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Proof that atheist are not violent

Convincing atheist to protest against the abduction of Mubarak Bala was difficult .Nigerian atheist were busy arguing why the protest should hold and why it should not. At the end, nothing was done, the energy has been exhausted in debating .

When a Catholic priest was abducted, It took the Catholic Bishop to announce a peaceful protest and many complied. The members do not need to think about the decision. In the same manner, It is easier for a religious leaders stand on the pulpit and instigate violence. The people will easily comply.

The Federal Government decision to detain Shite leaderĀ  led to a series of violent protest from it’s members. The members did not think about their life . Religion teaches submission to authority without thinking.

Atheism encourage self critical thinking and conviction before acting.Atheist are able to jungly various perspective and note their similarities. They rate high in moral reasoning and reject blind obedience to authority