Tertiary education ; not for all

Year in year out, millionons write the joint administration and matriculation board exam hoping to be admitted to tertiary academic institution. These millions cut across every size, age, tribe and status. They all have several backforce to aspire tertiarry education.

This prompts one to ask. Is tertiary education for all?off course everyone would instantly yell “yes”.before we answer that, we should note that tertiary education difers from literacy. Everyone should learn how to read and write but not everyone should attend a tertiary institution.

Two basic factors should be considered before one undergoes tertiary is interest. Are you the type who hates reding? Do you dislike assignments ?can u spend one month without scaning newspapers,magazine etc?if your answer is yes, then you have no buisness with tertiary education. Such person will end up involving in all crook examination malpractice to pass.
He shoild go pursue your interest like wizkid and 2face.

The second major factor is capability. Were you alwayss bottom in class?can you speak and write fluently,did you rewrite Waec three times before getting 5 credirts? If your answer is yes, then you have a big problem educationally.however,with extra hardwork and interest,you can make it.

There are other factors which disqualifies one from enroling into tertiary education.not everyone is talented in reading and writing.some are gifted to work with their hands. They should focus on trade or vocation.
what is the point of wasting four years + aasu years + NYSC chasing a course one is very poor at.with the high rate of school fees,one should chanell money instead in an investment.

Examine yourself.choose wisely. Pursue university education and graduate halfbaked almost sure of failure or follow alternate route almost sure of success

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Rawlings Warns Nigeria On Boko Haram

J.J. Rawlings

Library photo-President Rawlings and Nigerian Former President Goodluck JonathanGhana’s former President has in an interview with the Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria warned Nigeria that military alone cannot stop the insurgency being perpetrated by Boko Haram.

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10 Tips To Manage HIgh BP Without Drugs

Ogwu Sunday Michael

By The Times of India

Hypertension on the high? Here are top 10 tips to get it down and keep it down.

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Seven in 10 adults are at a greater risk of stroke or heart attack because their blood pressure is too high. Desk jobs, lack of exercise and eating salty fast foods have contributed to the problem, even among the young. If your level is consistently at or above 140mmHg/ 90mmHg (referred to as 140 over 90). The 140 figure is the systolic pressure — the pressure reached when the heart forces the blood around the body — and 90 is the diastolic pressure — the lowest pressure that occurs between heartbeats when the heart relaxes.

In India, experts say, the prevalence of hypertension ranges from 20-40 per cent in urban adults and 12-17 per cent among rural adults. But there’s no reason to worry. Simple…

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Love the police

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

Nigerian police force They should protect us, but how do we treat them?

Obviously, a LOT of things are wrong in our nation BUT we must REJECT the temptation to look away from our meaning, our honour and our dignity simply because we want to underscore our struggles. While some claim to hate the nation, they still will not allow you steal their personal belongings to justify our economic struggles. This is a pointer to a consciousness within us that SEARCHES FOR MEANING AND FULFILLMENT even right IN THE MIDST OF PAIN AND STRUGGLE.

This is IMPORTANT- society MUST find its rhythm and balance in the INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION of every stakeholder in the system. INDIVIDUAL RELEVANCE IS THE STRENGTH OF COLLECTIVE PEACE. And this brings us to an issue of collective concern – THE POLICE FORCE. Yes! The police force.

If Nigerians have built their ability to worry, complain and criticize the system…

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banana Monkeys: Dani Alves’ Reaction

Of Men and Monkeys: Dani Alves’ Reaction.

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Kenyan President Signs Polygamy Law

Kenya legalises polygamy law


48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

48-of-102-nigerian-prisoners-pass-gce-examination-while-in-prison/’>48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

Emmanuel Bamidele, the Deputy Controller of Prisons, reported that the prisoners were successful in taking the GCE exam in November/December 2013.
He made this disclosure when he recieved the Ikeja Branch of Nigerian Bar Association, the NBA, on Monday.

