The power of women feminist obrtlook 

I was listening to a radio programme the other day about a man whose girlfriend rejected his wedding proposal after dating for four years. She refused to give a tangible reason for refusal prefering the duo to continue dating. 

I was shocked when phone calls came in trying to defend the woman choice. 
“It is her choice to make her life as happy as she can” said a female caller.

“May be she has been through assault in and doesn’t want to continue.” Said a male caller.

The Society has a way of excusing  ladies for their action

I asked my colleagues if it were a man who dated a girl for  four years and quit for no tangible reason.  

” he must be irresponsible or scared of commitment “said one.

“He must be a womaniser.AFter giving her false hope for four years? That is inhumane.”.another echoed.

Isn’t it possible th

at he backed off due to oppression

 and unhappiness too?
Ladies get away with more bad behaviour than guys.they aremore powerful than guys.

The human race is like a computer system with ladies as software. The hardware Is visible but software is more powerful.

The men can keep fooling himself of his strength while women keep pretending to be weak

  By pretending ,they make men to automatically,  unthinkably and foolishly rush to their rescue.

Men are quick to give a female a lift but reluctant to assist their fellow guys.


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