CHILDREN are forced to go to school against their wish. whereas no one reminds them to play . What makes children dread the classroom while anticipating to go to the field. The answer lies in the emotion evoked. The child is happy playing and sad studying. When he is not sad, he is bored of sitting in class repeatedly, angry at receiving punnishnent for making noise.

The duty of the teacher is to impact knowledge in the classroom. Children love to play. Effective teachers can make the student learn while playing. One way to do this is to spice humor to teaching process.

Humor strengthen teacher student relationship.A teacher who laughs at his own mistake teaches student not to dread making mistake and learns not to be ashamed of been laughed at in class.Child learns that no one is above mistake.

Teacher can begin the class with a joke or amusing thought. whenever he sences boredom among student,he may take a commercial break ,divert to a non related issue such as riddle and jokes and come back to teaching.

Teacher should be cautious not to spend more time on humor at the expense of the actual topic as this could transform class into a chaos.

Sensitive topics like sex and tribe should be avoided as it might be misinterpreted . Humor should be directed at teacher or external party and not at student as It may damage student esteem

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