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What makes a great teacher?

The teaching profession is one of the most neglected one in the country. We rarely take the effort to dig deeper into the person we hand over our Ward to. Whenever we want to enroll our children into a new school, we take certain factor into consideration such as the land mass of the school, pupil/ teacher ratio, school fees , proximity to home etc. The quality of the teaching staff is hardly considered .

Few parents who wish to consider the quality of the teacher look at teaching qualifications. Is the teacher a bachelor degree holder? Does he have a post graduate degree in education ? Is he a registered member of the teacher registration council of Nigeria? While paper qualifications are important, we neglect the most important factor? What is the mental disposition of the teacher?

Great teachers should be perceived by the student as knowing the subject very well.There are many paper qualified persons who crammed their way through school without really understanding their onions . Such teacher would find it difficult teaching their students. Great teachers are able to relate the topic to real life situation .

Great teacher love teaching . Many teachers are into the profession for lack of a better Job. A great teacher would turn down other jobs for teaching . Great teachers are excited to have a class . He is passionate about a subject that he thinks of the simplest way to explain the concept to his student .

Great teachers are children centered.They truely love children. One cannot dread to be around children and be a great teacher. Great teachers show concern and care for children .As a result, children feel safe around him and are open to ask him question . Great teachers look student in the eye to guage the student level of understanding and boredom.They ask ” do you understand? And listen to feedback. Great teachers would spend weeks breaking down a complex topic until child understand . They teach at the pace which child comprehends. Great teachers understand the value of humor in the class room.They laugh at their own mistake to show the student that no one is above mistake.

Great teachers are open to change . They are flexible in their teaching method and do not stick to a fixed routine Great teachers deviate from lesson plan when necessary .They are willing to circumvent organization beaureucracy when it hinders learning .


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