Tribe Where A Man’s Manhood Must Be Tested By The Bride’s Aunt Before Marriage

Banyankole people in Southwestern Uganda, the aunt is tasked with this crucial role of knowing if both bride and groom, before the marriage, are good to go in having a taste of each other.

Although this practice is now outdated, the primary responsibility of the aunt was to confirm that the groom is potent and that the bride has defended her virginity before the marriage is consummated.

As a potency test for the groom, the aunt was sometimes required to have intercourse with the groom for confirmation of his potency and virility. She also had to “test” if the bride is still a virgin before they are allowed to consummate their marriage.

In other traditions, the aunt was said to go as far as listening in or watching as the bride and groom make love in order to prove the couple’s potency.

In asmuch as this outdated practice may sound weird, it shows how the people of Banyankole, particularly the Bahima tribe hold virginity in high esteem.

As soon as a Banyankole girl is eight, she goes through a lot of restrictions to prepare her for marriage.

When other children her age in other cultures are out having fun and playing, a girl in this part of Uganda is mostly kept indoors, where she is fed beef and millet porridge and forced to drink milk in large quantities so that she becomes fat.

Being fat is synonymous with beauty among the Banyankoles. When she starts developing breasts, she is also asked by her parents to abstain from sexual activities.


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