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What kind of lawyer are you?

The legal profession is fraught with a lot of conflicting obligation.

1) Duty to client. 2) Duty to the society 3) Duty to own conscience.

The one the lawyer values most determine the kind of lawyer. In a case where a criminal admitted to killing of girls and burying them under a tree, Solicitor would react differently.

Friend; This lawyer is concerned about extending the relationship with clients beyond the office. He focuses on giving legal counsel to client. He gives client the advantages and disadvantage of taking each decision,raises moral conversation with clients with the aim of arriving at an ethical decision. When client decides to take decision contrary to litigator conscience,lawyer follows own conscience. May link client to a more open colleague.

Father : He ignores the interest of the society and focuses on what is in the best interest for client.. He keeps details to himself and take charge of decision taking. While the friend lawyers presents the details and hands over decision making to client,the father is responsible for making decisions.

Hired Gun ; Has no interest in morality. He does whatever the client want to done. The hired Gun goes at any length to ensure client victory . He could represent client in a case today and be against the client the next day. Money and wining cases is all that matters to him. Many Senior Advocates belong here. The client decides what is to be done. The lawyer decides how to go about it including engage in shady deals.

Clergy: Righteous lawyers hardly go far in the legal industry. His conscience guides his decision making. He considers the interest of the society . He aggressively persuade client to do what lawyer thinks is right . He is usually the poorest of the poor. What he lacks In finance, he gains in integrity. One may count on him to execute wills and other trust related issues.

Many lawyers choose their client interest above all because the client pays the bills. Hired gun will never condemn the client on moral issues. He believes that is the role of the judge. Personal knowledge of truth does not count as legal truth. hired guns may instruct murderer to lie to get out of mess. This gives the legal profession the terrible name. Clergy lawyers will suggest a confession with less sentence.

What group do you belong?

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