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INEC should introduce ” None of The Above Option”

The two major parties in the country recently held their primaries and brought out their candidates.

I along with many nigerians lack confidence in the candidates.
In the last election, my choice candidate Ibrahim Babaginda was knocked out by his party in the name of “nothern candidate”.
I sat home on the electiion day.
Will there be a reoccurance. ? Are we mandated to choose one of wrong candidates presented or fold our hands and sit at home.

I think “none of the above” option should be introduced to shift power from the party delegates to the masses.
If 50percent votes “NOTA,”, there would be a re election and delegates would be presurised in voting the people choice during primaries and not the candidates who danced to their tune.

Shouldnt we express our disaatisfaction on the ballot paer.