“you look sexy”” is an insult

Ladies,do you always feel happy when people see
the way you dress and say you look sexy?
“You look sexy” is not a greeting, it is not a
compliment, it is an insult.
They are telling you, you are good for sex only,
they are telling you you have something good
under your skirt, but nothing tangible under your
They are saying you are a bed professional,
bedroom expert and nothing more.
They are saying your greatest asset is under your
pant, what an insult, never allow anybody to tell
you, you look sexy again, because that simply
means they are saying you are boys toy and guys
pleasure tool, sex symbol and not a great
personalty, not somebody to be respected.
They are simply saying you are closer to been a
prostitute than to been a Virtuous, quality and
exceptional woman. So always dress to look pretty
and beautiful, don’t dress to look sexy.
Queens and FIRST LADIES don’t dress to look
Sexy, they always dress to look beautiful, adorable
and pretty.
But BED LADIES will dress otherwise because like
whores their value and biggest asset is in bed.
Always remember that good product are always
well covered, branded and well packed, but
worthless product are always exposed for all dick
and harry to see, make yourself valuable, cover up
girl, let your daughter be proud of you in future,
stop been object of Lust and passion.
So when you are dressing tomorrow morning ask
yourself, am I dressing like a FIRST LADY or like
BED LADY, let your dressing answer for you


Never touch a woman for inappropriate dressing

group violence by men against women based on the fickle notion of fashion morality is flat out irrational. That is the type of irrational conjecture that will drive our generation back a few decades. Nothing a woman can wear will be deemed appropriate by all men. And it honestly should not matter what men’s opinion on their clothing is. Women are not property; they are other human beings. This is not a new debate. It ended eons ago

Don’t get me wrong, you’re allowed to be uncomfortable about how someone else chooses (or doesn’t choose but is inclined) to live their lives. You’re just not allowed to force a person to change to ease your discomfort.
It’s a fairly simple concept: to each his/her own. Men can wear whatever they want. Women can too. Everything people can or can’t wear is accommodated for in the law of the nation or the dress code of an establishment, not in the hearts of men who think it justifiable to strip somebody’s daughter just to shame her.

The same men who would strip a woman for wearing the wrong clothes, leave a man alone for the same. Even those guys who really want to make sure their hours at the gym show through their baby sized t-shirts or guys whose jeans are so skinny that if they farted, they’d dislocate an ankle and a kneecap, so they sag for safety, showcasing shit stricken neon yellow boxers. Those guys never get beaten up and stripped either.

So, if men’s fashion is not being brought to tow, why shouldn’t my sister or your sister be entitled to wear whatever she’s wearing?
Yes, we all have the right to an opinion, but we don’t have the right to enforce an opinion in barbaric fashion. If opinions could be enforced with such vigour, I’d have blown up Parliament years ago for being a blatant waste of taxpayers money. And I think that would’ve gotten us further than stripping women randomly on the street and brutalising their liberties.

And if what she is wearing is slightly shocking or appalling to me then I reserve the right to comment and have an opinion. But the right to action is hers and the laws’. Nobody tried to put Lady Gaga on a grill because she wore a meat suit, so nobody should try to act on the length of a skirt or a dress. Even though some of you guys are acting on even less, sometimes nothing, which is just indicative of failing at humanity.


11 Types of People You Meet at the club

People go to nightclubs for varous reasons.they include

They never get tired of dancing.they dont stick to one patner while dancing.different step for different track

they enter together dance together and leave together.you always see them holding hands

They convert club to beer parlour .

thereisone guy who always complains of the track being played. “please play limpopo”…..

ready to quarell over little or nothing. Its because of him clubs hire bouncers

THE moment she enters the club,she logs in to wassap to inform her peeps that she is having fun. Hours later,she takes several pics and uploads them

a circle of friends who converts a club to a place for discussing arsenal and liverpool or buhar and goodluck

You will find a man who keeps to himselff
he is probably running away from nagging wiffe.

she is looking for costumers. You better have cash before you walk up to her. She can do anything with you as long as you meet her demand

make out.
A homeless couple enters a club to have sex only.

11) chyker
tries to talk with everylady and possibly exchange number

INEC should introduce ” None of The Above Option”

The two major parties in the country recently held their primaries and brought out their candidates.

I along with many nigerians lack confidence in the candidates.
In the last election, my choice candidate Ibrahim Babaginda was knocked out by his party in the name of “nothern candidate”.
I sat home on the electiion day.
Will there be a reoccurance. ? Are we mandated to choose one of wrong candidates presented or fold our hands and sit at home.

I think “none of the above” option should be introduced to shift power from the party delegates to the masses.
If 50percent votes “NOTA,”, there would be a re election and delegates would be presurised in voting the people choice during primaries and not the candidates who danced to their tune.

Shouldnt we express our disaatisfaction on the ballot paer.

why notherners are not stupid

Sadly,80% of Southerners who see this article will not read it!
Note:This article was not developed to ascribe to the entire Northern Nigeria the selfish antics and machination of a few individuals who belong to the region. It would be unfair to do that. Also, this article was developed not with the intention of causing incitement…

1. An average Northerner acquires a cheap transistor radio-set in order to gain political awareness
from broadcasting structures such as BBC (Hausa Service),Radio Nigeria, etc. This practice has made the region the most politically-aware region in Nigeria. On the hand, an average Southerner,typically, acquires expensive Smartphones equipped with FM radio receiving capability.Instead, they would rather listen to inane songs like “Your Waist”, “Skelewu”,“Ginger Your Swagger”, “NoGede”, etc.

