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Thou Shall Not Be Educated Oh North

Each time I look at every record released by any national agency, I notice a huge discrepancy between the core north and the south. Southern states top the literacy chart, number of successful WAEC candidate, number of jamb candidate, number of yearly graduates, etc. An outsider would believe the north are marginalized by other regions. This is not true. Our educational standard has been reduced to encourage the northerners to consider going to school. A pupil from that region needs to score fifty marks to get admitted into unity school whereas his counterpart in the south needs to struggle for a hundred and fifty marks. They are simply marked as educational disadvantaged state. I wonder how long they would continue to get pampered. Goodluck Jonathan initiated a free education system yet the same people massively voted him out. If he had done the same to the south, he would have been immortalized.

I do not believe that God created them with a deformed brain incapable of assimilating the Western concept. The likes of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Nasir El Rufai is a proof that great brains can come out from the region. It seems there is a conspiracy not to educate the masses. The way the almajiri free education system died quickly is an evidence that the elites do not want her people educated.

Education is dangerous to the political structure. An educated person can see beyond the deception of the elite.

Western education is dangerous to the religious practice. Western education encourage curiosity and doubt. The elite prefers to control the thought of its citizen. They want them to read only books they approve of. Books that makes it easier for the citizen to comply to their directive. It is a sin to read non approved books. They may open your eyes to the Ill of the controller. To prevent this, they give you only Religion education.

When Emir (Dr) Sanusi admonished his people against giving birth to numerous children beyond their ability to feed, there was an uproar. His ideas were against the status quo. He was exposing his fellow elite. Today, Emir Sanusi is no longer a traditional ruler. ,The Elite will g at iany length to shut the truth. The current Governor of Kano state,the man who dethroned Emir Dr Sanusi was quoted to have admitted that bokoharam recruit Almajiri boys into it’s fold.

Educated persons understand that an increase in population would result to a struggle for limited resources. . In the western world, more children means more tax. Barack Obama had only two children. Good luck Jonathan had less than four children. A northern senator boasted of thirteen children.

The Elites encourage them to continue to give birth to more children. God will take care of them. Those who are so poor that they could not afford to finance a wedding need not worry, the government used a public fund to sponsor their mass wedding. The leaders are not interested in educated people or a well-trained offspring. The leaders want more population to win votes. Poor people are interested in their stomach. They would do anything you ask them to do. They are easily recruited as hoodlums to snatch ballot boxes and commit other hoodlum. He may be told to drive into a park and press a button. He may be told that is what God wants him to do. He doesn’t know it is a bomb. A hungry, uneducated man is easier to deceive. In other words, they are advocate of pro birth, pro death and pro suffering.

Religion is an easy tool to achieve their aim. Religion teaches supremacy of belief. Our Religion is superior to theirs. When we identify with a religion, we have positive feeling towards in group members and negative emotion towards out-group members. It reinforces Us vs them. Whoever does not belong to us is against us. With Religion, it becomes easier to discourage western education. It becomes easier to fight against western education. This brings prejudice and violence. It is easier to convince poor Religious persons to die in the name of the almighty. A rich man will not leave his wealth behind. An educated man will doubt such teachings.

The society want its people to remain stupid it’s whole life because uneducated people are obedient. They do not have the cognition to understand how the elite use them like a pawn for selfish purpose. The elite wants living robots.

Education presents a different concept and hands the reader the liberty to choose as he deems fit. Western education breeds tolerance. One must not stick to gender norms. Women are free to aspire to be whomever they want. Education provides power to think for one self. It is the route to cognitive freedom, political freedom and religious freedom.

Other regions are tired of this region. The Igbos have not hidden their desire to break away from this region. The Niger -deltans cannot understand why this region controls derivative from the oil well. The middle belt laments they are being marginalized. This region cannot continue to be lagging behind while clamoring for power. Should each region get her autonomy, the core north would be the worst hit.

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A missing ingredient

Nigeria is a blessed country made up of different ethnic groups. These groups find it difficult to live peacefully among each other.There is an eye of suspicion that arises whenever come in contact with one who is different from us. We do not trust them.

The ability to get along with those with different mindset is essential to build a brand new country. It involves patience, understanding and acceptance of those of different ethnic group, language, religion and political views.

We ought to understand that when everyone thinks and behave in the same manner,the nation would be boring. Variety is the spice of life .diversity is central to humanity. A tolerant person recognises that his enemy has the right to think his own thought and live his own life as long as he doesn’t interfere in that of others. It gives to others the same freedom we crave.

A tolerant Muslim ignores hurtful remark from a thirteen years old. A tolerant Christian does not loose his cool when handling difficult situation. Both understand that even though everyone believe in the same religion, their understanding of that Religion would differ.A tolerant APC leader forgives the errors of PDP leaders and not constantly picking on them. A tolerant prison warder respects the right of prisoners. A tolerant spouse do not pick quarrel constantly with each other.

