annoying things people say on your wedding day

You don’t have to work now, if you don’t want to, right?
Are you going to have a joint account?

Now that you’re married, say goodbye to your sex life.
Are you going to call his/her mother “mom”?
Trust me bro, you’re going to miss being single.
Will your husband let you hang out with your guy friends?
Do you think she’ll let you hang out with your friends like before?
Now there’s no need to stay on a strict diet.
How come you didn’t invite your cousin?
So son, how’s the old ball and chain?
Hey, welcome to the club! Now, we’re all miserable together

Please hyphenate. Don’t change your name entirely.
I know you’re busy, but can you help me with something?
I always thought you’d end up with that girl you were dating in college.
Are you going to keep working?
There’s no need to dress up or impress him anymore. He’s yours now.
What a beautiful wedding! It must’ve cost you a fortune.
He’ll make a great first husband!
I never took you as someone who’ll ever settle down.
It’s not too late to change your mind. If you want, just give me a signal.
So … tonight’s a big night, huh?
You do realize that you have less than 50% chance of making this marriage work.

Reading such remarks can be funny at times. However, when they are being said to you, at your wedding, it can definitely be hurtful. What action you take afterward is completely in your hands. But do remember to tread softly as you don’t want to seem defensive and ruin relationships with your family and/or friends.


the begining of Adam and Eve relationship problem

Are role models really that important? What about Adam and Eve? They did not have any role models, do you think they were happily married? Let’s see, they didn’t have a mortgage payment; they had a home with a beautiful view; a lot of pets; no telephones, which means no telemarketers calling at dinnertime! They had no supermodels trying to convince Eve she needs Slimfast, no pager telling Adam that his boss wanted to talk to him. And they had no inlaws! Yes, I think they may have been the happiest couple ever! So, what happened? Let’s think about it…

It was a Sunday afternoon in the Meadowlands, and Adam was watching the Eagles and the Broncos play. He had earlier watched the Bears and the Lions play, and later that evening he was planning on watching the Seahawks and the Rams play. As you know, it would be centuries before he would be able to see the Vikings or the Raiders, and even longer still before he could catch the Jets in action.

While Adam was vegging, Eve was working with the veggies in the garden. Eve loved it in the garden. She loved smelling the fragrances as they wafted through the flowers. She loved the touch of the silky leaves on the trees, the explosive colors that danced in her eyes. Yet, there was something missing for Eve. What could possibly be missing in such a perfectly beautiful, peaceful place? Some of you ladies have already guessed it ? Eve was dying to talk to someone! She had 5,000 words a day to speak and they were beginning to back up on her. Adam was busy, she couldn’t call her girl friends on the telephone because, duh, there was no 10-10-220 back then.

Eve was so desperate for discussion that she was willing to overlook a few peculiarities, to ignore some social norms. First, she was willing to talk to a stranger. Now I know that she did not have a Mom to warn her of such dangers, but isn’t this just common sense? Think about it, this snake comes slithering up to her, and the first thing he does is stick his tongue out at her. Then, she immediately gets drawn into a discussion about politics and religion! What was she thinking? By the time Adam got clued in, they had had apple pie for dessert,

Theism: A Simple Explanation for Children

Conversation on creation b/w father and son

The Orthosphere

Son: Daddy? Where do cats come from?

Father: They come from other cats.

Son: But where do all cats come from?

Father: Well, they come from the rest of the world. Things kept happening in the world, and then one day, with all those things happening, cats happened, too.

Son: Where do things come from? They had to come from somewhere, right?

Father: Maybe they were always there. Maybe there have just always been things.

Son: But why are there always things?

Father: Maybe it’s impossible for there to be nothing.

Son: So there has to be something.

Father: Maybe.

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6 tough but underated courses to study in naija

It is important to emphasize here that there is no such thing as easy course in the university, however some courses are more demanding than others, here we dish out some of the courses usually ranked as the hardest to study naijsuniversities, don’t let them scare you, keep in mind thatl. It will interest you to know how tough they can be, just take a quick glance below.


