If he cared about you, he’d call or take you out. Men are simple, really

This is not always true.
In Africa, marriage is taking seriously so we test our patner.we intentionally annoy them to see how they react. No one wants a nagging wife.
When he stops calling you for weeks,he wants to know if you miss him and call back. A typical nigeria could take two months off from you only to appear with an engagement ring.
Gender equality,,test your guy .,test your girl

Real News


If he really cared about you, he’d CALL you, come see you or take you out on a date. Men are simple, really. ‪‬

When a man really likes a woman, he will move mountains to make time for her. He enjoys calling; hearing her voice. Massaging the tip of her eardrums with the vibration of his conversing. He cares enough to contact her consistently. Not 24/7 all damn day. Clinginess is a red flag.

Consistent enough so she never feels she’s going through things alone. Being her calm, her peace. Making her laugh & smile so hard, with words so sweet. With a vibe so deep, the conversing never ceases.

Texts do NOT count. Contact is sensory stimulation. His pineal glad should touch your frontal cortex through sound & vibration.

He texts everyone. He calls the woman he sees a future with. If he isn’t making effort, he simply…

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