The NBA members came to the prison to present the gifts they prepared for inmates as one of the activities planned in their Law Week 2014 programme
Bamidele told to the NBA members that:“when they finally regain their freedom, they can seek admission into any university of their choice, since they are awaiting trial.”

He said the prison ‘Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reintegration’ programme , is aimed at providing all the prisoners with the chance to get good education, and to be useful to themselves and society as soon as they leave the prison.

the deputy controller said: ‘there were 1761 people in prison, with only 186 were convicted and the rest have been waiting for the trial for 5-13 years.”
Monday Ubani, the Chairman of NBA Ikeja, assure the inmates that those waiting for trial would be free soon informing that Justice Ayotunde Phillips, the Chief Judge of Lagos State would visit the prison in May to grant parole.
“NBA is in contact with the chief judge and the Ministry of Justice, and we know that names of those to be released are being compiled,”he said.

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Diaby Returns: Is There Still Hope for him at Arsenal?

Diaby Returns: Is There Still Hope for him at Arsenal?.





 Well Monday is here again…. and it means the resumption of hustle and bustle, it is always so funny when I hear people complain about Mondays like it is a cursed day, to me the anticipation of Monday  means a new week of unlimited potentials. This may sound like a cliché, but each and every day is a gift.

Well everything has to do with positive thinking, Positive thinking has been shown to work wonders for motivation and personal attitude. Instead of rolling out of bed dreading the week ahead of you, find something to look forward to instead. By focusing on the positive rather than the negative, it is easier to find motivation quickly, and sustain it throughout the course of your day/week. Yeah, the work on a Monday morning may be hectic, or you get pissed by colleagues at work you still have to remain positive. You…

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some courses are not worth studying?

Each year,new courses are introduced to nigerian universities.most times,these courses are derived from pre existing courses and are narrow minded.

Are all courses course not. All Bsc and bed are equal but some are more recognised.yes,ask a newly inducted medical doctor sundergoing NYSC PROGRAME and he will explain the prefrential treatment he got.

After our junior waec, students are adviced to apply for courses that they are passionate about. Is passion enough? No. Passion only brings job happiness, it doesnt always command bigger wages.

Courses which are harder to read command high salary.a newly employed engineer at shell earns more than an administrator in same place.professional courses such as law can earn money outside their workplace.
Barrack obama once said “some people make more money learning from trade than studying to get an art-history degree.

Versatile courses like economics also command recognition due to its vertality than fishery.while the former can work anywhere,the later is limited.

Before reading a course,ask yourself, is it a wise investment,?with the high cost of tertiary institution, is it financially advisable to spend 4years in a private university studing yoruba education or political science or public administeration?


no money ,no marriage

Mariage issues marriage issues.just heard of three colleagues whose marriage is currently hanging on the fence. Their marriage is less than three years old.the problem all arise from one root-money.

Yes, money. Either one patner is broke or two are broke. Next to unfaithfulness, money is second reason mariage break up.
One message for guys and ladies,NO MONEY-NO MARRIAGE.
if you cant take care of your self,you have no reason getting married.if you havent own or maintained a car,dont bother getting married.yes,it doesnt matter if your lover is funny,humble,smart etc,iif he or you are poor, date him,dont marry him. SHe should be able to maintain should maintain yourself too.

Love is not the only factor to be considered in marriage, consider your kids you want the poverty strucken guy to be the father of your child?do you want your kids to undergo a worse suffering that you both did? Remember, kids is the best way to drain your finance.having kids makes a poor guy poorer.

It doesnt matter if you are 40 or not, it doesnt matter if your mates are already grand fathers,dont make that and your patner must be self reliant.

Most of us end up settling for a “less costly” patner. This is good but guys who do this are likely to cheat on you when life improves.

Marriage isnt meant for the poor


ways we unknowingly disrespect our patner

Respect does not really mean greeting ur patner every morning.
Most times we show disrespect for our patner unknowingly.there are many ways our action sends a signal that we dont respect our patner.

