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Thou Shall Not Be Educated Oh North

Each time I look at every record released by any national agency, I notice a huge discrepancy between the core north and the south. Southern states top the literacy chart, number of successful WAEC candidate, number of jamb candidate, number of yearly graduates, etc. An outsider would believe the north are marginalized by other regions. This is not true. Our educational standard has been reduced to encourage the northerners to consider going to school. A pupil from that region needs to score fifty marks to get admitted into unity school whereas his counterpart in the south needs to struggle for a hundred and fifty marks. They are simply marked as educational disadvantaged state. I wonder how long they would continue to get pampered. Goodluck Jonathan initiated a free education system yet the same people massively voted him out. If he had done the same to the south, he would have been immortalized.

I do not believe that God created them with a deformed brain incapable of assimilating the Western concept. The likes of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Nasir El Rufai is a proof that great brains can come out from the region. It seems there is a conspiracy not to educate the masses. The way the almajiri free education system died quickly is an evidence that the elites do not want her people educated.

Education is dangerous to the political structure. An educated person can see beyond the deception of the elite.

Western education is dangerous to the religious practice. Western education encourage curiosity and doubt. The elite prefers to control the thought of its citizen. They want them to read only books they approve of. Books that makes it easier for the citizen to comply to their directive. It is a sin to read non approved books. They may open your eyes to the Ill of the controller. To prevent this, they give you only Religion education.

When Emir (Dr) Sanusi admonished his people against giving birth to numerous children beyond their ability to feed, there was an uproar. His ideas were against the status quo. He was exposing his fellow elite. Today, Emir Sanusi is no longer a traditional ruler. ,The Elite will g at iany length to shut the truth. The current Governor of Kano state,the man who dethroned Emir Dr Sanusi was quoted to have admitted that bokoharam recruit Almajiri boys into it’s fold.

Educated persons understand that an increase in population would result to a struggle for limited resources. . In the western world, more children means more tax. Barack Obama had only two children. Good luck Jonathan had less than four children. A northern senator boasted of thirteen children.

The Elites encourage them to continue to give birth to more children. God will take care of them. Those who are so poor that they could not afford to finance a wedding need not worry, the government used a public fund to sponsor their mass wedding. The leaders are not interested in educated people or a well-trained offspring. The leaders want more population to win votes. Poor people are interested in their stomach. They would do anything you ask them to do. They are easily recruited as hoodlums to snatch ballot boxes and commit other hoodlum. He may be told to drive into a park and press a button. He may be told that is what God wants him to do. He doesn’t know it is a bomb. A hungry, uneducated man is easier to deceive. In other words, they are advocate of pro birth, pro death and pro suffering.

Religion is an easy tool to achieve their aim. Religion teaches supremacy of belief. Our Religion is superior to theirs. When we identify with a religion, we have positive feeling towards in group members and negative emotion towards out-group members. It reinforces Us vs them. Whoever does not belong to us is against us. With Religion, it becomes easier to discourage western education. It becomes easier to fight against western education. This brings prejudice and violence. It is easier to convince poor Religious persons to die in the name of the almighty. A rich man will not leave his wealth behind. An educated man will doubt such teachings.

The society want its people to remain stupid it’s whole life because uneducated people are obedient. They do not have the cognition to understand how the elite use them like a pawn for selfish purpose. The elite wants living robots.

Education presents a different concept and hands the reader the liberty to choose as he deems fit. Western education breeds tolerance. One must not stick to gender norms. Women are free to aspire to be whomever they want. Education provides power to think for one self. It is the route to cognitive freedom, political freedom and religious freedom.

Other regions are tired of this region. The Igbos have not hidden their desire to break away from this region. The Niger -deltans cannot understand why this region controls derivative from the oil well. The middle belt laments they are being marginalized. This region cannot continue to be lagging behind while clamoring for power. Should each region get her autonomy, the core north would be the worst hit.

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The Rise of Religious Rebels in the North

The society teaches us certain norm, rule and tradition to maintain order and expects us to obey then. Society tells us how we should eat, dress,think and behave in general. Those who obey are praised and rewarded for good behavior.Those who do not are called rebels. Are rebels really terrible people?   Are rebels black sheep?

Rebels are individual who refuse to do what others are doing . They are non robot.His life is dictated by his own reasoning. He does not like been told what to do. They question the status quo and deviate from it when necessary. Rebels crave independence. They create their path.Rebels try to be themselves and find freedom in an overly oppressive rule structure.

Some rebels are not interested in the society aggreing with their they have no intention of changing the society.He simply renounces the wrong act in himself and leave society to change when she feels like. Such rebels believe in the saying :  LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO AND LET ME LEAVE MY LIFE MY OWN WAY.

Such rebel change the life for himself and is ready to face whatever trouble it may bring on his way .When the female journalist drove a car fully aware of the law against driving for women, she was an individual rebel. She was arrested and sentenced to prison. Today, women are allowed to drive vehicles in Saudi Arabia . When Mubarak Bala refused to believe in Islam, he was taken to the psychiatric hospital, a place where deviant are kept .

Another group of rebels are interested in making sure the society moves in their direction. They spread their ideal to people, convert them ,  raise a group , engage in mass protest, strike,to change the status quo..These rebels encounter strong opposition from the society. These rebels are willing to face torture,and death to push their ideology. Many a time,they end up dead before their ideal is realised.They would rather die than withdraw their teaching. They live with the  saying : WE WILL ALL DIE ONE DAY. I CHOOSE TO DIE WHILE SPREADING THIS IDEAL.

Jesus is an example of such rebel.He recruited disciples, taught them new teachings, instructed them to spread the teaching, challenged the money makers in the temple . He was subsequently arrested and crucified. Today, Christianity is world largest religion.

Reverend Father Martin Luther is another Catholic rebel who was expelled from the Catholic Church for non conformity. His rebellion led to the protestantism.

The northern part of Nigeria is trying so hard to curtail its rebel. First, Mubarak Bala has been arrested for propagating anti – Islamic teaching and insulting Prophet Mohammed on social media.   A musician has been sentenced to death for mocking the prophet in his song.   While courtesy demand we respect other people belief, This has raised lots of question. Is Nigeria a secular or Islamic country,?  Does blasphemy law has a place in this civilised period?

These rebels were aware of the  likely consequences of their actions. Their moral courage to choose to undergo these  ordeal plants a seed in the mind of others. The death of one rebel leads to the growth of more rebel. The death of Stephen led to the birth of Paul. History shows that the death of a rebel does not really shut down their idea. I forsee a lot of nonconformist springing up from the northern part of the country.