When we force the minority tribe into doing our bidding, hatred and contempt is not avoidable. By making certain allowance,we transform a harsh house into a sweet one

One way to increase our religious tolerance level is to study more about the other person Religion. Do this without the intention to convert to their religion but to understand why they believe in what they believe.l remember harbouring a slight contempt for Muslims who do not partake in eating a cow killed by a Muslim.I saw this as segregation.It was not until I inquired from a Muslim that I understand it had more to do with the love for cows that they do not want to watch it suffer while dying . They believe cows should die a quick death so they kill cows in a specialway using sharp knife while offering a special prayer. My contempt was based on ignorance. My newly acquired knowledge errased my false assumption

Visit other states.make friends with people from other tribes. try to learn another language.If there is going to be peace in this nation,it would require a new approach to striving for political and Religious power, an approach that is no longer based on competition,but one that sees all as one through competition and partnership. we will learn to handle our differences without our heart to the possibility of ethno- religious unity.Find a common thread that runs through us all and forget about converting one another. to sharing.

Nigeria shall be great

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why notherners are not stupid

Sadly,80% of Southerners who see this article will not read it!
Note:This article was not developed to ascribe to the entire Northern Nigeria the selfish antics and machination of a few individuals who belong to the region. It would be unfair to do that. Also, this article was developed not with the intention of causing incitement…

1. An average Northerner acquires a cheap transistor radio-set in order to gain political awareness
from broadcasting structures such as BBC (Hausa Service),Radio Nigeria, etc. This practice has made the region the most politically-aware region in Nigeria. On the hand, an average Southerner,typically, acquires expensive Smartphones equipped with FM radio receiving capability.Instead, they would rather listen to inane songs like “Your Waist”, “Skelewu”,“Ginger Your Swagger”, “NoGede”, etc.

2. Unlike the South, the North understands the importance of numbers in politics. This is why, by all strategic means necessary, the North ensures that they have alarger representation at the National Assembly.

3. Northerners don’t shout, scream, vent and speak “big grammar” to prove that they are politically intelligent on political programmes on TV and radio. Instead, they shout, scream, vent, kick, punch, taekwondo, etc on the floor of the National Assembly to promote a cause that is in their favour. The reverse is the case for the Southerners.

4. Southern graduates/job seekers consider the public sector (government institutions) an unfashionable place for employment.Meanwhile, the Northerners massively recruit and entrench themselves into the public sector and manipulate themselves up the ranks. While all these are going on, their southern brothers and sisters spend years languishing in the labour market for the elusive jobs in blue chip organizations. Yet, Southerners complain of marginalizationin the public sector

5. For some weird reasons, the South is always frightened when the North make political pronouncements.Even weirder – for some inexplicable reasons, Senators and House of Representative members from the South appear to be too timid to oppose their northern counterparts during legislative sessions.

6. According to the gospel of the North – the Northerners were born to rule. That is, leadership (of Nigeria) is their exclusive preserve. By extension, the Southerners were born to be led! Interestingly, certain actions of some Southerners support this belief.

7. The North has more (unrated) billionaires(inDollars) than any region in Nigeria. For instance, a certain Alhaji Mai Deribe (an oil well licensee)would certainly laugh each time Forbes releases its ratings and his name is not listed.

8. The North doesn’t produce crude oil, but the Northern Senators had the temerity to oppose the 10% host community funds. The Southern legislators find nothing wrong in that, so long as it doesn’t affect their “constituency allowances”.

9. {Singing}Come and see Nigeria wonder! (2x)
Statistical absurdity of the grandest order is stating that Kano is more populous than Lagos! Dear friends, even science have proved from simple demographic distribution patterns across the globe that population increases as we move from the hinterland (desert/Savannah region) to the coast– but in the case of Nigeria, the North which lies in the arid zone, is more populous than the South – by a deviously doctored census report. Okay o! We dey look.

10. The North have ruled the country legally(democratically) and illegally (military) for 37 out of the 53 years. The South is very comfortable with this inequality.

11. The North is the chief proponent of the“quota system” and “federal character” principle – a system that was crafted to sacrifice merit on the altar of “national oneness”. In simple terms, even themost unqualified gets a slot in sensitive national projects.