.Telling your patner he is not good is enough disrespect. Dont tell her she is a terrible cook.dont tell him he is a bad father and husband.instead,suggest ways of improvement. ” may be you should add more salt nexttime” is better than “the food is tasteless.the former shows you appreciate her effort,the latter shows you dont.

Is your patner an illiterate,who can neither speak english or write. Dont make him feel bad about it.dont speak vocabulary when speaking with him.bring him to your level .speak pidgin or his native language.

Bossing your patner reduces the relationship from husband-wife to a master-servant relationship.dont expect your patner to worship doesnt matter if you are the breadwinner,dont show him/her you are superior .

Show that you care.Give attention.non challant attitude towards his/her affairs. Dont be to busy that you forget about him/her.

Never make negative remark about her publicly. No matter what he/she does,it is your primary duty to defend her.try covering her up.opposing her in front of kids / outsiders reduces her self confidence and self respect.never shout or slap her infront of kids or outsiders.

No person is perfect.dont expect perfection from your patner.respect comes from ignore his/her weakness and focus on strenght.

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Majority of nigerians disaprove EBELE GOODLUCK JONATHAN work as president of nigeria. He has been criticised and condemned several times. Is he really the worst?lets examine


under obasanjo regime, one week without light was normal.when light comes,it lasts for 30mins and
next is 2 weeks black out.

Under Jonathan, even my remote village enjoys 20 hours light daily.

under Obj, we had only 3 poorly maintained international airport.

Today,we have over six international bodies recognise our airport as one of the best in the world.


GEJ TENURE got us a nation cup trophy. Obasanjo only got us three bronze and one silver in many attempts
nigeria also won under 17 with youngest ever squad

OBJ, An ex army know a lot about security matters more than Gej
. Nigeria was undoubtly more secure under OBJ THAN GEJ. The series of explosion and other boko haram activities has exposed jonathan administrations inability to secure the nation

it was about $33 billion when Yar’Adua/Jonathan Presidency came to office in 2007. Today, we are between 45 and $48 billion…

economic experts are all athesting that nigeria economy is growing more than population for the first time .USA barrack obama hasnt achieved that

under OBJ, Election was iwuruwuru. Votes dont count.

The election at imostate really prove that votes count..(though not hundred percent) but better than Gej).


i cant really say here, the AASU ongoing ASUP STRIKE HAS really overshadowed the numerous tetrafund projects in all universities. JONA SCORED LOW HERE.

Overall, the president isnt doing worse at all. He is at per if not better . Late yaradua was barely well to rule nigeria spending his time at saudi hospital.


Nyanya bomb blast…..lesson learnt

Terror is not an exclusive inheritance of people living in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. The terrorists woke us to this grim reality on Monday morning. Gone are the days when certain Nigerians would sit in the seemingly safe comfort of their states and regions and pretend the threat posed by terrorists is not their business. As my people say, the deaf does not need to be told that there is commotion at the market square. Political, religious, tribal and of course leaders from all spectrum of society must make concerted efforts to end this menace. Such is only possible when we realise that we have a common enemy who is bent on destroying us all. It now behoves on us to form an alliance against him. An alliance where trust will replace suspicion, bipartisan approach will replace the temptation to score cheap political points and where injury to one will be seen as injury to all.

Terrorism is indeed a global scourge but the ability of security agencies to be pre-emptive and proactive through painstaking intelligence gathering is what differentiates ours from the experiences of other nations. The ease with which these terrorist plan and execute their dastardly acts almost on a daily basis leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of wasting time sniffing around the emails and twitter handles of activists looking for where the next protest against corruption and maladministration will take place, our security agencies should devout more time to stopping the terrorists in their tracks.

There is no other way to describe the irresponsible attitude of those who are supposed to know better. The president and his ruling party partying and dancing at a time the nation is mourning is the height of presidential madness and rascality. How wisdom keeps eluding this bunch beats one’s imagination. For now the ordinary citizens can do nothing but concede them the luxury of stupidity while we continue to talk as a word is obviously not enough for the foolish.

