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How Realmadrid FC Can Use Garlic to turn their misfortune around

Athlete who wish to leave  a club ought to receive the blessings of their parent club in other to flourish in their new club. Failure to do so could amount to misfortune to the player and destination club. Eden Hazard and Curtois refusal to extend their contract did not go down with the managment .The Management reluctantly sanctioned their deal .The duo are responsible for the misfortune the club is experiencing.

Before you accuse me of being superstitious, your club started it so I decided to take it a step further. Realmadrid FC were accused of being fetish. The Spanish giant had gone five years without winning a trophy after relocating to their new stadium in the early twentieth century. To break the yoke, they took the unusual step of burying cloves of garlic in the center of the field. They went on to win the copal dey Ray cup that season. Pablo Hernandez, the goal keeper of the team confirmed this allegation.

The European champions went trophyless last season and are heading the same route this season. Rather than wait till five years, they can repeat the same ritual today.  The club should bury twenty tonnes of garlic  in the middle of the stadium to ward against evil spirit . Give each player ginger drink five hours before every match to attract goodluck.The players don’t need to know, tell them it is to boost their immune system from covid 19. Secretly hide garlic inside Hazard and Curtoises pillow so the evil spirit that followed them from Chelsea will not disturb them during their dreams. Place garlic at the entrance of locker room to prevent them from seeing ghost during matches. A few strands of referee hair, a little piece of referee uniform, alchohol and garlic can be used to make a charm to prevent referees from making harsh decision against the tean.. Wash the VAR screen and other equipment with garlic juice so It could rule out all opposition goals for a non existent offside.

I was still recovering from the shock of Chelsea’s horrific performance against leceister city when I heard that Realmadrid lost to a third division team . My heart leaped with joy. I was at my low mood in search of anything to make me feel better. The Spanish giant came to my aid. Their dissapointing defeat made it easier to cope with my loss.I am not the only one who feels better after learning of the failure of another. Meanwhile, I hope the badluck extends to their neighbor athletic Madrid after the club signed Chelsea targetl Dembele from Olympic Lyon.


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