do you trust yourself?

never trust what only your eyes can see, for our eyes can lie too as well. Never trustpromisesfor promises are made to be broken. Never trustwordsfor it unclasped and might be empty. In granting trust simply mean that it should surpassed all doubt, uncertainty, query, disbelief nor hesitation. Once trust is grant it’s like you surrender all of those and commit with that person.
Like what my late gramps used to preach my dad before, he said“never ever trust not even your own shadow”. I don’t want to take those words as a myth. I want to impart it in some ways I’m sure it can help to motivate. Trust a bona fide act being give out, it is like If you’re been granted a trust, keep up with it and never ruin it. Always bear in mind not all creature deserved trust therefore next time be careful of whom you trust, for it’s always“sorry”and“regret”the last word we said


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