Fed with guilt

Animals live their true identity

Not chained by the expectation of society

Eat when hungry

Mate when horny

Without feeling ashamed

No clergy to place blame

A New born child is a sinner

So says a book that praises murderers

The gods created us nude

Yet Nakedness is a taboo it makes no sense

But we do not want to look different

So we put on a covering

And betray our true feeling.

We hide our true self

And show our false self

We tell children not to cheat

We are no different from hypocrite

Stop the pretence

Break the fence

Speak your unpopular opinion

Though it may conflict with established institution

Be yourself in the face of death

Your killers will oneday loose their breath

It is better to say your mind

Than to live a lie

How will someone else accept you

When you cannot love you

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