It is now on record that while rescue workers were busy collecting bodies and helping the wounded, the ruling party went public to accuse the opposition of complicity in the bombing. One would assume such accusation was a product of good intelligence in which case arrest and prosecution of culprits would follow sooner than later. Failure to this would mean someone is actually planting these bombs to discredit the opposition. It is also important to note that even Boko Haram has not claimed responsibility for the attack. Add this to the dancing and merriment in Ibadan and Kano less than 48 hours after the incident and one can only but smell a rat

It is refreshing to know that even in the midst of the doom and gloom that we face as a nation, some Nigerians still realize what it means to be humane. The quick awareness raised by people like Japheth Omojuwa, Tolu Ogunlesi, former VP Atiku Abubakar and a host of others on the need to donate blood to the victims of the blast went a long way to saving many lives. This was done before the federal government with all its media presence could deem it fit to create such awareness. Such labour of love will never be forgotten.
God bless the good people of Nigeria and may all those who seek to destroy us be exposed.

Nwagwu Hygienus Chimaez

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women and self-deceit

I came across this story from a blog by adaora uduchukwu

and I can absolutely say this is so relatable, must young people/teenagers are in situations like this or going through something similar but are too blind to accept the truth. Heck, even I have been in this situation once or shhhhh be I promised myself to always tell the truth to that one person who needs to hear it from me and that person is ME but first I want to apologize for being Mia on you all and I must say it wasn’t intentional but that’s story for another day ☺️

Here’s the story I want you all to read, it was written by radio presenter Toolz. Enjoy

We met during my final year of university; he had just moved from Houston and didn’t know a lot of people in London, and after a few random conversations about course work, he asked me out. Our first date was amazing, and after about a month of seeing each other a few times a week, I was almost certain he was ‘the one’.

After dancing around the issue for a week or two, I was finally brave enough to bring up the ‘where are we’ issue. His exact words were ‘I really like you Tolu, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now’. I had to take a moment to mentally pick up the fragments of my broken heart, then I smiled at him and said ‘No worries, it’s ok’
I avoided him for about 2 weeks as I licked my wounds and tried to regain my pride. Towards the end of the 2nd week I had miraculously convinced myself that he was only saying he didn’t want a relationship because he didn’t know how much of a fantastic woman I was. So I became his ‘standby friend’ – I was going to be on standby till he realized he actually wanted a relationship – with me!
I would hang out with him at every opportunity, listen to all his ideas with undivided attention, fret over him if he sneezed, and I would even go to his house to cook for him…he definitely had my mumu-button.

For almost a year I waited and played my standby role very well. I told myself plenty of lies, ‘He really does care about me, he wouldn’t be hanging out with me if he didn’t’; ‘He’s dealing with a few personal issues, so I just need to be patient and he’ll wake up one day and realize I’m the one’. Yes, I was subconsciously defrauding myself.

He left London for a few months on an internship, and I missed him badly. My mobile phone bill was ridiculous because I would call him regularly for a ‘friendly chat’, he would call me too, but I was definitely doing more of the calling. I soon realized that he wasn’t missing me the way I missed him, so I let things chill for a bit. When he returned to London, I was over the moon!
My birthday was in 2 weeks, and I decided to have a little get-together. I also thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity for him to see what he was missing. The plan was to get super-dolled up and flaunt my fabulousity in front of him, and of course he would call me the next day and say ‘Tolu I missed you, I’ve been such a fool not to realize how incredible you are – please be mine’ (Yimu right?).

On the day of my party – I had two sexy outfits that were picked to make him drool. I was nervous, anxious and hopeful.
He finally arrived!
I opened the door, and he looked at me and said ‘You look amazing’. I was positively beaming as he hugged me. As I ushered him into the living room, he stopped and said ‘I hope you don’t mind, I brought my…..girlfriend, she’s just getting something from the car’.
If he had slapped me I wouldn’t have been more surprised!

What had just happened? The guy I had been on standby for had boarded another flight!