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Death Quotes

No one enjoys life more

Than one who is willing and ready to die

It is only in the face of death

That One is truely born

Learning to Live well

Is to learn to die well

Dying badly is for those who lived badly

Death is not simply the last moment of life

In birth, our journey towards death begin

Why do you fear the last day

It contributes no more to your death than each of the others

Although the physicality of death destroys man

The idea of death Saves him

Everybody dies but not everybody lives

To live does not mean you are alive


Born to kill

The image of a foetus

stabbing a helpless woman

keep playing on my head.

It was all my fault.

If not for me

She would be alive today

A choice had to be made

My life or hers

I lived she did not.

I took her life.

She gave me mine

If superstition were true

The circumstances surrounding ones birth

Gives a clue of his mission.

I took a life the day I was born

She died during child birth

Each time my birthday draws near

My soul is filled with guilt

Reminds me of my life purpose

I am born to kill