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The Making of a terrible teacher

Many years ago, people gathered to share their ugly academic experience. In the midst of their discussion, some said

” All thermodynamics lecturers are wicked”

So many people nodded in aggrement. I mean people from various tertiary institution studying chemistry,physics, and all form of engineering. My own thermodynamics lecturer was given an alliance of a popular terrorist. It was as if all the thermodynamics teachers had a meeting and took an oath of wickedness. This got me thinking .

” does subject create terrible teachers ?” That is

Will a good teacher suddenly turn terrible simple because he is assigned to teach a particular course ?”

I examined the course in question and realized the subject itself are difficult to understand. Mathematics for example is dreaded by student. These students manage to learn enough to graduate and forget a large amount of what Is learnt immediately after graduation. Because of the unemployment problem in the country, these students find themselves as teachers and lecturers and are asked to teach the subject they once hated. The hatred for the subject resurfaces coupled with the fact that they do not know much. As a teacher,they have to maintain the illusion that they know. They do this by putting up a wicked looking face to scare students from asking much question so as not to expose their incompetence.

Secondly, some subjects are difficult to teach. Some phenomenon can be explained best using computer stimulated teaching aids which are unavailable in most academic institution. It takes a genius teacher to use an a better concept to relate the subject to the student interest for better comprehension.

But terrible teaching is not just a function of subject. Teachers personality. have a role to play. Highly Temperamental teachers make terrible teachers.impatient teachers do not give students enough opportunity to make mistake. They expect students to get it right at first attempt and would rush the scheme of work despite student slow comprehension ability. People who do not enjoy being around children make terrible teachers.

Becoming a better teachet requires a great deal of effort to know and understand the subject more,and be willing to change bones behavior in the classroom.

3 replies on “The Making of a terrible teacher”

Teachers should treat students as they wish to be treated. It is their job set a good example and motivate students to become lifelong learners. Learning is an enjoyable experience. The most important thing that happens in a classroom is learning, not teaching. Teachers should learn with and from their students. There are always new developments in every field, and knowledge is not static. Cheryl, retired teacher and still learning every day.


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