2. Unlike the South, the North understands the importance of numbers in politics. This is why, by all strategic means necessary, the North ensures that they have alarger representation at the National Assembly.

3. Northerners don’t shout, scream, vent and speak “big grammar” to prove that they are politically intelligent on political programmes on TV and radio. Instead, they shout, scream, vent, kick, punch, taekwondo, etc on the floor of the National Assembly to promote a cause that is in their favour. The reverse is the case for the Southerners.

4. Southern graduates/job seekers consider the public sector (government institutions) an unfashionable place for employment.Meanwhile, the Northerners massively recruit and entrench themselves into the public sector and manipulate themselves up the ranks. While all these are going on, their southern brothers and sisters spend years languishing in the labour market for the elusive jobs in blue chip organizations. Yet, Southerners complain of marginalizationin the public sector

5. For some weird reasons, the South is always frightened when the North make political pronouncements.Even weirder – for some inexplicable reasons, Senators and House of Representative members from the South appear to be too timid to oppose their northern counterparts during legislative sessions.

6. According to the gospel of the North – the Northerners were born to rule. That is, leadership (of Nigeria) is their exclusive preserve. By extension, the Southerners were born to be led! Interestingly, certain actions of some Southerners support this belief.

7. The North has more (unrated) billionaires(inDollars) than any region in Nigeria. For instance, a certain Alhaji Mai Deribe (an oil well licensee)would certainly laugh each time Forbes releases its ratings and his name is not listed.

8. The North doesn’t produce crude oil, but the Northern Senators had the temerity to oppose the 10% host community funds. The Southern legislators find nothing wrong in that, so long as it doesn’t affect their “constituency allowances”.

9. {Singing}Come and see Nigeria wonder! (2x)
Statistical absurdity of the grandest order is stating that Kano is more populous than Lagos! Dear friends, even science have proved from simple demographic distribution patterns across the globe that population increases as we move from the hinterland (desert/Savannah region) to the coast– but in the case of Nigeria, the North which lies in the arid zone, is more populous than the South – by a deviously doctored census report. Okay o! We dey look.

10. The North have ruled the country legally(democratically) and illegally (military) for 37 out of the 53 years. The South is very comfortable with this inequality.

11. The North is the chief proponent of the“quota system” and “federal character” principle – a system that was crafted to sacrifice merit on the altar of “national oneness”. In simple terms, even themost unqualified gets a slot in sensitive national projects.

12. Northern law-makers at the National Assembly- typically – rally amongst themselves to promote legislations that favours their region (e.g. pedophilic laws). Southern law-makers typically rally amongst themselves to promote legislations that will increase their salaries and constituency allowances

6 lessons Alhaji Atiku learnt from loosing APC primaries

Alhaji Atilu supporters nationwide awoke on december 11th to find they had been defeated in the APC primaries.
In the aftermath of wednesday’s primary election, the adaawa state man should learned a hard lesson about taking on the presidential ticket under the APC.

1) Political Prostitution doesnt pay

If politicians expect to be taken seriously, they must stay the course and show that they are not in politics for their success alone.
moving from one pary to a of di is a sign of disloyalty. Tinibu remained in oppositon party for a long time despite pleas and threats to lure him into ruling party.

Going back to the same party one finished running away from signifies a confused person. I am sure Atiku was the reason the bond was initiated. Delegates feared he could decamp to PDP if he becomes president that is why electorate shunned him like he had just confessed to peeing in the village well.

2) ones personality is very important

Gmb is known for his disciplined and rigid nature and his anti-curropt.this is why he is belived to be capable of fighting corruption.

Atiku has no legacy except for numerous corrupt allegation.


Atiku made negative remarks about PDP when he left. Such words were used against him when he returned.
never criticize your boss
sometimes,it is late to apologise. Atiku made lots of attempts to reconsile with obasnjo which proved futile.

4) No leadership performance
GmB had led nigeria in the past. Hisperformance in petroleum sector, kick against indiscipline and jailing corrupt suspects are his legacy.
What is Atiku legacy?

5)modern politics is not all about the money

Ikedi Ohakim opened imostate account to bribe imolites for their vote. Imolite collected the money but voted for rochas Okorocha.

6) APC is about change

Atiku was part of Obasanjo regime. If he couldnt change the country as vice president,why would he now?.Apc wants a changer.

Alhaji AtikuThank you for taking a risk and putting yourself out there as a viable candidate. Thank you for recognizing your strengths and giftedness and your willingness to use those for us. Thank you for giving us a choice, a good choice, for the position being filled. Thank you for wanting to make a difference.

Just because you weren’t elected or selected doesn’t change the significance of your heart, your desires, your passions, your abilities, your skills, your intentions, or your dreams. It merely changed your plans

start from grassroot. Contest for adamawa state governor so we can access you better

8 Standards Of Conduct For The Modern Gentleman

Where are the gentlemen?

James Michael Sama

When writing about the topics of being what could be considered in modern society a “gentleman” or a “lady,” I am often surprised by the backlash. Whether it is being called a sexist for actually recognizing the biological and behavioral differences between men and women, or those who feel personally insulted that they may not act in the ways I have mentioned, one learns quickly it is impossible to make everyone happy.


The fact of the matter is that the recognition of any differences between people has become taboo. It has become taboo to discuss because it can be interpreted, by some people, as meaning some are “better,” and some are “worse,” even if those words are never used.

For this reason, society’s expectations for social conduct have plummeted. Think of how people used to get dressed to go on a plane, or restaurants that required jackets for gentlemen to…

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