EDUCAted bricklayers
5) languages
i have you tried studying a language outside your mother tongue? The punctuation,gramatic cohession, verb noun correlation etc will get you frustrating.

all education related course are really underated.


all agricultural science coursesa re underated. From agriculture economics, to animal science to plant science.


ARCHITECTURE IS realy underated.. Many see it as the brother to fine arts -draw ,drraw and draw.
But architecture involves drawing with dimentions and not just free hand. Can you imagine drawing a diagram of a stadium in 3days.? Architectural student spend hours alone with every drawing instrument and computer making a design.

I know many will disagree with me.
Vertinary doctors treat various animals, from poultry to dog to goats to pigs.and even fish.
Medical doctors treat only one animal-human.this makes the work rate five times higher.

romantic stories of the bible

The most romantic stories in the Bible
Khaya Dlanga
Mon 04 Apr 2011

The first story is about Jacob. Now Jacob, son of Isaac wanted to get married. So he went to his uncle’s crib, who had two daughters. One hot. The other not so much. The oldest daughter was not so hot because the Bible says, “Leah had weak eyes”. I suspect she was squint. The younger daughter’s name was Rachel and she was damn hot too. How do I know? “For the Bible tells me so” (sorry, couldn’t resist) the Bible tells us that “Rachel had a lovely figure” mind you, this was before the invention of bikinis. The Bible continues about Rachel “and was beautiful”. And you guys thought the Bible wasn’t shallow sometimes?

Jacob wanted hot miss thang, Rachel. Duh, obviously. He was in love with her. Jacob was broke and had nothing, he offered to work for his uncle for seven years in order to afford to marry Her Royal Hotness, Rachel. Laban,

Rachel’s dad agreed to this arrangement. Jacob worked for a whole seven years to get her. As the Bible puts it “but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her”. Ahhh, so romantic.

Then the seven years came to pass and he said to Laban, “Malume, give me my wife”. OK, now brace yourself for the next few sentences. “My time is completed and I want to make love to her.” This guy! Jacob basically said to his fiancée’s dad: “I wanna shag your daughter dude. It’s been a while.” Can you imagine telling your future father-in-law that you want to “make love” to his daughter? The audacity of this man. In fact, give this man a Bell’s!

The wedding happened. She was covered, brought to him in the night. They shagged and as we would say in the black custom to indicate that a lot of shagging happened: “They shagged and shagged, and shagged and shagged and shagged.” So when morning came, there was Leah! He’d been doing the dirty with her all along.

Obviously Jacob is pissed off now. He worked seven years, a whole seven years to marry the hot one, now he gets the not-so-hot-one. His uncle, the deceitful conniving bastard says: “Sorrynyana. But according to our custom, the older daughter has to get married first.” Probably said inGeneration’straditionalist voice —

Khaphela. Then Uncle Laban also gave him the hot daughter, Rachel, but he had to work another seven years for her too.
The second story is a short one. It’s the story of the romantic Elkanah, prophet Samuel’s dad. Elkanah had two wives, this dude had nothing on Jacob Zuma. Hannah and Peninnah. Peninnah had children by the truck-load or should we say camel-load?

Hannah on other hand hadnada. He’d go to the temple with his wives every year. This dude loved Hannah even though she had no kids. The wife with the kids would be rather bitchy to her for she had no kids. So she’d always be crying and would not eat. Elkanah would always say to her: “Hannah, why are you weeping? Why don’t you eat? Why are you downhearted? Don’t I mean more to you more than 10 sons?”

I think the “don’t I mean more to you than 10 sons” bit is the most romantic thing I’ve read in the Bible. For what he is saying is this, I don’t love you for a reason. The only reason I love you is because I love you. You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is be you. That is all. It’s almost a prophetic image of Christ who loves us despite ourselves. We don’t have to do anything for him to love us. He loves justnje.

identifying potential rapist by their words

A man is a rape-supporter if…

*.He has ever sexually engaged with any woman while she was underage, drunk, high, physically restrained, unconscious, or subjected to psychological, physical, economic, or emotional coercion.

*.He has blamed a woman for “putting herself in a situation” where she “could be” attacked.

*.He threatens to patronise prostitutes when patner says no to his sex appeal defends .