12. Northern law-makers at the National Assembly- typically – rally amongst themselves to promote legislations that favours their region (e.g. pedophilic laws). Southern law-makers typically rally amongst themselves to promote legislations that will increase their salaries and constituency allowances

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The Tribe Where Kids Start Having Sex At 6

These islanders from a remote tribe in Papua guinea seem like a case study in the ultimate consequences of the sexual revolution.
Girls want sex just as much as guys, and kids start having sex at a very young age — 6-8 for the girls and 10-12 for the guys — with no social stigma.
They change partners often. Women are just as assertive and dominant as men in pursuing or refusing a lover.
This is not only allowed but encouraged. There are few customs about dating to inhibit “hooking up” and, of course, revealing clothing has been taken to its limit, with girls actually going topless. However, everybody have sex whenever they want.
In theTrobriand Islands, there is no traditional marriage ceremony. A young woman stays in her lover’s house instead of leaving it before sunrise. The man and woman sit together in the morning and wait for the bride’s mother to bring them cooked yams.
The married couple eat together for about a year, and then go back to eating separately. Once the man and woman eat together, the marriage is officially recognized.
When a Trobriand couple want to marry each other, they show their interest by sleeping together, spending time together, and staying with each other for several weeks. The girl’s parents approve of the couple when a girl accepts a gift from a boy.
After that, the girl moves to the boy’s house, eats her meals there, and accompanies her husband all day. Then word goes out that the boy and girl are married.
If after one year, a woman is unhappy with her husband, she may divorce him. A married couple may also get divorced if the husband chooses another woman.
The man may try to go back with the woman he left by giving her family yams and other gifts, but it is ultimately up to the woman if she wants to be with that man.
White man Visit in the early nineties, the girls wearing the same custume. The culture is really old [image]
Mid nineties


A tribe where albinos are butchered and sold

Regarded as the ‘tribe of ghosts’ or ‘the invisibles’, albinos have suffered appalling treatment at the hands of their own people who butcher them for their body parts in the disturbingly mistaken belief they will bring them better health and good fortune. Such is the threat against their lives.
Albinism is a genetic condition characterised by a deficiency of melanin pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes which protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

In many African nations – but most commonly inTanzania– being born an albino is a death sentence as they are butchered in the street.
Their remains are used in the macabre human potions used by traditional healers to treat the sick.
Believing it will bring them good luck and big catches, fishermen on the shores ofLake Victoriaweave albino hair into nets.
Bones are ground down and buried in the earth by miners, who believe they will be transformed into diamonds.
The genitals are also sometimes made into treatments to boost sexual potency.
It is also believed that when a HIV patient sleeps with an albino, he gets cured.
Nevertheless, misinformation abounds. Some locals believe albinos are ghosts that can’t die. Others think they were born into cursed families

And—most chillingly—witch doctors want to hack off their limbs to put in magic potions promising prosperity and healing.
A complete albino “set”—ears, tongue, nose, genitals, all four limbs—can sell for $75,000.
Albinos are mutilated when sighted and their limbs bring fortune.

A complete albino “set”—ears, tongue, nose, genitals, all four limbs—can sell for $75,000.
Albinos are mutilated when sighted and their limbs bring fortune.
Last year, attackers collecting body parts of albinos for witchcraft hacked off the hand of a seven-year-old boy, officials said.
The boy, called Mwigulu Magessa, was ambushed by the men as he walked home with his friends in Tanzania. He survived but many such victims of ignorance are not so lucky.
Just days earlier, an albino mother of four had her arm chopped off by machete-wielding men and a month before that an albino child died in Tanzania’s Tabora region after attackers hacked off his arm

In some cases, fathers have tried to murder their own children in the hope of selling them for thousands of dollars – a fortune to the average family in Tanzania.
Sometimes the parents are afraid of their children, sometimes they are forced to give up their beloved offspring because they fear the prejudices of the people in their own community.
Last year, a report on the Kabanaga Protectorate Centre in the town of Kabanagafeatured 17-year-old Angel, who was visited by her mother for the first time in four years.
When she was born her father called her ‘a gift from God’.
But his joy was not that of a new father – he wanted to butcher the girl and sell her body parts for thousands of dollars.
Angel’s mother managed to deter the father for years, but when Angel was 13 he led a group to attack her.
Angel got away, but her mother’s own parents were killed in the attack as they fought to protect their granddaughter.
But Jacquelyn says she will never escape the prejudice that follows her wherever she goes.
Ignorance about the condition is rife – there is even a belief that their mothers slept with white men for it to be passed down.
As a result, many of Tanzania’s 17,000 albinos have been hidden away by the government in Kabanaga Protectorate Centre.
According to the International Federation for the Red Cross and Crescent Societies, at least 10,000 albinos in East Africa have been displaced or have gone into hiding.
Witch doctors have made tens of thousands of dollars from selling potions and other items made from their bones, hair, and skin.
Traders sell “cures” in the market of Mgusu. In Tanzania,


signs you hate being an african

/When the world “racism”is heard,all fingers are pointed to the whites. Such accusation is wrong.some africans are racisys

Pics; would you take pics in front of oxford university,standordbridge etc but never in front of olumo rock?do you photoshop your pics to make us believe you wer shakiing hands with obama?

