why i dont support killing of bokoharam members

1. Did Jesus clearly tell you to kill these people?
In the New Testament, Jesus repeatedly instructs his followers to avoid violence and promote peace

2. Do you believe your enemies are created in the image of God?
Genesis 1:27 (ESV) tells us thatGod created man in [God’s] own image, in the image of God [God] created him; male and female [God] created them.

3. Do you believe your enemies are irredeemable — beyond God’s power and ability to save?
As brutal as are enemies are, with God all things are possible — even miraculous changes. If we take up the sword against our foes, what if we’re preventing someone from becoming the next Paul — who was once Saul — the man who once feverishly persecuted Christians (Acts 9)?

4. Do you believe Godcan’tachieve justice?
Even though Jesus continually warns against judging others — we often use any excuse to exact revenge and inflict pain onto our enemies.


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