Of Women who wear bra and men who love staring at boobs

Today is no bra day. A day set aside for women not to wear bra tobraise public awareness on breast cancer. Such practice is not common in this part of the continent. Anyone who steps out without bra today is accused of advertising her tit for guys to see . Guys who step out without singlet do not get similar treatment. Whoever made the rules did not ask girls how they feel watching guys chest and six packs.

Bra was invented in 1920. Until then , ladies never wore one. There is no medical advantage of wearing bra. When bra is worn too much, it has medical effect.Weirdly, it’s not wearing a bra that’s better for our boobs, at least according to some limited research. Women who stop wearing bras altogether are said to experience improved breast shape, better circulation, and less sagging, because their chest muscles have to actually work to keep those suckers afloat. That’s right:

Before 1920, braless women were not called slut then. It was common not to wear one. Today, we have forced bra into their accessories as a requirement. Who made it a rule? The women or the men ? Do we bother to ask them how they feel wearing one ? Are they comfortable wearing one all the time?

Many ladies complain that they detest wearing bra all the time but they still got to do it to reduce the animalistic tendency in men. In other words, they do not wear it to support her breast and lift then up or for beauty but to avoid getting sexually harrased by men . I feel ashamed hearing this. In ancient times, women walked around with exposed breast . Sexual harasmy was minimal then. Does civilisation come with increase in rape? Have we become so obsessed with sex that we cannot control our self? Do we cut down every flower we love? Must we own every thing we like? How do you feel hearing that ladies have to wear bra at home with her brothers for fear they will harras her sexually. where lies the trust?

Why are men so obsessed with boobs? Scientist has it that we desire what we lack. Men crave for boobs because men lack one. We do not crave for eyes or nose . We have them . Men are curious in nature. They want to know what is that that makes her chest bigger. As man desires to explore, women wear bra to cover them. Covering boobs with bra makes it impossible to be seen. This is like a resistance. Men love challenges. By covering then, men are challenged to see them the more. This makes men want to see them more. The act of covering bra creates more boobs desire in men. While sane men use subtle legal approaches to uncover them, others use force to see them. Wearing bra has created more problems than it solves. In ancient times when men and women walked around stack naked, the frequency of rape cases is less.

Melons are beauty to behold no doubt with the power of stoping conversation .Tit can prevent two angry men from fighting as they turn their head to its direction and forget what triggered the anger.. The size of the mammary gland does not really matter. Though a journal publish by social economist reveals that poor men prefer large boobs while rich men prefer small boobs.

Guys go to strip club to take a glimpse of the twin move and bounce. Bosom can serve as a stress reliever after a stressful day job.The benefit of bosom are so numerous but we instruct them to be sentenced behind that cage called bra depriving humanity of its benefit. If only men can live by the mantra Blessed are those who see but do not touch, for they shall be fulfilled, our ladies will reduce the frequency of wearing bra and reveal a bit more for our waiting eyes.

#saynotobra. #saynotorape

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