Speech ; are you good at speaking english but cant speak your local dialete? Can you speak german,friench and italia but cant speak two nigerian languages?can you speak nigerian language but ashamed to do so publicly?

NAME ; did you hide your tribal name because it souds local or do you abreviate”kelechukwu ” to kc or chikamdinaka to “kamdi” just to modernise it?

Dress ; do you were suit to traditional events ? Do you have few or no native in your wadrope?do you prefer neckless to beads?

Belief ; do you belive yourforefathers are burning in hell for not knowing and acceptain a foreigner?do you prefer surgery to herbal medicine? Do you ignore yamm festival, IWA AKWA festival etc but take christmass and newyear serious?

Skin- do you bleach?must you marry a light-skined lady? Do you fry your hair?

Judgement ; do you hate yakubu for missing few chances but quick to defend 50million flop fernando torress.

Journey ; do you always dream of travelling to abroad?would you resign your present comfortable job for less job in england?

If you answered yes to half of the questions,then you havve a are among the over a million racist we have in nigeria
you are amongAfricans that chose to degrade their fathers and make mockery of their Ancestors .

Beware of those who claimed your fore fathers worship lesser gods. Protect your household from your brothers that hides behind Christianity, Islam and Atheism to camouflage their self hate for everything African.
Any religion or ideology that teaches you that you are sons and daughters of savages. It is an oppressive tool or it is you that has misunderstood what it teaches.When did American stopped being cowboys because of the sudden rise of China? Only African men and women wants to be everything else but an African.

I am not against mixing with others but am agains doing such at expence of yours.Why do we pride ourself how well we have adapted to foreign cultures but not how well we have developed and evolved culturally and scientifically?

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banana Monkeys: Dani Alves’ Reaction

Of Men and Monkeys: Dani Alves’ Reaction.


Should we keep pitying the north educationally?

The west african examination council released its result and ranked states according to their performance. Once again no nothern state made the best ten. list

this is amidst report that nothern states have nigeria worst girl child education.

attempt have been madr to encourage them to patronise education, last year, the Federal Ministry of Education had announced the cut-off marks for admission into the Federal Government Colleges, known as Unity Schools, with the shocking piece of information that while the cut-off mark was as high as 139 for a Southern state like Anambra, it was as low as two, yes two, (out of a possible 200 marks) for pupils of a Northern state like Yobe. Utme cut off point is reduced to as low as 160 for nothern indigenes only
Northern Nigeria remains, and represents the only place in the world that has the highest number of Children that are not going to school. The Highest number of children that are not going to school in the world are in Northern Nigeria

Imo State and anambra produced more candidates seeking admission into the universities than all the 19 Northern states put together. That is not just shocking but dangerous.catchement area law has made it difficult for them to get admission in nothern state.

What do we do? Do we keep giving a goat meat after it refuses to chew or do we give the meet to the dog willing to eat.

Do we still keep reducing our education standard for those who dont want to learn .
Do we let the north who are lagging behind educationally draw us back or do we let go of them and pursue knowledge .?

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six reasons why yorubas rule nigeria

The yoruba people are one of the major ethnic group in nigeria. .i am an igbo and i hate to admit this. Yorubas rule nigeria. Before you begin to attack me,let me outline my reason.

Yorubas are most wealthy ; take a look at the top richest nigerian llist,about 50 percent are nigerians in the list are yorubas.the richest black woman is also a yoruba.

YORUBAS ARE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE: yorubas rule the nation academically. The top universities are located in that region of country. Yorubas have many ptofessors. They dominate the legal world boasting of manu SAN.


IN nigeria,yoruba rule the spiritual kinggdom. The highest juju factory in nigeria is in yoruba land. You cant watch a nigerian film without any reference of herbalist.the average yoruba man has protective charms wherever
he goes.

Yorubas also rule the protestant church. Living faith,deeper life,mountain of fire etc are headed by yoruba men.

Yorubas are most tolerant :in a typical yoruba home, yyou can find a muslim man married to christian woman. Their children also tend to mmarry from other tribes especially from nothern nigeria.

Yorubas are most appreciative

render a selfless service to a yoruba man e.g pust their car .and they shower blessings on you,your family,
descendants,ancestors etc.

They cebrate small issues from promotion to child first position.they always give testimony in church.

They dont forget their culture

any plant without root is as good as dead. Recently, Ifa was introduced as a subject in yoruba state. They already boast of a scholar prof Abimbola ,prof of ifa studies.
The yoruba film industry still makes name.