Are feminist better complainers

Imagine a Nigerian living in one of the best hotel in the country only to complain of a faulty air-conditioning. Imagine another Nigerian in a guesthouse rural area without a fan or air-conditioning system. Who is expected to complain? Who is living better?

In most cases, a complaints doesnt neccrsary tell us the actual circumstance of the complainer but the expectation of the complainer.

Some persons could be suffering more due to their high tolerance and endurance limit and positive view of life and  choose not to complain

Men don’t complain that there is no animal in the forest. They keep hunting
How many feminist have complained if the high bride price in the south eastern part of the country. If the women were the one paying the brideprice,hell could have been loosed.another episode of aba women riot would have taken place.

How many men complain of father in law? Yet women wish their mother in law dead.

Feminist prefer to talk about a part the world that treat them badly and not about the part they have a comparative advantage.


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