the begining of Adam and Eve relationship problem

Are role models really that important? What about Adam and Eve? They did not have any role models, do you think they were happily married? Let’s see, they didn’t have a mortgage payment; they had a home with a beautiful view; a lot of pets; no telephones, which means no telemarketers calling at dinnertime! They had no supermodels trying to convince Eve she needs Slimfast, no pager telling Adam that his boss wanted to talk to him. And they had no inlaws! Yes, I think they may have been the happiest couple ever! So, what happened? Let’s think about it…

It was a Sunday afternoon in the Meadowlands, and Adam was watching the Eagles and the Broncos play. He had earlier watched the Bears and the Lions play, and later that evening he was planning on watching the Seahawks and the Rams play. As you know, it would be centuries before he would be able to see the Vikings or the Raiders, and even longer still before he could catch the Jets in action.

While Adam was vegging, Eve was working with the veggies in the garden. Eve loved it in the garden. She loved smelling the fragrances as they wafted through the flowers. She loved the touch of the silky leaves on the trees, the explosive colors that danced in her eyes. Yet, there was something missing for Eve. What could possibly be missing in such a perfectly beautiful, peaceful place? Some of you ladies have already guessed it ? Eve was dying to talk to someone! She had 5,000 words a day to speak and they were beginning to back up on her. Adam was busy, she couldn’t call her girl friends on the telephone because, duh, there was no 10-10-220 back then.

Eve was so desperate for discussion that she was willing to overlook a few peculiarities, to ignore some social norms. First, she was willing to talk to a stranger. Now I know that she did not have a Mom to warn her of such dangers, but isn’t this just common sense? Think about it, this snake comes slithering up to her, and the first thing he does is stick his tongue out at her. Then, she immediately gets drawn into a discussion about politics and religion! What was she thinking? By the time Adam got clued in, they had had apple pie for dessert,