and leave to teach another group. They are like doctors searching for patients.They do not wait for members to seek them . They understand that whoever consciously seek the church is half saved. They go for those that are not in church .They are missionaries. Missionaries do not stay in a place forever. Does your general overseer still engage in street evangelism? Does he assign the task to members? Is he too big and busy for that? How often does your general overseer go to the northern part of the country. Are they scared of getting killed. Would he rather build a fifty thousand capacity auditorium in the south where Christianity is the dominant religion.

God-sent pastors are willing to thrive despite opposition. They do not succomb to the risk. They are willing to die in other to spread the message. Moses was a wanted man after killing the Egyptian, yet he courageously walked up to him to deliver the message. Jesus knew he would be killed. He persistently spread the good news. The early left their comfortable homes to a poor continent -Africa to spread the message. These missionaries died of mosquitoes. More missionaries trooped in. The urge to spread the message is stronger than their love for their own life. Can your General Overseer live in the North with for five years in other to strengthen the faith of Christians there? Can he die for the message?

There is absolutely nothing wrong for one to decide to build his own church. It is a free world. What is wrong is telling members that you are God sent. That is deceit. Lying in the name of God should be discouraged