6 lessons Alhaji Atiku learnt from loosing APC primaries

Alhaji Atilu supporters nationwide awoke on december 11th to find they had been defeated in the APC primaries.
In the aftermath of wednesday’s primary election, the adaawa state man should learned a hard lesson about taking on the presidential ticket under the APC.

1) Political Prostitution doesnt pay

If politicians expect to be taken seriously, they must stay the course and show that they are not in politics for their success alone.
moving from one pary to a of di is a sign of disloyalty. Tinibu remained in oppositon party for a long time despite pleas and threats to lure him into ruling party.

Going back to the same party one finished running away from signifies a confused person. I am sure Atiku was the reason the bond was initiated. Delegates feared he could decamp to PDP if he becomes president that is why electorate shunned him like he had just confessed to peeing in the village well.

2) ones personality is very important

Gmb is known for his disciplined and rigid nature and his anti-curropt.this is why he is belived to be capable of fighting corruption.

Atiku has no legacy except for numerous corrupt allegation.


Atiku made negative remarks about PDP when he left. Such words were used against him when he returned.
never criticize your boss
sometimes,it is late to apologise. Atiku made lots of attempts to reconsile with obasnjo which proved futile.

4) No leadership performance
GmB had led nigeria in the past. Hisperformance in petroleum sector, kick against indiscipline and jailing corrupt suspects are his legacy.
What is Atiku legacy?

5)modern politics is not all about the money

Ikedi Ohakim opened imostate account to bribe imolites for their vote. Imolite collected the money but voted for rochas Okorocha.

6) APC is about change

Atiku was part of Obasanjo regime. If he couldnt change the country as vice president,why would he now?.Apc wants a changer.

Alhaji AtikuThank you for taking a risk and putting yourself out there as a viable candidate. Thank you for recognizing your strengths and giftedness and your willingness to use those for us. Thank you for giving us a choice, a good choice, for the position being filled. Thank you for wanting to make a difference.

Just because you weren’t elected or selected doesn’t change the significance of your heart, your desires, your passions, your abilities, your skills, your intentions, or your dreams. It merely changed your plans

start from grassroot. Contest for adamawa state governor so we can access you better