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Newtons law of individual religion(1)

I belive you all know Sir Isaac Newton; the great English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian.

His works cuts across every aspect of life. His law of motion can be extended to non-physical events.

I am going te explain newtons law of individual religion which was derived from his law of motion

Newton’s First Law of Motion-
An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.


a child will remain on a state of uncertainty regarding religion unless informed by an external person.

A newly born baby has no religion. As he grows into a family,he learns the religion of such family. As a result,he adopts the religion of that family.the family becomes the external force.

As he grows, he interacts with others, and read other books which could either make him change his belief or strenghten his belief. All these are external forces.

Newton’s second law of Motion-
Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object)


the tendency of a person to change religious ideas is directly proportional to her level of indoctrination in her present religious view.

Mathematically,F = M * A where
F= effort required to make one change his belief

M= rigidity to her present belief.
A= constant of relativity.

Generally, it is almost impossible to convince a catholic bishop to change his religion.this is because he has spent about ten years in the seminary, and another ten years in active priestly service.

It is much easier to convert an orphaned child hawking bread with little education

Newton’s third Law of motion-
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


The force applied when converting another to your religion is equal and opposite to the force applied when he reacts.

One who uses logic to convince others tohis religion would encounter similar logic why that religion isnt ideal.