an accused pastor


Should they do noting about it even if the evidence is clear since bible say touch not my annoited…

should they do nothing and leave the case to God to act. IF A PASTOR/PRIEST errs, pray for him, let God judge,never hurt a priest???

Should they be indifrent? It doesnt concern them.pastor personal life is no body buisnes

should they remain loyal . See it as devil plan to disrupt church aim of wining soul to christ.

Report the case??? If u can report a thief, a rapist, ? Why dont u report a pastor who should know better

Confront him?? Tel him his crime personaly, if posible present the evid ence to him. Hear his defence .


a letter to lawyers

In my early days, I was asked my dream caeeer, i had immediately replied ” lawyer”. My dad immediately told me that “all lawyers are liars”.that statement immedtately demorolised me.

Few years later, my elder cousin came home informing us of his intention to marry a lawyer. He was immediately told to think twice about it. Everyone present began narrating their ordeals with lawyers.

i was very young then.i was really brainwashed against doing anything with lawyers. I viewed them as a proffesional liars paid to lie.

as i grow older, my belief faded gradually.i now belive that that some honest lawyers truely exist. However, they are few. The multitude liars tend to overshadow them. The legal system is itself corrupt.

What then diffrentiaates an honest lawyer from the lying lawyers?

The legal system has made it such that the more difficult a case tends to be, the more money u tend to make as a lawyer. The initial belief that lawyers defend the innocent is really fading. Do lawyers still do that?
Modern lawyers defend who approaches them, who is ready to foot the bill irrespective of the truth

The dishonet lawyers lack conscience. He uses his lying tongue to bend the truth and strech the lies in convincing the court
the dishonest lawyer defends the case of a known persistent murderer and sleeps peacefully afterward
the dishonest lawyer is ready to call a white spade “black” .
he is willing to defend a criminal today and to accuse the innocent the next day.
he does little or nothing while charging the client exhorbidant fees.raping the client of thousand and knocking of 2%
he hardly advices his client to settle out of court knowing it is of no benefit to him.even if the client has 5% chance of winning the case. He would rather continue delaying the case since he stands to gain from “sitting fee”.

The irony of it all is that such persons who consider their pocket first before their conscience or the client scale through the legal profession.hardened criminals, curropt goverment officials and rich politician patronise them and pay them . .They win the case even though the entire court know they ought to loose. In most cases, the judge is helpless as he is trained to judge by reason and not by emotions.

crying football fans

When i was a little boy i used to cry whenever super eagles lost a game …..i still remember victor ikbeba penalty against cameroon……

but as Ive grown up ive stopped crying…mainly because at one point, u got used to super eagles playing badly and loosing and didnt want to suffer unnessasary hypertention

the last time i cried was when iniesta scored that late goal against chelsea that kept the blues out of champions league goal.

Ghana’s gyan penalty miss almost made me cry.

I doubt if any worldcup match would make me feel bad

God without Joke

I am just wandering. Does God have a sence of humour at all or is he always serious minded.

Have searched through the bible but yet to see him tell a Joke.he only laaughed at man stupidity at times.

Belive it or not,a sligght humour is important in communication. The bible which cutacross all part of life seems to neglect this important attribute -humour.

Imagine having a dad who kept shouting at you and commanding you without making you laugh for do you feel?like a slave or a friend or a son.

Or did God actually told humour but we were to serious minded to laugh .Can someone please point out a joke in the bible,

kids and news

yesterday, i spentthe night in an aunt place. After supper,the kids of probably 7- 9years sat down in the parlour eager to watch NTA NETWORK NEWS.After series of  interogation, i gathered the mum ensured they watch news and write a summary of what the news says.

That got me thinking. Should kids of less than ten years be mandated to watch news? Should they be exposed to crimes shown?yester night, 30 minutes was spent showing survivors of nyanya bomb blast, dead bodies, divided human parts,devasted cars etc. These scenes were enough to cause a nightmare, i wonder what must be going on in their mind.they may be thinking ” this could happen to me or mummy” . It could cause them sleepless night.

I think exposing kids to daily news has devastating long term emotional effect . Kids should not be introduced to news until they become tenegers.

What bout you?how old  should       kids be exposed to news

my brothers day

Today is big brothers birthday.
This is specially dedicated to him

Blessed be the womb that brought you to this world
blessed be the hand that carried when you were young
blessed be chelsea your favorite football club
blessed be your soccer hero- ronaldinho and drogba

a big brother u are right from craddle
you showed us the route-u were a perfect example
you helped us up when we fell and fumbled
and when the going gets tough,you held strong like a soldier

a maths genuis with the brain of isaac newton
you are the best of your peers, second to no one
Fr Ede was wrong to let you leave with two-one
we are proud of you chimex.we are proud to be your brother.

Happy birthday Engineer Roland
100 days running serving your fathers land
I, elvis and kizzy composed this before hand
to say happy birthday to our own big brother

Is nigeria disintegration near?

For Nigeria, breaking up has always been a probability. From day one in 1914, the composition of Nigeria was starkly unreasonable. The British ought to have taken cognizance of the fact that their own country, Great Britain, was not much larger than each of the Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba nations in population – and in land area was only about the size of the Yoruba homeland in Nigeria, and less than half of the Hausa-Fulani homeland. How could they have decided that it made sense to strap together into one country these three largest nations of Black Africa? Separation hovered over the destiny of Nigeria from the very beginning.
And virtually everything that has happened in Nigeria and to Nigeria since the beginning has carried the banner of ultimate separation. For over 40 years (until 1949), the British simply didn’t know how to make Nigeria a country. The Southern and Northern Protectorates went their separate ways in almost all things.
But the separation was even deeper than the north-south dichotomy. Each of the three major peoples went their separate ways. The Yoruba, who had been living increasingly in towns and cities since about the 10th century, and who were therefore the owners of the only urban civilization in Black Africa, enjoyed, because of their towns and cities, a big head-start in attracting and absorbing the formative foreign influences that were dramatically changing the face of Africa from the mid-19th century on. Mission churches and schools were sprouting in the Yoruba towns by the 1850s. By the late 1860s, ambitious Yoruba families were sending their children for higher education abroad, and by the 1870s a Yoruba literate professional elite (of lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, writers, journalists, teachers, pastors, merchants, etc) were emerging. The first newspaper (ambitiously written in the Yoruba language) started publishing in a Yoruba city in 1859, and others soon followed in various Yoruba towns and cities. By the time the British created their Nigeria in 1914, the Yoruba southwest was already far ahead of the rest of the new country in all facets of modernization.

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