artists with meaningful songs

Most naija Music dont sink deep into our minds and alter our thoughts. The song carries no message .that the singer is trying to pass on. Songs are only good ffor dancing and nothing more.m

Thankfully not all Nigerian musicians are in that category. There are some who actually take time to work on the content of their lyrics. We have Asa, Darey art alade, Tuface

example include


; IYABASIRA ; exposing how restaurant owners charm their food to keep costumers

DARE ART ALADE ; NOTE THE GIRL:a love gone sour

love the way you are ; a song about a patner who is not contended with her body and plans to change, dare advices her to remain like that and appreciate her self


ORIGINALITY ; A celebration of nigerian heroes who have created a legacy in various field of life.faze hopes to be in the list.

Letter to my brother ; dedicated to 2face askin 4 reconcilation ,change of behavior and wishing him success.

Faze alone ; true life story describing fall of plantation boys.


AREA ; an appeal to nigerians in diaspora not to neglect their father land

orobo ; dedicated to fat ladies

2010 ; goverment failed promise to transform nigeria by 2010 and how past vocal activist like fela ended up in the grave.


for instance ; highlighting corruption and other goverment activities

just me ; preaching like a pastor against bragging,boasting and posing from high personality e.g mikel

implication ; a song from the heart after news of his numerous kids from various baby mama flood the air

tear-drop – 2face regrets his sexlife and passes advicce to young men to do the same

please add yours