6 tough but underated courses to study in naija

It is important to emphasize here that there is no such thing as easy course in the university, however some courses are more demanding than others, here we dish out some of the courses usually ranked as the hardest to study naijsuniversities, don’t let them scare you, keep in mind thatl. It will interest you to know how tough they can be, just take a quick glance below.


EDUCAted bricklayers
5) languages
i have you tried studying a language outside your mother tongue? The punctuation,gramatic cohession, verb noun correlation etc will get you frustrating.

all education related course are really underated.


all agricultural science coursesa re underated. From agriculture economics, to animal science to plant science.


ARCHITECTURE IS realy underated.. Many see it as the brother to fine arts -draw ,drraw and draw.
But architecture involves drawing with dimentions and not just free hand. Can you imagine drawing a diagram of a stadium in 3days.? Architectural student spend hours alone with every drawing instrument and computer making a design.

I know many will disagree with me.
Vertinary doctors treat various animals, from poultry to dog to goats to pigs.and even fish.
Medical doctors treat only one animal-human.this makes the work rate five times higher.