Defends men accused for rape in court even with glaring evidence

*.He watches pornography in which women are depicted.
*.He watches any pornography in which sexual acts are depicted as a struggle for power or domination, regardless of whether women are present.

*.He characterizes the self-sexualizing behavior of some women, such as wearing make-up or high heels, as evidence of women’s desire to “get” a man.

*.He tells or laughs at jokes involving women being attacked, sexually “hoodwinked,” or sexually harassed.

*.He expresses enjoyment of movies/musicals/TV shows/plays in which women are sexually demeaned or presented as sexual objects

*.He mocks women who complain about sexual attacks, sexual harassment, street cat-calls, media depictions of women, or other forms of sexual objectification.

For every penny he gives you, he indirectly expects girl to pay back in kind

*.He states or implies that women who do not want to have sex with men are “inhibited,” “prudes,” “stuck-up,” “man-haters,” or psychologically ill.

*.He argues that certain male behaviors towards women are “cultural” and therefore not legitimate subjects of feminist attention.

*.He ever subordinates the interests of women in a given population to the interests of the men in that population, or proceeds in discussions as if the interests of the women are the same as the interests of the men.

*.He promotes religious or philosophical views in which a woman’s physical/psychological/emotional/sexual well-being is subordinated to a man’s.

*.He describes female anatomy in terms of penetration, or uses terms referencing the supposed “emptiness” of female anatomy when describing women.e.g calling girls holes.

*.He defends the sexualization or sexual abuse of minor females on the grounds of “consent” or “willingness.”

*.He promotes the idea that women as a class are happier or more fulfilled if they have man, or that they “should” have man.

*.He argues that people (or just “men”) have sexual “needs.”

*.He discusses the “types” of women he finds sexually appealing and/or attempts to demean women by telling them he does not find them sexually appealing.

*.He defends these actions by saying that some women also engage in rape.

Are you guilty of any of these?

are today virgens really pure?

Is virginity is just a state of mind? or most of the time just a word of mouth and people keeps on killing the true essence of it everyday. Let’s digest the real meaning of being virgins, by defining first the term virgin, What isVirginity, we all know that it’s a state of being pure, unsullied, chaste and untouched. It is derived from theLatinvirgo, which means“sexually inexperienced woman”.Are all Virgins, Pure?. How much we can consider a woman, virgin. Let’s not overlook the real meaning of it, it’s not just because the woman/girl hasn’t broke her hymen you’ll still consider her as virgin, it’s a misconception that would be misleading to the fact.

This should not be our basis here, I totally disagree with this standard, this is disgusting and it’s a fraud, for me virgin means pure, untouched, so if the girl had kissed a guy it simply states then that she ain’t virgin anymore it doesn’t matter what kind of kissing it is, as long as there’s kissing, she has been touched already.Virgin is also a sexually inexperienced woman meaning she doesn’t have any experience in sex, if she performed oral and anal, don’t tell me she will still fall to virgin class just because she hadn’t bleed yet for she used another form of penetration?

What a blatant lie? What an insult? it’s so shameful and humiliating for the“real virgins”

this beliefs is such a thrash if we will stick to this one. Do you want to stay fool all the time? Hey wake up, don’t let someone screw you up by this phrase” I’m virgin “. Just remember that“whore was a virgin once too”Hehe. Next time when you hear about this cliché just get her fact straight,

How virgin are you?mostly this type of woman just wanted to get some attention, she is using this term“virgin”to put herself in a higher level, so that she would stand out from the rest, or she just wanted to be talked about, that’s why she is claiming her lie as a fact, but I cannot alter the true meaning of being a real virgin, for me virgin means totally being pure, well if the world would be creepy ignorant enough to welcome those who had kissed, had done oral or anal sex under virgin category, If this will be the case then I can’t tolerate to seen as one with this junk and bs, this is very hurting and degrading to my morals. It’s senseless and pointless to discuss this matter because no one cares anymore.

But no matter what I cannot just shut up and close my eyes and agree to their wrong perception. I don’t want to belong to their silly crap. For today, real virgin is fading out and being virgin is a just a lie now a days, sooner or later it will totally die out