longest names in world

Longest full name
Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Senior
*.In the 12th editionGuinness Book of Recordskept on hold the full version of his 590 letters of his full name. He was born inMunich, Germanyhe then move toUnited Statesand resides inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, and has shortened his surname to Mr. Wolfe + 585, Senior

Longest surname/ last name
Zeus igraum Senior
*.in shortened from

Longest name
Bithurasdinhournimlousgon Kleslinfarjilpourginjdesher
*.According toBritish Institute of Names


do you trust yourself?

never trust what only your eyes can see, for our eyes can lie too as well. Never trustpromisesfor promises are made to be broken. Never trustwordsfor it unclasped and might be empty. In granting trust simply mean that it should surpassed all doubt, uncertainty, query, disbelief nor hesitation. Once trust is grant it’s like you surrender all of those and commit with that person.
Like what my late gramps used to preach my dad before, he said“never ever trust not even your own shadow”. I don’t want to take those words as a myth. I want to impart it in some ways I’m sure it can help to motivate. Trust a bona fide act being give out, it is like If you’re been granted a trust, keep up with it and never ruin it. Always bear in mind not all creature deserved trust therefore next time be careful of whom you trust, for it’s always“sorry”and“regret”the last word we said

a challenge to atheist

Okay. Here is your chance to design a universe that is better than the one we live in. Many people claim that the poor design of our universe and/or God’s involvement or lack thereof results in a universe that is unacceptable. In order to present a thorough model, please address all the following issues:

1.Will the beings you create be equal to you or less powerful?

2.What degree of free will will you allow to those beings?

3.How will you prevent those beings from hurting you, each other and their creation?

4.What will you do with those beings who break your rules?

5.What laws of physics will you use?

I encourage you to “think outside the box.” The universe you design does not have to be similar to our universe. Change the laws of physics. Think about gravity, thermodynamics, matter, energy, etc. Think about the beings who you create. How will they interact with you and each other (you don’t have to use the five senses that we have)? My goal is to get you to think deeply about the issues of free will and love and how those issues are affected by the physical laws. I look forward to your ideas. Here are some other people’s ideas:

why i dont support killing of bokoharam members

1. Did Jesus clearly tell you to kill these people?
In the New Testament, Jesus repeatedly instructs his followers to avoid violence and promote peace

2. Do you believe your enemies are created in the image of God?
Genesis 1:27 (ESV) tells us thatGod created man in [God’s] own image, in the image of God [God] created him; male and female [God] created them.

3. Do you believe your enemies are irredeemable — beyond God’s power and ability to save?
As brutal as are enemies are, with God all things are possible — even miraculous changes. If we take up the sword against our foes, what if we’re preventing someone from becoming the next Paul — who was once Saul — the man who once feverishly persecuted Christians (Acts 9)?

4. Do you believe Godcan’tachieve justice?
Even though Jesus continually warns against judging others — we often use any excuse to exact revenge and inflict pain onto our enemies.

life of an engineering student 5

You are in your three hundred level.a year you would be bombarded with several assignments . Three per day.each assignment about 5pages long. Highly dificult, .
You form a group of 7 and assign each assignment to each group.application of division of labour.then copy each others work.
That is the only way to meet the submission date


life of engineering student ;4

As a female engineering student, you dont take your dressing serious.no GOWN,NO skirt,no high heel .NO ONE TAKES NOTE OF YOUR HAIR. SINCE YOU WILL END UP COVERING THEM WITH PROTECTIVE HELMENT.
.wearing a make up is a sign of unseriousness by your peers and lecturers.
You got to drop those girlish characters and act like a guy. You are in a male world-ratio of girls to guys is 1; 30.