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Great Teachers vs terrible Teachers

An anonymous survey revealed that all great teachers share one thing in common. : A sence of personal identity infused in their work. They teach with enthusiasm for their subject.The subject is part of their daily life. One great mathematics teacher I know breathes mathematics, thinks mathematics and speaks mathematics. He recites the times table while taking a walk. It is like calculator was infused in his head. He does complex arithmetic with his head.

Bad teachers on the contrary distant themselves from the subject they are teaching and in so doing, distant themselves from the students. Good teachers integrates self, student and subject into a community of learning.

The school can transform a great teacher to a terrible one simply by removing the subject of his interest and assigning him to a subject he dislikes.One who hates a subject should not teach it for he would dissipate the unpleasant feeling to the student. When the work we do lack integrity for the teacher, the teacher, student and the school suffers in the long run.

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