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Evolution of belief

Man came into this world surrounded with mysteries. He searched for someone to answer his questions. He found no physical person competent enough to satisfy his Inquisition, he looked at nature . the idea of God( s) was attributed as the only all knowledgeable one. Who is this god?

first, he thought they were various god for different purpose. ” may be God is a rock” so they began to worship rock. others taught he was trees and they began worshipping trees.Others calved Idols

Then one man thought. A god should be powerful, stronger than man and not these Idols man can break with the hands and matchet.Then he looked up and realised human could never touch the sky.
” That must be God”/ he thought.
He told others his new idea.some rebuked him,others mocked him but few accepted his idea. As decades passed, the few who believed multiplied. The new concept of God became popular.
Higher Evolved man began to place human government quality on this god.The early men obeyed law and order and began to see god as a big white beard man with a cane waiting to punish whoever disobeyed his law. God became a moral policeman, judge or king whose anger is second to none.

This was the common religion until one man named Jesus whose reasoning was higher than that of the people camebup with a better idea. He saw loopholes in the existing belief.To him, God is like a father and not a policeman.His idea was a religion of love and not one of fear.After centuries of rejection, and persecution ,the average man finally accepted his teaching.Others out of loyalty to their for fathers chose to stick to existing teaching.

The concept of a loving God who would burn his children in hell for disobedience seems not to go well with many morally sensitive persons.This has led to a group called DEIST who believe God is like a soccer coach who does not intervene with the natural laws of the game of life.
As man keeps evolving, new ideas are formed.
Many new religion of today see god as a form of energy who does not exist outside the world but is part of creation.God is in you and me.
It seems new religion are more tolerant of non conformist.
This begs the question, which religion is the most authentic?
None, Ensure you are well informed about as many as you can and then choose the one that alligns with your own level of evolution.
Be open to discussing your religion with others.It is absolutely normal to change your mind.change is a sign of growtn. It is normal to discard a previous belief that has lost its usefulness for a new one.
One may choose to be irreligious, a passive observer who derives words of wisdom from all sacred text to construct his own belief system. THE CHOICE IS YOURS

nigeria religion

The Rise of Religious Rebels in the North

The society teaches us certain norm, rule and tradition to maintain order and expects us to obey then. Society tells us how we should eat, dress,think and behave in general. Those who obey are praised and rewarded for good behavior.Those who do not are called rebels. Are rebels really terrible people?   Are rebels black sheep?

Rebels are individual who refuse to do what others are doing . They are non robot.His life is dictated by his own reasoning. He does not like been told what to do. They question the status quo and deviate from it when necessary. Rebels crave independence. They create their path.Rebels try to be themselves and find freedom in an overly oppressive rule structure.

Some rebels are not interested in the society aggreing with their they have no intention of changing the society.He simply renounces the wrong act in himself and leave society to change when she feels like. Such rebels believe in the saying :  LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO AND LET ME LEAVE MY LIFE MY OWN WAY.

Such rebel change the life for himself and is ready to face whatever trouble it may bring on his way .When the female journalist drove a car fully aware of the law against driving for women, she was an individual rebel. She was arrested and sentenced to prison. Today, women are allowed to drive vehicles in Saudi Arabia . When Mubarak Bala refused to believe in Islam, he was taken to the psychiatric hospital, a place where deviant are kept .

Another group of rebels are interested in making sure the society moves in their direction. They spread their ideal to people, convert them ,  raise a group , engage in mass protest, strike,to change the status quo..These rebels encounter strong opposition from the society. These rebels are willing to face torture,and death to push their ideology. Many a time,they end up dead before their ideal is realised.They would rather die than withdraw their teaching. They live with the  saying : WE WILL ALL DIE ONE DAY. I CHOOSE TO DIE WHILE SPREADING THIS IDEAL.

Jesus is an example of such rebel.He recruited disciples, taught them new teachings, instructed them to spread the teaching, challenged the money makers in the temple . He was subsequently arrested and crucified. Today, Christianity is world largest religion.

Reverend Father Martin Luther is another Catholic rebel who was expelled from the Catholic Church for non conformity. His rebellion led to the protestantism.

The northern part of Nigeria is trying so hard to curtail its rebel. First, Mubarak Bala has been arrested for propagating anti – Islamic teaching and insulting Prophet Mohammed on social media.   A musician has been sentenced to death for mocking the prophet in his song.   While courtesy demand we respect other people belief, This has raised lots of question. Is Nigeria a secular or Islamic country,?  Does blasphemy law has a place in this civilised period?

These rebels were aware of theĀ  likely consequences of their actions. Their moral courage to choose to undergo theseĀ  ordeal plants a seed in the mind of others. The death of one rebel leads to the growth of more rebel. The death of Stephen led to the birth of Paul. History shows that the death of a rebel does not really shut down their idea. I forsee a lot of nonconformist springing up from the northern part of the country.